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The treatment I provide is both professional and caring, adapting to all your individual requirements.A My wish is for you to experience the wonderful healing and holistic benefits of reflexology whether it be at your home or your work place. An unexpected, surprising and gentle foot massage, where pressure is applied on reflex points corresponding to each body system.
Should you have any reactions, positive or negative, please share this with your practitioner on your next visit.
Please allow an extra 15 minutes or so on your first treatment for the initial consultation. These companies book me for a day a month to treat their employeesA in their place of work - this is usually a monthly incentive for their staff to thank them for their good work.

Massaging adrenal reflex will make it calm, thus helpful in controlling blood pressure variations due to fright. Some companies pay the full amount and others ask for a small contribution from their staff, whichever way, it's tremendously popular with all concerned! Toxins are released and each body system balanced, leading you to an incredible state of calm and well-being. I only use organic creams, which are safe for use throughout pregnancy, and suitable for all skin types. Because a different sensation indicates, some minor problem with that organ needs to rectify by stimulating it.

Reflexology is part of the holistic treatments, each system of the body benefits of it, balancing energies, releasing toxins and stimulating self healing.

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