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Our online bookstore features most of the industry’s most popular and classic technical training books available.
But whatever you call them, John Lewis Industries Ltd., La Tuque, Canada, has been making ice-cream sticks (as they call them) since 1920 and now produces more than 26 million of them a day. Not surprisingly, the company also produces tongue depressors for the medical industry and coffee stirrers and wooden sticks for hobbies and crafts.
This ensured that maximum hydraulic flow was available to give the hydraulic quick response.

Trail said his team recommended using Bosch Rexroth’s Sytronix SvP7000 variable-speed pump drive. The motor-pump drive also closed-loop pressure control up to 100 bar and maintains it within about 0.3 bar.
When running at partial load, the hydraulic power unit now uses just 2 kW — a 70% energy saving. The rapid response to changes in flow and pressure requirements give the crane more-precise movement and makes it easier to operate.

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