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Se He Ki is first used by Reiki II practitioners to heal emotional wounds and create balance. Usui Shiki Ryoho: The Usui System of Natural Healing Ancient Origins The Development of Usui Reiki Dr. A Brief Overview The knowledge that an unseen energy flows through all living things and is connected directly to the quality of health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. Visionary artist Carnahan is a Haden Institute certified dream coach, spiritual director, reiki master and songwriter. Reiki is one of the Eastern healing modalities used for relaxation, stress-relief, and to stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself.  Originally from ancient Tibet, and re-discovered by Dr. Often, when we have aches and pains or become ill, we find medicines or methods to relieve the symptoms.  While this may help us to feel better short term, it will not address the actual cause of the illness.  By working with the actual the chi or ki, Reiki (and acupuncture and other modalities) addresses the root of the problem to allow blockages to be removed so that healing may begin! Take a look at our events page to see about upcoming classes, Reiki circles, and other events!

Reiki symbols are used by Reiki practitioners and Reiki masters to aid in focus and in stimulating energy in Reiki healing. Most Reiki practioners are 'attuned' using the first three of these symbols, the Reiki Master is attuned with the Di Ko Myo symbol, as well. I, myself, rarely use the symbols, believing that we draw energy from intention rather than a symbol. Sei He Ki would be used in situations for healing things such as additions, past trauma and abuse, to clear emotional blocks in the chakras and to rid the emotional system of negative energies. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Reiki Symbols. Most of the time, our dreams are unique and speak to what's going in specifically in our lives.
However, they are great as a focusing tool and I encouage their use if they are helpful to practioners.

There is some controversy about when and where the symbols originated but, nevertheless, they are currently considered the standard in Reiki attunements and practice.
But with the advent of publishing and the internet, they have become ubiquitous, to the assistance of many and abhorrence of others. A standing man with chakras and two charts naming the chakras (common names and original names).

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