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There is no finished article, the limitation is in our capacity and willingness to develop and change according to the revealed situation.
Since gaining my Reiki Mastery in 1997, its nature has changed through experience and acquisition of advanced sacred symbols. The mantle of Reiki Mastery is not likely set aside, it is an attribute that focuses and frames everything that I do. The first layer of this image shows three colours of plain Irises, on a pathway of question marks. The Golden Reiki Way attunes the totality of its candidates to their highest expression of Creativity and Healing. It requires that one systematically faces the life challenges in our path and take responsibility for the decisions that we make and the consequences of our actions.
And so those that I attune to Mastery are expected to value this privilege as highly as I do.

This level represents the candidates and other Reiki Schools fragmented into their separate disciplines.
Here on a single coherent plane you will find a central image of two equal vessels (containing male & female chi) holding iridescent Purple and Gold Irises representing the Foundation First Degree Reiki. This is achieved through the enablement and complete installation of visionary talents - showing the consequence of action. This is a healing path that takes us back through our life cycles, making appropriate adjustments as we gain confidence in our ability. The Purple Schools attuning to the Male aspect and only connecting to the Purple Ray of Amethyst.
Here you will find Journeyman Second Degree Reiki, alongside Soul Retrieval and Medicine Powers.
On the opposite side you will find Pathfinder Directions and Elements beside the staff of Mastery.

The White Iris represents the Radiance Technique people, seeking only to connect to vibrations of light. Beyond this level stand the three Higher Journeyman Master’s courses of The Angel Fire Degree, The Advanced Golden Ray Degree and The Runic Vibration Degree.
The Higher Creativity of the Golden Ray only being available to those who have secured their internal and expressed Foundation. Each layer stands as a coherent level of consciousness available through the process of diligent effort.

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