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Reiki Om CD by Dudley and Dean Evenson provides Eastern musical instrumentation for relaxation and healing music.
Healing Waters CD by Dean Evenson offers New Age Music, Spa Music, Massage Music and Reiki Music. Koyasan CD by Deuter is World New Age music for relaxation, yoga music and healing music for Reiki, massage and spa. Reiki Whale Dreaming CD by Kamal offers New Age music for healing, Reiki and relaxation music. Liquid Mind VI: Spirit CD by Chuck Wild offers electronic new age, relaxation music for yoga and bodywork. Angelic Reiki CD by Niall & Juliana offers new age music, relaxation music, healing music and Reiki music. Reiki Healing Waves by Parijat offers New Age Music, Healing Music, Reiki Music and Meditation Music. As a Reiki Master Teacher I often get asked by my students what music I use in client sessions and what albums I recommend for them to use as they are first starting out so I have decided to share this with the wider Space In Between Community. I have included the itunes links for easy purchase, but many of these albums will be available from other retailers if you would prefer to buy elsewhere. Subscribe to receive my gift to you, a Mini Chakra Cleanse Meditation mp3, absolutely free.

36 minutes of Reiki music perfect for healing and treatment, with bells every 3 minutes for position changes.
FREE limited time BONUS with track download: 12 minutes of Reiki music with bells every one minutes for self healing. Each Chakra Massage song is made in the corresponding tune (frequency range) that it is designed to promote. Throughout human history and across most native traditions, constant repetitive rhythms and the steady drone of chanting have carried shamans and other spiritual seekers into other dimensions in ecstatic trance. Even today, this music, as ancient as the rocks and wind, provides sacred transport to higher states of well-being and bliss. The quiet sound of the piano is truly celestial, folded into the strings melodies and with colorful sounds of the waves and birds. Created to inspire your yoga practice, this special collection is offered in the healing music spirit in which it was created. Tags: deep relaxation, deep rest, healing, music for massage, peaceful, recharging, recovery, recreation, rejuvenation, relax, sedation, soothing, stress management, stress relief, tranquil. Infused amongst beautiful organic sounding flutes, singing bowls, rain sticks, spacious pads and drums is whale singing.
The main point is not to “tune” a chakra in that sense, but rather to get the energies going.

This style of music guidance is not also wonderful to use in your client sessions, but also lovely for self-healing practices. Sara works with people who are seeking deeper truth and meaning to their lives by helping them discover their innate power, connect to their inner compass and trust their heart’s truth. I am an avid music lover, and have a tendency to be a little fussy when it comes to the music I like to listen too. It was the first Reiki album I ever got and after 8 years using it, it’s like an old comfortable friend.
I am pedantic when it comes to choosing music for my meditation albums and also super choosy about what is playing when I am running workshops and seeing clients for 1:1 sessions. The albums below are my personal favourites and ones that I have discovered after years of hunting through MANY different albums. I hope they bring you as much aural & healing pleasure as they have for me and my clients over the years.

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