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Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy, based on the idea of balancing the body’s energies through the reflexes in the feet and hands, allowing the body to heal itself.
Our feet mirror our body and there are relative reflexes in the feet and hands corresponding to every organ in the body, which a reflexology treatment will massage and manipulate. The treatment involves a blissful soak in a soothing footbath, the relaxation of both feet and ankles, followed by entire coverage of both feet using pressure point movements and following the ideas of Zone Therapy and Eunice Ingham.

I usually have quite ticklish feet, but Gosia managed to make me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout. The special added touches of the rose petal foot soak before the massage, and the lovely atmosphere of the room, really made this experience special.Louise, NottinghamHad a great time at H&M therapies, first of all I appreciate the fact that I got a very quick response after emailing them in order to make an appointment that shows efficiency as I tend to chase up people here in the UK.
Partners can easily be shown the areas of the foot to treat.After birth reflexology babies tend to be calmer, suffer less colic and usually feed better.

Sarah - NottinghamAlways a pleasurable experience, being treated in a really relaxing room by someone who makes you feel really welcome and is very professional.

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