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Reflexology uses specific hand techniques to apply pressure to the feet to provoke stress relief in the entire body. While we do address specific concerns during the session, Reflexology is a holistic treatment, so it works best when aimed at the whole person. Reflexology is quite relaxing- and relaxation is the first step to restoring balance in the body (homeostasis), so that all organs and muscles can return to a normal functioning state. This treatment combines integrative reflexology with Young Living essential oils and warmth from smooth, hot stones.
Vita Flex is an ancient Tibetan healing technique brought to the United States in the 1920a€™s by Stanley Burroughs, who called it a€?Vitality Through the Refelxes.a€? It uses a specialized technique to stimulate the bodya€™s electrical system. As with Reflexology, the technique benefits the whole body and mind, releasing many kinds of tension, congestion, and imbalances. Massage during pregnancy has significant benefits for both mother-to-be and developing baby.
Massage during pregnancy can help alleviate tension and reduce stress whilst improving circulation, in turn increasing the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to mother and baby. The use of massage in labour helps alleviate back pain and help to relax the mother, thereby increasing endorphin levels, the body’s natural painkillers. After childbirth, massage may help provide relief from aches and pains especially those commonly experienced in the back, neck and shoulders.
Instruction in baby massage is also offered, helping to strengthen the bond between baby and Mum. Massage takes place on either a purpose-made bean-bag or whilst comfortably supported in a sitting or side-lying position depending on preference. Reflexology is a holistic therapy that is based on the principle that applying pressure on the reflex points in the hands, feet, and ear can help treat ailments related to the glands and organs that correspond to those reflex points. Besides the aforementioned technique, there are several other methods that have been developed by reflexologist over the years. LABOR REFLEXOLOGYDitch effort- sex which can start labor tired, uncomfortable, or heard that.
Reflexology techniques relax pressure sensors in the feet and interrupt stress patterns in body parts, thereby triggering a relaxation response throughout the body. As you body adjusts to prepare itself for labour, massage can help alleviate aches and pains and provides invaluable time for rest and relaxation. Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause joints to loosen leading many women to experience discomfort, particularly in the lower back and pelvic regions.
Massage techniques can be taught on a one-to-one basis to partners or those providing birth-support. Massage can alleviate fluid retention and promote relaxation, helping to restore a sense of well-being in the mother.

A full-body massage is typically conducted over sixty or ninety minutes, though many women prefer a concentrated sixty-minute back, neck and shoulder massage. Buzzle presents information on the philosophy behind this alternative healing therapy along with the different types of reflexology treatment.
It has been depicted on a pictograph in the tomb of an Egyptian physician named Ankhmahor, which dates back to around 2,500 BCE.While reflexology dates back thousands of years, this concept was introduced in the United States by Dr. Fitzgerald referred to the numbing effect on different parts of the body, it was a physiotherapist named Eunice D.
More than 7,000 nerve endings are present in each foot.It is believed that these points correspond to the glands, organs, or parts of the body. Ingham who mapped out the reflex areas of the hands and feet in the 1930s.Different Forms of ReflexologySeveral theories have been used to explain the principle or the working mechanism of this holistic therapy. When pressure is applied on these points, the nervous system gets stimulated, which in turn helps open the blocked energy pathways, improves blood circulation, encourages healing, and improves the functioning of the internal organs.During a reflexology session, a reflexologist moves his thumb and fingers in a particular manner for stimulating the reflex points in specific areas. According to the nerve impulse theory, when the reflex points in the feet and hands are stimulated, nerve signals that travel from the foot to the brain might block the pain signals. To add to that, sessions can be especially beneficial in case of people affected by physical and mental stress. Fink attended undergraduate school at Skidmore College where she graudated Cum Laude and was inducted into the National Honor Society of Phi Beta Kappa in 1991.  In her years of experience, Dr. As per the Zone therapy (the precursor to the modern reflexology), the entire length of the body from the head to toes is divided into ten equal longitudinal zones. It is also believed that the stimulation of these points might send messages to the brain, which would respond by sending signals to re-position the body. Thus, the points on the feet are stimulated when one is in a standing position, and the points on the hand are stimulated, while the palms are placed on a flat surface.
Those who wish to try this holistic therapy must ensure that they seek the services of a certified reflexologist. Fink has had the privilege to work with patients who range in age from new borns to great-grandparents.  Dr. This theory was based on the premise that the tips of the fingers and the toes represent five zones on that side of the body, and applying on-and-off pressure on the corresponding fingertips, as well as toes could not only unblock the nerve impulse but also improve blood flow and restore the energy balance in the zones. The logic behind following this technique is that the nerves are more sensitized in these positions.Flocco MethodFlocco method basically involves the use of reflexology charts of the feet, hand, as well as the ears for stimulation of the pressure points in these areas. Fink has been a certified NAET practitioner since 2000 and specializes in cases associated with food and enviromental disorders such as anaphylasix, ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety and depression, dermatological issues, chronic respiratory issues, seasonal allergies and multiple physiological and digestive disorders.  Dr. This would help the body achieve homeostasis or a state of equilibrium, wherein oxygenated blood would circulate properly, thereby restoring the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissues. Another theory states that stimulating reflex points helps clear the blockage caused by the buildup of chemical deposits around the nerve endings.Gate-control theory is another theory that is based on the tenet that the pain receptors in the spinal cord regulate the amount of pain that can pass to the brain.

If all the receptors are full, the 'gate' shuts, which in turn stops the pain signals from being transmitted to the brain. Fink is board certified in Acupuncture, Applied and Clinical Kinesiology, Homeopathy and is a trained Reiki Master.  Dr. It is believed that each of these meridians is related to the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, and Wood). Chi or energy flows through these channels, and problems arise when there is a blockage in any of these channels.
Drinking raspberry leaf tea till it throughout their reflexologist and pressure drastically. Trisha Becker specializes in providing quality physical therapy to patients with chronic or difficult to treat musculoskeletal conditions and clients interested in overall health and wellness. In case of meridian reflexology, the reflexologist stimulates the meridian lines on the feet, in order to remove the blockage and correct the energy flow. Trisha has been practicing physical therapy for over 20 years, having graduated with a BS in Physical Therapy from Rockhurst College in 1992.
It is believed that this technique can strengthen the immune system and promote physical and mental well-being. Additionally, she earned a MHS in Physical Therapy from Washington University in 1998 and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University in 2012. Throughout her career, Trisha has specialized in treating orthopedic injuries and has accumulated over 900 hours of continuing education in skilled manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. In 2000, she obtained Board Certification in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and is considered an advanced Clinical Specialist in her field. In 2002, in order to enhance her manual therapy skills, Trisha obtained her state licensure and national certification in massage therapy and bodywork. In the clinic, Trisha uses a comprehensive approach, including a full body assessment, focused interventions and individualized evidence based exercises, to ensure effective treatment and better outcomes for her patients. At home, patients are expected to perform a home exercise program to support the clinic treatment and promote independence between needed visits. She is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Clients find her loving, gentle manner to be a healing respite in times of chaos and stress.

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