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Smart microgrids are self-sufficient clusters of local generators, loads, and storage devices. The stochastic nature of the EVs load means that the conventional approach for load characterization may not work in G2V (grid to vehicle) services [6].
This means that the number of EVs that are currently in charging and in SOC before charging, are independent of time. The smart microgrids are bidirectional energy transmission, distribution and communication networks.
Several network technologies are deployed to enable control and management of smart microgrid components. The fiber to home is highly available in urban area, it has high bandwidth and security, but it incurs high deployment costs.
According to a May 2007 report from Cisco, packet voice networking costs only 20 to 30 percent of an equivalent circuit-based voice network. Lyra Research states that usage of converged network copier-printers products allows equipment consolidation, reducing the number of output devices in a typical corporation by up to 60%.
No matter what the size and nature of the enterprise, the Data Center is a big contributor to the eco-footprint. City governments and government agencies have a high profile when it comes to meeting politically generated sustainability goals, but rarely the budget or manpower to tackle large scale sustainable ICT planning. As visible public citizens, educational institutions are expected to embody the highest values of society. Hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities are pressured to reduce operating costs while constantly upgrading their technologies.
The last year has seen a dramatic increase in customers adding Green requirements to RFPs and purchasing contracts. Even before the 2008 economic crisis, Real Estate developers were finding that to build commercial and institutional buildings that could successfully compete for quality tenants required attention to current social and environmental trends.

Non-Profit Institutions are held to a high standard of ethical behavior and community responsibility. Businesses that sell environmentally friendly products are held to a high standard of ethical behavior and community responsibility. Smart cities have existed for some time and have been getting smarter for several years, thanks to intelligent systems and the use of telecoms and IT. Smart cities will be the big revolution in the coming years but developments will differ around the world. In the Middle East, you have projects that are created out of nothing and even new cities in the desert. Paris is looking at a lot of smart cities projects because it wants to attract more tourists and companies.
In the Middle East, I am very impressed by Dubai – it has several smart buildings that are very impressive. For Orange, two key current focus areas are connected cars and smart meters, along with contracts for smart cities in the Middle East. It contains a central controller, loads, power sources consisting of wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, fuel cells and energy storage systems.
For example, the GeSI study emphases four main ways the smart grids could reduce CO2 emissions. Unified messaging services allows the consolidation of fax machines, video conference rooms and voicemail systems into a single platform, with infrastructure cost savings of as much as 40%. Usually it's either done to create new services for citizens, for companies, for tourists - the three main stakeholders - and these digital tools are also used to optimise the operations of the city and to reduce its costs. In Europe, we see very good infrastructure like water, gas, electricity, transportation and telecom, which are well managed and where much has been invested - so we already depend quite a lot on these technologies.
So here the context is different because they're not starting from existing infrastructures, they're just building them smart from the beginning.

You can say a city is smart because the transportation system is very smart and very fluid. Nice has also been running an NFC project for a number of years and its mayor is also looking at implementing dynamic parking solutions. We see also in China some cities or some areas of cities that are very interesting, like the new Pudong area in Shanghai. In fact, we can expect the definition of smart cities to be very different in a few years' time. Orange signed a connected cars deal with a large European car manufacturer to provide 4.5 million SIM cards, which will be installed in vehicles between 2013 and 2016. It is fascinating to see the way people now interact with their smartphones because the smartphone has become a smart city tool and will help to simplify people's lives.
Hewlett-Packard‘s Neoware thin client computing solutions announced that its devices can help companies reduce computing-related energy costs by up to 90 percent. So, for example, in the water sector you can create a service that will inform you if you have a leak in your house.
We've been working on projects in this region - in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, in Dubai - and we are also looking to work in other countries in the Middle East. As for smart meters, Orange created a joint venture in 2010, called M2OCity, with major French utility Veolia. This company aims to install 5 million smart meters in the coming years, starting in the Parisian suburbs.
So, in the state of California they had to be more creative and try to find solutions to control demand, for example.

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