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Learn about the Healing Power of Sacred Geometry and become attuned to the Sacred Geometric Forms to Enhance Your Healing!!! During the second part of the class you will receive an Accelerated Light Healing Activation you will experience the energies of these sacred geometric forms and You will become Attuned to the Healing Energies of Each Sacred Geometric Form so You Can Start to Channel These Energies to Heal Yourself and Others!!!
Please note that as of 11th April 2016, I am not longer trading and for personal reasons I have retired from work. Prices for my personal tuition in my clinic, scroll down for reiki 1, 2 and master teacher levels, all my reiki courses are Eastern Original Usui Reiki courses and the iinformation is from students who trained with Usui and not the Western version which most masters teach, of course I give you the western information during my courses but I focus on the original teachings so that you can learn how reiki was taught by Usui and not someones version of it.
Self Treatments: Carry out a Japanese self-treatment 'meditation', and learn how self treatments are done Western-style.
Practice session: Go through various energy exercises to experience the quality of the first energy.
Practice Session: Go through various energy exercises to experience the quality of the second energy. I offer the original Usui Masters Course along with Western Masters Teachings so that you are up to date with Eastern & Western Teachings.

If you wish to take the original usui reiki course on it's own and you are an existing reiki master then you will only be charged A?100.00 this includes all 3 manuals, empowerments and certificate.
You must verify by e-mail that you are an existing reiki master before the manuls is sent out. If you are at reiki 2 level and you wish to be trained in the original usui reiki master teacher level shinpiden, including the manuals and empowerments for shoden level 1 & okuden level 2, and be able to empower yourself and others. Please note that the original usui reiki courses listed on this page are not Gakkai techniques, although they are shared in the manuals , they are teachings of Usui which come from living students of Usui. The basis of Usui's Reiki is daily energy exercises, self-treatment meditations, spiritual empowerments, the use of intuition when treating others, and the use of sacred Shinto mantras.. The second day of the course is for Masters only, and they will be taught how to carry out 'Reiju' -spiritual empowerments that are an integral part of Japanese Reiki training. The course is accompanied by comprehensive manuals that deal with everything we teach on the two days - and more - and you benefit from free ongoing advice and support, and free occasional updates. In this Accelerated Light Healing Experience you will Learn about the Sacred Geometric forms and how they relate to Healing and Your Life.

We expect to explore any and all aspects of being Spiritual such as dreams, cards, pendulums and whatever else anyone can bring to the table.
Some people wish to have both eastern and western knowledge and this 2 day course offers this for you. I will ask you couple of questions ( to verify ) that you are already a master.
Reiju connects you to Reiki without using symbols, we will explain how Reiju can be used at all levels, and how to empower yourself. You will be supplied with 3 manuals for study before the course, by doing this the course time is reduced and also you can have a basic understanding before you attend the course without the need to take notes as everything you need to know is included in the manuals.

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