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Sei Hei Ki is a symbol of the Reiki tradition, and is used for bringing the mind and body into balance and for uncovering emotional blockages. Click the button below to add the Sterling Silver Reiki Sei Hei Ki Symbol Earrings for Balance to your wish list. Tam a Ra Sha is a symbol of the Reiki tradition, and is used for grounding and removing energy blocks. Click the button below to add the Sterling Silver Reiki Tam A Ra Sha Symbol Earrings to your wish list. If there is someone who needs treatment in New Zealand & I am in Amsterdam, I can connect as easily as if I am next to them. I also use the symbol to help balance a third party relationship, so not only working with my client, but maybe his or her partner, father, mother & so on. As & when I need to use it, I even split it up into sections for various purposes, as the symbol represents all the elements of the body (Kanji). When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. It is this flow of energy which facilitates the unique ability of the body to heal itself.The client is laid on a plinth (massage table), fully clothed, eyes closed and listening to gentle soothing music which helps to produce a state of deep relaxation. As energy flows most people will feel warmth, heat, tingling, or other sensations, some fall asleep or they may feel nothing all at.
For me, reiki is an energy of self empowerment.Reiki Healing is based on three premisesThere is a universal life force energy that flows through all of life. It is the force that causes plants to grow, birds to fly,and each of us to take our next breath. I was suffering from anxiety and stress which was affecting my breathing at times and giving me pains in my chest. After my first session I didn’t feel any different afterwards but gradually over the next few days I started to feel much calmer and less pain in my chest. Reiki certainly has helped me but it is also about helping yourself and learning to cope better with things. I keep reminding myself that it is about living for the now and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this.

I know it has helped me a great deal and will continue to have sessions every now and again to give myself a little boost.Catherine (Accountant)It has been about a month since I had my Reiki session with Roseleen and I still feel the changes. I had to set an intention for what I hoped to get from the session – all of which got results.
The Reiki itself was very relaxing and I could feel random movement in my body as she worked on me. Roseleen was very insightful and passed on some messages to me that made complete sense and actually helped me to understand myself better.
She gave me some insight as to why I had difficulty staying present and gave me advice on how to work on it. With that insight I went away with a lot to think about and over then next week I began to feel that my heart was more open and that I was more content. I was given some homework if you like, things to do to work on myself and so I am still working away on myself. It was a great experience and the Reiki continues to work on you even after you have left the session. It is something that you have to experience at least once for yourself because I really don’t think any words can explain the experience and the results after.
Thank you Roseleen, Big Love, LisaLisa (Therapist)A friend of mine had recommended Reiki to me and to be honest I was a little sceptical to begin with.
I had been feeling a little out of sorts, not my usual self, anxious and a little down in the dumps so decided it was worth a try. I’ve been to three sessions and after each session I’ve left feeling really relaxed, calm and really positive. I’m even looking forward to my next oneJill (PA)I went for reiki therapy to address sleeping problems and for general relaxation purposes.
Roseleen made me feel completely at ease immediately; she explained what the therapy involved and answered my queries fully and frankly. The sessions were very satisfying; I relaxed completely and felt energised and renewed afterwards.
If only to take an hour’s time out from our busy daily lives once in a while, I would heartily recommend it.Reine (Civil Servant)A friend recommended Roseleen to me.

I have had plenty of alternative therapies before where the therapist can really focus on the negative findings of the treatment only whereas Roseleen gave honest feedback but I came away feeling like it was a positive experience.
We all have areas that need attention but it is important for me that this is focused on in a positive way. I would recommend Roseleen for Reiki.JessicaI completed 6 sessions of Reiki with Roseleen just short over a month ago. Before I begin, I would like to clarify I was quite skeptical about complementary therapies previously. I suffered from a significant amount of stress due to my work life which invariably spilled over into my personal life, unfortunately affecting many of my close friends and family members. I was a nervous wreck and my health and fitness were in tatters by the time I decided to give reiki a try! My first visit to Roseleen and every subsequent visit have brought me not only a sense of peace, but also an abundance of information to help me manage my stress and not only cope with, but also deal with my problems. Roseleen herself is a true professional, she clearly enjoys her work and always endeavours to provide an empathetic and personalised service in my opinion.
The holistic centre is a most quiet and relaxing haven, which compliments Roseleen’s sessions and techniques perfectly. By the end of my 6 sessions, I had found a new inner strength, I had begun to rediscover aspects of myself which I had long ago lost and indeed forgotten due to an inappopriate work-life balance. I found the strength to put myself in new social situations which in hindsight I would never dare dream of merely 4 months ago! One month out, my self-esteem and self-confidence has improved, I feel happier and indeed healthier than I have done in years and I honestly put it down to my experience with reiki, I highly recommend Roseleen to anyone I meet who reveals they are in a similar situation to myself and continue to do so!!

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