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This 60 minute soundtrack is ideal background music for Reiki treatments, meditation or simply music to relax to.
There is no doubt that the sound of drums and percussion has a tangible effect on the human body and spirit. Reiki Sleep is a brand new Reiki album by popular Reiki Composer Llewellyn (Reiki Gold, Sleep Gold) Working closely with experienced Reiki Master Mandy ONeill, Reiki Sleep includes a specially timed opening track for listeners to focus on their 7 main chakra points before going to sleep.
Experienced Reiki Master Philip Permutt has worked closely with popular Reiki composer Llewellyn to produce over one hour of beautifully continuous music specifically for Reiki attunements and sacred ceremony.
Michelle Roberton-Jones presents another wonderful collection of guided meditations for children. This beautiful CD for children holds four magical meditations, with the intention of empowering each listener to explore their imagination and find that special place inside, where adventures unfold and the beauty that every child holds. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. BOOK - INTEGRATIVE & HOLISTIC STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR NURSESThis book provides a blueprint for integrative and holistic management of stress for nurses (or any other healthcare professional).
This hour of seamless, beautiful music is ideal for relaxation, bathtime bliss, massage or sleep.

To hear a group of drummers playing together seems to awake something of a tribal memory in all of us. The remainder of the album is continuous dreamy music to relax and help aid a good nights sleep. Specially timed 5 minute tracks create an hour of ideal music for a Reiki treatment.Co-produced by popular Reiki composer Llewellyn, Reiki River features outstanding flute performances by multi instrumentalist Niall with gentle guitar, keyboards and healing bowls.
Children are invited to explore their imaginations and enter the magical world of the faeries.Featuring music composed and performed by Llewellyn. Created by Michelle Roberton Jones and Llewellyn, the Starchild Series of guided meditations for children introduces four wonderful characters - Eeny, Meeny, Miney & Mo. Composed and performed by Neil Barry and featuring subliminal mantras by Reiki Master Teacher Martine Salerno, Reiki Music Vol.
Spa Gold is fresh modern relaxation music that will help create the perfect spa soundscape in your home or therapy centre. Popular Reiki composer Llewellyn (Reiki Gold) has composed music to help enhance Reiki distant healing.
The healing music can also be used for Reiki treatments and is perfect for massage, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga.

Set against a background soundscape of soft flowing natural sounds of water, Reiki River is refreshing and like the energy of water, it will cleanse and help wash away the negativity. These 10 fun short meditations that offer children a chance to interact and really explore their imaginations. The Healing Drum is not only a wonderful uplifting and inspirational musical journey combining a wealth of instruments and drums, but essentially an opportunity for the listener to join in and play along with their own drum. The spaciousness and ethereal music textures of Reiki Starlight not only create the perfect calming environment for healing but essentially support the visualization process of sending out universal energy to heal the intended person, animal or situation like a bridge between Time and Space. Chris Puleston includes introductory sleeve notes and tutorial instructions on how to participate on the djembe drum. This special music album is divided into two 25 minute timed sections and can be used by individuals or collectively by many Reiki healers working together focusing on the same recipient.

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