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Mary Mooney* learned her First Degree from Virginia Samdahl*, her Second Degree from John Jewell, and her Third Degree from Rev. I learned and received the 9 energetic rites of the Munay-Ki on September 16-18, 2011 from Vickie Penninger. DisclaimerThis work is not offered as a replacement or substitute for health care treatment with a licensed and qualified health care provider, but rather as an optional, complementary service. I can also provide customised certificate templates, such as your business or company’s name and your logo to be added. All template sets are ? 20.00 each, this is for one set of three templates, 1 each of the First Degree Certificate, Second Degree Certificate and Master Teacher Certificate in either Landscape or Portrait format. Marianne has been involved with the energetic world most of her life, and became a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner in 2003.  She received her Usui Master Teacher Reiki attunement in 2006 following 3 years of hands on study.
Marianne  has blended Reiki with many other modalities to create a unique healing practice. She has extended her education by becoming a BodyTalk Access Technician,  and Intuitive Reader of Tarot.  She has also implemented Raindrop Technique, Conscious Healing, Affirmations , the Law of Attraction as well as Shamanic Healing into her practice. Liliana – Truckee, CA – My Dearest Marianne: Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a delicious, yummy treat.

Liz - Kings Beach - "I don't know if this feeling originated from emotional trauma or physical trauma in my life. Enjoy a totally relaxing massage this Bank Holiday incall or outcall I am a female masseuse based in Putney I operate from 9am - 6pm everyday This is NOT a sexual service!Call 07498 365 514 NOW to book your appointment! I URGENTLY need a model for this haircut it's a nice textured haircut and definitely can be adjusted to your liking and suitability! Reflexology is a very effective way of releasing tension and stress Stress is one major element of illnesses I think you are important and so is your health, so how importance do put on your health Do yourself a favour love your sole. My name is Coco 24 years old from China ,I'm a professional fully qualified and well trained massage therapist, I have learned ,practiced and provided massage one year This is not a hobby but my livelihood and as such I still attend seminars to further enrich my knowledge .
Takata: George Araki, Dorothy Baba, Ursula Baylow, Rick Bockner, Patricia Bowling Ewing, Barbara Brown, Fran Brown, Phyllis Furumoto, Beth Gray*, John Gray, Iris Ishikuro*, Harry Kuboi, Ethel Lombardi, Barbara McCullough, Mary McFadyn, Paul Mitchell, Bethel Phaigh, Shinobu Saito, Virgina Samdahl*, Wanja Twan, Barbara Webber Ray, and Kay Yamashita.
I would be honoured to incorporate your design ideas, personnel wording, in fact anything that you require.  All certificate sets are supplied in PDF format. This is to ensure that your purchase is not filtered by your email provider  into your junk mail or spam mail folders. If you are a female with short hair or want to go short and interested in this haircut please let me know ASAP!!!

Vickie Penninger, received her First, Second, and Third degree Reiki teachings from Mary Mooney*. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Certificate sets will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment via paypal or by postal order only. Kevin Brown received his First , Second and Third degree Reiki teachings from Vickie Penninger. I will also offer classes which will include gifting and learning how to give these rites to others.

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