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Im 18 and have been dealing with this for YEARS now and when i finally get it off my face, the acne comes back even harder on my back and now every F**king day, self confidence gets lower and lower and lower from where its already low point is seeing this disease on my back.
Things will be great - just eat clean, clean your skin immediately after working out, exfoliate once a week, get a retinoid and in a month and a half it will be better. If you play a sport, or work out, DO NOT let your sweat dry into your skin, this is so important. With the proper men’s acne treatments, you can reduce the appearance of existing back acne scars and prevent new ones from forming.
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Im going on vacation in about a month and a half and the stupid dermatologist doesn't help at all by making my first appointment AFTER i get back.

Unsure if you are still in high school or not but if u play a sport, go right to the locker room and shower, and put a clean shirt on, get that sweat off your back. By picking at acne, you’re setting yourself up for a permanent scar from an otherwise temporary problem. Try the following men’s acne tips to get this common acne problem under control and regain your self-confidence.
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But i need to know what to do NOW since nobody else is helping me to reduce the appearance of the these scars before I go on vacation. Because its either gonna be get rid of them in a month and half or sit on the beach in the shade with a shirt on for 2 weeks and not go in the water at all (or basically ruin the whole trip).

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