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Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflex points in the feet, hands and ears and their referral areas within zone related areas, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.
Reflexology has always been an attractive therapy for a wide variety of people, because only the feet and hands are usually touched, and there is no requirement to undress.
In reflexology, the entire body can be stimulated via pressure, or 'reflex', points on the hands and feet; the aim is to bring about a natural balance and healing to the way the body functions. After her first reflexology treatment she reported much deeper sleep and a slight cessation in the restless legs.
Lynne Booth BA (Hons) BRCP IIR ART (regd) Hons HMAR trained with the International Institute of Reflexology.
Valcent have developed the Verticrop system in order to create a farming method to increase farmer’s margins on crops and diminish the carbon footprint of traditional farming. The system works by rack-mounting growing trays on a closed loop overhead conveyor, not dissimilar to those found in heavy industry, the plants are then transported on this conveyor to dedicated areas where the watering and precisely-determined nutrition fogging areas are. This leads to a low environmental impact and also savings on labour as the watering and feeding of the crops are automated. Through application of pressure on these reflexes without the use of tools such as creams and lotions, the feet being the primary area of application, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps to promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.We have approximately 7,200 nerve endings in the feet. There are also interesting possibilities for applying self-help reflexology in active situations to bring about immediate relief from an acute condition utilising the concept of reflexology 'Referral areas'. It is always a dilemma for a slightly injured athlete to judge whether to play through the pain barrier and recover, or continue to function in pain with the concern that overuse of the injured part will exacerbate the problem. Hand and foot reflexology can be expanded to include the arms and legs, and there are also various specialized reflexology therapies such as face or ear reflexology. On the second treatment I taught her how to use reflexology and Vertical Reflex Therapy techniques prior to going to bed and during the night. She has a private practice and also runs a reflexology clinic at a 400-resident St Monica Trust in Bristol as well as a clinic for professional footballers.
Traditional farming methods lead to pollution from long-distance transport of crops to the consumer, wastage of water, use of pesticides and even the introduction of alien insect species to protect the crops. Nowadays, with the high cost of fuel, electricity and land, farmers are increasingly feeling the pinch and losing profits to this rise in operating costs. Through these direct gateways, Reflexology is a holistic therapeutic technique that stimulates these nerve endings in a natural, non-invasive way on the reflex areas that correspond to our organs, glands and body parts. I recently watched a football match and saw a player fall, pick himself up and limp along for a few seconds while holding and rotating his wrist.

A referral area, in reflexology terms, is an anatomically related area on the body which can be worked instead of, or in addition to, the affected area.
Reflexology referral areas are a powerful and simple adjunct to self-help and professional reflexology treatments. Before bed she would place her weight-bearing arms, one by one, on a table and rub, squeeze and press her lower arm in a series of little pressure points to stimulate the corresponding referral reflexes in her legs for about 2 minutes.
The development of VRT and a small medical study were conducted at the Trust in the early to mid-1990s. Also, the Valcent Verticrop solution allows farming to take place in urban settings by capitalizing on the use of smaller locations by growing crops on vertical racks.
Installing this ingenious system would allow farmers to maximize their output whilst significantly reducing their costs by saving energy and would also create a new market for those interested in urban farming.
Trigger points cause tenderness, restrict normal range of motion, limit muscle flexibility, weaken the muscle, and may refer pain to other parts of the body.The referral of pain can lead to symptoms in areas far away from the trigger point.
For example, if someone hits their right knee, they need not touch the painful knee itself, but vigorously work the corresponding reflexes on their right elbow for about 60 seconds, although this can be increased to several minutes of gently massaging and stimulating the elbow and perhaps applying a little arm rotation as well. If a client has a fractured foot in plaster then reflexology cannot be applied to the foot but instead the two reflexology systems on the hand would be treated consecutively. This alone brought about a drastic cessation in the involuntary twitching throughout the night. Lynne frequently presents VRT at conferences internationally and she and VRT appointed tutors have taught VRT courses in the UK and internationally to approximately 6000 qualified reflexologists.
This allows potential buyers to install the solution in warehouses or even smaller facilities.
I was impressed to see that some of the immediate self-help reflexology principles I had taught him were being applied to a potential injury, as he had been stimulating pressure points on his left wrist to help release a muscle spasm in his corresponding left ankle. The healing effect of reflexology may be amplified by working the weight-bearing arm to help a leg condition, or vice versa, using the concepts I developed in Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) [Ref 1 and 2]. Firstly, the Reflexologist would work to generally stimulate all the organs, glands, and musculoskeletal reflexes that are mapped out on the hands in the same way as they appear on the feet. If she woke in the night she would immediately start pinching and rubbing her lower arms, concentrating on areas that corresponded to particularly sensitive areas of her legs while remaining supine. In 1998 Lynne was awarded an ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques) fellowship for services to reflexology and in 2008 The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) also gave her an honorary fellowship. The hands are just as sensitive as the feet, and the all hand reflexes are equally responsive.

She has written a best-selling book Vertical Reflexology and also Vertical Reflexology for Hands. Secondly, 'referral area' reflexology would be applied the left hand to stimulate the left foot itself. She only got out of bed occasionally to work her weight-bearing arm if the sensation would not abate.
By working the appropriate reflexes on the hands or foot you can consolidate your work by stimulating the reflexes on the actual parts of the body. Within a month she was no longer much troubled by this condition but kept it at bay with preventative self-help techniques several times per week.
Her books are published in 6 languages including Japanese where it is taught as a diploma course in Tokyo. Her husband too was delighted to return to restful nights and less daytime fatigue.Inflamed and Painful ElbowA manager, mid-forties, in a large company, had been diagnosed with right-sided inflamed and painful elbow and was often in excruciating pain and sometimes even had difficulty shaking a client's hand without winching.
It was disturbing her sleep and that of her husband, and both were becoming increasingly tired and anxious, as medication and complementary nutritional supplements had not helped to alleviate the condition.
The twitching and sensitivity usually began in her right leg and I firstly paid special attention to working the neural pathway and all spinal reflexes in her both feet but with special emphasis on her right foot. After general reflexology treatment he stood for 4 minutes of weight-bearing Vertical Reflex Therapy, including work on his calves to help his lower arm, and I worked his elbow reflexes on his hands and feet simultaneously for 30 seconds each.
I taught her the Diaphragm Rocking self-help treatment for hands that I developed to help induce a peaceful night's sleep thus reducing tensions and general stress levels. This is called Synergistic VRT as the result of two reflexes being worked simultaneously is greater than if they were worked separately. The knee is the reflexology referral area for the elbow and the client was able to press, and massage his right knee and he felt it helped to calm the inflamed elbow sensation he often experienced. Within four reflexology sessions over a month, plus daily self-help, he reported a great improvement after weeks of inertia.References - Books 1.

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