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Click HERE to find out how to tune into distant "Reiju" empowerments sent out every Monday by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher and the founder of Reiki Evolution. I run First Degree (Shoden) Reiki classes monthly and Second Degree (Okuden) courses bimonthly, plus three levels of Equine Reiki workshops throughout the year. Originally from Woodford, London, my family moved to Lincolnshire to fund our passion for horses. I am lucky enough to come from a family of natural healers; with my grandparents being quite accomplished in this field. Having grown up around horses, I followed my Secondary School education by completing the British Horse Society 1, 2 and 3 training and examinations, after which we set up a family run riding school, stud and training yard. Although managing and teaching in the riding school bought a large amount of experience of working with people, and was rewarding for myself and my students, I felt this wasn’t quite the right path for me and so after having my daughter I decided to follow the path I was being guided to.
After my first encounter with Reiki, it seemed to pop up everywhere; conversations, internet, tarot readings… the list goes on! A few universal nudges in the right direction and I had booked my First Degree Course through Reiki Evolution, the manual and course materials were of such good quality and packed with all of the information one could hope for. When I first completed the Reiki Courses, I did so to enable me to treat horses and for self development. Last year I wrote a book ‘The Handbook of Equine Reiki’ which details treatment methods, reactions of horses and case studies. I love teaching Reiki and meeting like minded people and look forward to welcoming you to one of my courses if you would like to train through me. There are no counter-indications for Reiki and it works in harmony and conjunction with other traditional and non-traditional modalities clients are currently receiving.
Eileen holds a Master’s degree in counseling and is trained as both a licensed mental health counselor and Reiki master.   She accepts Aetna, Group Health and First Choice insurance for individual sessions. I learned Reiki in the late 1970s from John Harvey Gray, then studied further with Rosemary Cathcart, earning the rank of Master.

Over the decades I studied also in the Reiki lineage depicted below, and I also was privileged to spend many years traveling and studying with grandmothers and grandfathers from North, Central and South America, as well as Australia.
My Lineage (top down) Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hyashi, Hawayo Takata, John Harvey Gray  (Lourdes Gray not pictured) Steven McFadden. Practiced widely in America for over 40 years, Reiki has earned a reputation as an effective complementary health practice. In the year 2000 I became re-aquainted with my original teacher, John Harvey Gray, and I had the opportunity to help out editorially as John and his wife, Lourdes Gray, Ph.D. Over the years it has been my honor and my pleasure to teach Reiki to many hundreds of students. Everyone can learn this valuable healing technique.
By appointment, I am available to offer Reiki healing sessions in the general vicinity of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
For more information on the Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, or to order an autographed copy of Hand to Hand, contact the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing, P.O.
Sounding a call for hundreds of thousands more CSA Farms Posted May 8, 2016 Would you rather participate in a nightmare or a vision? I live in the picturesque village of Gedney Hill, which is on the borders between Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire; approximately 30 minutes from Peterborough, Wisbech and Spalding. All of the courses are held at Epona Equine Reiki Centre in Gedney Hill; we are lucky enough to be opposite ‘North View Fishing Lakes’ which is adjacent to ‘Gedney Hill Golf Course’ – so plenty for you’r the other half to do whilst you enjoy your Reiki training! Although their practice wasn’t Reiki, it was a simple and intuitive approach which left open doors for exploration. The Reiki training day with Louise Heseltine was excellent, meeting like minded people with a friendly and supportive teacher. In 2008 I began teaching Equine Reiki courses through Reiki Evolution, giving course participants’ confidence, guidance and opening up new paths for people who wanted to treat horses. Reiki has an established track record of reducing stress, relieving pain, and supporting the healing process.

Gifted Medicine People all, they generously and gracefully shared teachings with me that I might share them with others.
The Center For Reiki Research has developed  The Touchstone Process to evaluate and document studies of Reiki effectiveness. Since then for over 35 years he actively taught and practiced Reiki – longer than any other living teacher in the West.
They also tell the background and development of Reiki in the West, and offer up practical, time-tested guidelines for anyone who chooses to study Reiki. For more information on the Usui-Gray Integrated Reiki System, or to order an autographed copy of Hand to Hand, contact the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing, P.O. I run Lincolnshire Reiki training courses and also special courses on Equine Reiki (Reiki for horses) and Animal Reiki.
Whilst looking through an Equine magazine an article seemed to “jump out” regarding Reiki for Horses, I booked Pancho a treatment and on the vets next visit they were surprised by his progress. Recent data shows strong evidence that Reiki is indeed responsible for a positive biological response in both humans and animals. John, who passed away January 12, 2011 at age 93, took his entire Reiki training in 1976 with Mrs. To cut a long story short Pancho has now been sound for years and can be ridden in all disciplines! In his career,he conducted well over 600 Reiki classes, and earned a reputation as an outstanding teacher, and as a practitioner of the highest integrity.

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