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Nirvana Signature Session Includes Herbal Tea Foot-Bath, Hand Reflexology, Foot Reflexology, Full-Body Acupressure, and Full-Body Traditional Chinese Deep Tissue Treatments.
Our reflexologists are skilled and experienced in locating stress points and relieving ailments you may be experiencing. Our unique combination of natural herbs with our special foot rub techniques also detoxifies and purifies your system. Please see the locations page to view or download pdf menus for each individual Nirvana location. Reflexology is a popular therapy that was first introduced to the west in the early twentieth century as "zone therapy." This technique involves the physical act of applying pressure to the body, with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Reflexology is an ancient art of therapy that promotes relaxation, improves circulation, encourages overall healing, improves the immune system, and reduces pain, tension, and toxins. Our therapists will stretch and move your hands, feet, and limbs, applying pressure on reflex areas that correspond to specific organs, glands, and muscle groups. The deep tissue technique is commonly designed to help with muscle damage from injuries and sports, but also if you are deeply stressed. Let our reflexologists take care of you with this session that not only brings pleasure and relaxation but also superior health benefits. A typical Nirvana signature session begins by cleansing the feet with a warm tea bath or with a steaming towel.
While your feet are soaking in a hot detoxifying tea bath, let our reflexologist work out all the tensions in your neck, temples, and scalp as you lay down and close your eyes. At the outset, we may ask you if you want the pressure to be applied soft, medium, or strong. A complete session of reflexology focuses on the 65 reflex points on the feet, each of which corresponds to a particular gland, organ or muscle group. A reflexologist will look at your facial expressions and body reactions and notice you tensing or jerking to avoid pain, adjusting the pressure accordingly.
Should you ever have any trouble communicating with your reflexologist, please do not hesistate to get the front desk manager to assist.
Some customers report coming out of reflexology and traditional massage sessions feeling great, but also beat-up. Different versions of reflexology have existed for centuries in many diverse countries such as China, India, Japan, Europe and Egypt but to this day, its exact origin remains a mystery.
The term Reflexology was first created in 1917 by Vladimir Bekterev, the Russian neurologist and pysychiatrist. As the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and American Indians knew, stimulating the feet and hands would bring relief to the whole body. John Walpole, Certified Reflexologist, practices and teaches a deep but gentle type of Reflexology that works.
Health of your total being is involved with your body, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual well being. In ear reflexology the purpose of the reflex points on the ears does not vary from foot reflex zone therapy & hand reflex zone therapy. In reflex zone ear charts the fetal position is projected to the ears - while in foot reflex zone therapy charts & hand reflex zone charts the 10 reflex zone body zones are used as a starting point. Ear reflexology is based on the widely enervated structure of the ears plus the assumption that the various zones of the ears are connected with the internal organs (this principle is also well-known for the feet and hands).
In ear reflexology more than 100 specific reflex zone points on the external ear are related to the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system. How come that various ear reflexology maps the reflex points on the ears are displayed with different locations for the internal organs & external body parts?

It is quite hard to answer this question, because usually it is a bit of a mystery how the experts have developed their reflex zone therapy models. An ear reflexologist usually claims that an ear reflex zone chart presents a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the ear, with the premise that ear reflex zone therapy effects a physical change to the body. Learn how reflexologists combine auricular reflex points in ear reflexology charts free with aromatherapy, acupressure & acupuncture by a reflexologist. Acupressure points benefits & ear reflexology chart printable, and treatments for headache, constipation, or pain in hands & feet or ears. In the  reflexology  chart a foot massage does more than make that aching arch feel better,  your feet collate with major organs  inside the body  that can offer relief when rubbed the right way. Ladies we have to keep our feet in check,  problems with our feet can result harm in other places.
Now him and my father were two flights down in the basement in the back, back room talking and watching tv. Joe’s feet was sooo funky and strong that I called my dad to ask him if Joe was here? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive Coupon Codes updates for Shoes and Bags! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications & Coupons by email. Drawings below show that we have the representation of our body organs in our feet, hands, face and ears. As representative parts of our body, our hands and feet play an important role of checking functions of our internal organs.
There is another company that is NOT at all affiliated with us and is using our exact name, business model, and intellectual property in Annapolis, MD.
We offer an upscale, clean, relaxing setting, thorough wellness services, and extremely competitive prices. It is believed reflexology can cure most common symptoms of anxiety, stress, tension, fatigue, and more. We then employ hand reflexology, foot reflexology, full-body acupressure, and traditional Chinese deep tissue. Specific points are targeted and worked on in order to send signals to the brain and balance the nervous system.
As it stimulates your nerve function, reflexology generates a deep tranquil relaxation that helps the body balance itself and allow healing energy to flow. You can't help but feel relaxed as endorphins are released in your body, reducing stress, and returning the body to equilibrium. After the foot bath, reflex points on both hands and both feet will be tended to with knuckle and finger pressure.
The reflexologist applies pressure with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to the reflex points, looking for 'crystals' near the nerve endings. The kneeding, perscussion, and rubbing techniques on your muscles causes your muscle fibers to loosen up and bruise, increasing energy and blood flow circulation.
The Roman Emperor Octavian, 62-14 CE, mentions foot massages that Mark Antony, 83-30 BCE, gave to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII, 69-30 BCE. The feet have held symbolical importance for both spiritual and physical well-being for many centuries in the Orient. Through the discovery of the nervous system and the response internal organs had to external pressure and stimuli a€?reflex therapya€? was born. Reflexology is the art and science of applying pressure to specific reflex points in the feet and hands to increase your energy flow, circulation, and to release tension.

Men stinky feet is also an problem with toxins in the body that something is physically amiss.
A lot of blood vessels are concentrated in our hands and feet, with some 20,000 more reflex spots distributed in hands than in feet. However adding the power of Reiki energy to this makes a Reiki-Reflexology or Reflexology with Reiki a very unique holistic and therapeutic experience.The difference is only in the focus either on Reiki or on reflexology. The science tells us that each of the 55 trillions of cells in the body has some ability to understand and to store information. Your legs, arms, back, and shoulders will all receive proper treatment through the hour session. Today, reflexology therapy not only targets the hands and feet, but also the entire back in order to improve health benefits and promote relaxation. This treatment method can even be effective in offering relief from ailments such as (but not limited to) back pain, migraines, infertility, arthritis, insomnia, digestive problems, and hangovers.
As you surrender your body into the care of our trained professionals, your mind will go off into a state of serenity.
Next, you will be asked to turn over in the treatment chair onto your stomach, where your reflexologist will employ acupressure and traditional Chinese deep tissue techniques to your arms, back, shoulders, and legs to complete your full-body treatment.
Also notify the front desk if you have any problem areas or requests, so the therapist can focus on the reflex points that will help alleviate these issues. The theory advocates that nerve endings are unable to transmit proper life-energy because of these crystalline deposits that build up and block the pathway.
Different people have different pain tolerance levels, and though reflexologists are skilled at reading your queues, nobody knows your own body better than you know it. Your body begins the process of reparation immediately, and releases endorphins, giving you a feeling of pleasure and euphoria. Your feet are the foundation of your structure, and much of what goes on in your knees, hips, spine and neck are aresult of the well-being of your feet.
Acupressure and deep tissue techniques are applied to the entire body, starting from the feet and legs and working up to the arms, ears, and head.
The reflexologist will accommodate your personal needs, spending extra time on tender areas in which the soreness will decrease with pressure. The combination of the different techniques provides a thorough and satisfying experience that will leave most people in a state of emotional bliss and internal harmony. Reflexology's techniques for breaking the deposits is believed to be helpful in restoring balance between your hands and feet (two if the most sensitive areas of your body) and your organs, glands, and muscles. Feel free to ask which part of the body a particular reflex point is affecting, especially if you feel discomfort there. We can affect our lungs by massaging the top of our feet, or reduce the allergy symptoms by properly massaging the top of our ears. Used sometimes an alternative to Western medicinal treatment, reflexology works wonders as it can heal not only the mind but also the body and its aches.
It is normal to feel some pain during a reflexology session, especially if there are knots to work out of your muscles. There is a combination of points on your face which when massaged regularly can reduce or eliminate it.

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