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Ultimately, the attack on the sleeping camp killed not the warriors the cavalry set out to find, but largely women, children, and the elderly.
In addition, Chivington was reputed to be a man with a severely racist attitude towards Native people, not unlike Major Baker several years later. Throughout our readings we have discovered that crime on Native reservations is a serious issues haunting Natives. Such actions by Hale goes to show the state of Natives and especially ones living on reservations. In our readings we constantly see the affects whites have on the Natives, and how they are treated as animals, even though this was their home first. I hope that one day, people realize that it’s not the image of the brave warrior they believe they are invoking, but something that comes with a history of violence against a lot of people.
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In the past 100 years, Native Americans have been depicted as savages bent on attacking the white man. In our experience to Native American literature it seems that there has been a common occurrence of characters going through a sort of change that allows them to view life differently, or in some cases, gain a better understanding of their culture. Since Natives seem to hold such a high reverence for the natural world it would only make sense for them to possess an interest in a plant that had such a large impact on their life as Peyote. Even though we did not really witness any rituals that used Peyote, or any other drug for that matter, I feel that it could have some implications in a few of the novels that we have read.
As it turns out, Natives, appear to be the only group of people who responsibly use Peyote today. When we look at language, the Chickasaw language was the primary language of Chickasaw people for hundreds of years. Besides religion, they have strong traditions that are ground in the arts. For example, Te Ata is an inspiring storyteller who shared there culture with the world and Ataloa is an enchanted singer of the past that is very prominent in their culture. Today, the Chickasaw Nation is economically strong, culturally vibrant and full of energetic people still dedicated to the preservation of family, community and heritage. I wanted to explore the incidents of rape in Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine, as one particular incident seems to cause a bit of a controversy, as it unclear whether a rape occurred or not. I developed this ideology through research about the occurrence of rape on Native American reservations. I have seen firsthand the destitution that the reservations have to offer the Native American community today. It is not only deeply upsetting, but astounding, that hundreds of years later, Native Americans are a society that is still pushed to the outskirts of American culture, left in the shadows of a country that prides itself on being the “great melting pot” of the world. When discussing issues surrounding the Native population, it is easy to get caught up in statistics and figures.
While, I don’t exactly have an answer to this, and I am finding it difficult to understand, I have a few speculations as to why incestuous relationships, marriages, and children of incest are more frequent in NA societies.
Furthermore, what is interesting about both marriages in the narrative is they don’t last very long. Louise Erdrich’s novel, Love Medicine, tells a story from the perspective of the different characters involved in the narrative.
I know the tricks of mind and body inside out without ever having trained for it, because I got the touch. It is to my understanding that Morrissey is actually performing a healing practice called Reiki. Although Reiki is a Japanese technique, it recommends the practice of certain simple and ethical ideals in order to promote peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures. Reiki works by redirecting and straightening out the energy pathways in our body, much like how Morrissey untied the knots in his Grandma’s legs.
A relaxing, stress-reducing, hands-on healing, Reiki treatment by compassionate Reiki Master balances your Chakras and charges you with renewed life force Reiki energy.  Click here for more information on Reiki Treatment. Crystals Healing magnifies the Reiki Energy and are used in conjunction with a regular Reiki treatment to intensify its holistic healing effects.
Approved CE ProviderThe North Carolina Reiki Training Center is an approved Continuing Education provider (#451391-10) by the The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.
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Odilia Marie Forlenza, RMT, founded the NC Reiki Training Center located in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. Six years earlier, in 1864, the Sand Creek Massacre devastated the Cheyenne and Arapaho of Colorado. 140 others were captured, later to be turned loose without horses, adequate food, and clothing. Racism, along with a desire for vengeance and control spurred tragedies that marked two of the greatest injustices committed against Native Plains peoples. One particular case that highlights the injust circumstances Natives must live in is the murder of Anna Brown. Alcohol usually plays a huge part in unjust trades and deals for white individuals to gain from the Indians, but in this case it was the overpowering force of Hale that forced the Indians to fold.
With reservations being some of the poorest areas in the United States, childhood hunger is a major issue.
There are so many great things that Native Children could do, given the resources, education, and proper nutrition. MSN’s Melissa Harris-Perry, Comedian Lewis Black,  and the Navajo Nation all want this name to be changed. They wore clothing made of animal hides, lived in tepees, and wore feathers on their heads. There are a good amount of Natives in film and cinema at the moment, but even still there roles are not always the most positive.
Often times these Natives would incorporate nature or natural things into these situations as a beneficial factor. When ingested, the consumer enters a hallucinogenic state as a result of the psychoactive chemicals found in the cactus.
In fact, these Natives appreciated and respected this plant enough to partake in rituals that would last the entirety of a day. It seems that there were commonly characters deemed as “medicine men” in our works; however, it was never really stated what their “medicine” fully consisted of.
That is not overly shocking though, being that the works we have read appear to describe Natives as holding a respect for nature that is matched by few.

The Chickasaw tribes belonged to a clan of his or her mother because they were part of a matrilineal system.
Chickasaw is a Muskogean language and along with Choctaw they together form the Western branch of the Muskogean language family. Even today many people of the Chickasaw tribe excel in the art of painting, music, sculpting and etc.
There Nation from what I researched seems to be doing great and trying to fix all the things that they believe should be fix. It is quite obvious that 14-year old Marie was raped by Nector in the beginning of the novel, as it is blatant and clearly articulated to the reader through the direct language. A New York Times article points out how American Indian reservations have two and half times more violence than some of America’s most deadly cities. My family and I have traveled out west nearly every summer since I was in the second grade.
It is shameful that America is considered a melting pot, when it cannot even integrate with the people that originated from this land, leaving them poverty stricken in a desolate land to fend for themselves. Normally, I find myself uninterested and unfazed by numbers, however, the rate of incestuous relationships in Native American reservations is abnormally high. For the sake of my argument, I am excluding any relations that were non-consensual including any pedofilic relations.
It is not because they lack love and commitment, but instead because both marriages are broken. In his own personal chapter, Lipsha Morrissey reveals that he has a special ability, a type of healing power.
The energy pathways in our bodies exist in the forms of chakras, meridians, and nadis, and when these pathways become disrupted, it can negatively affect the function of the organs and tissues in our physical bodies.
Similar to receiving waves of energy over the radio & cell phones, Distance Reiki Healing energy can be transmitted distantly to those in need. The NCBTMB is an independent, private, nonprofit organization that fosters high standards of ethical and professional practice through a recognized certification program.
Drawn to Odilia's positive energy we bypassed other Reiki training centers that were closer to our home, and post attunement we are convinced that our efforts were rewarded beyond our expectations. While they occurred in separate locations and concern different nations, the two atrocities seemed strangely similar. In both cases, these events were precipitated by rising tensions between local white settlers and the Native communities. As they refugees made their way to Fort Benton, some ninety miles away, many of them froze to death. Conflicts over land ownership and gold-seekers trespassing on Cheyenne territory led to a treaty guaranteeing peace. Also, the financial state of the Indians on the reservation led them to accept bribes for their safety from an overpowering white man, and to survive financially. Ever since Natives were colonized by Europeans their ability to live just lives has been threatened.
I pointed out last semester in Anthro 146 (awesome class, please take it if you can,) that it seems when it comes to Native Americans, racism is glossed over. As a child I often played cowboys (or in my case, cowgirls) and Indians, and without a doubt I would fight to be a cowgirl because I didn’t want to be the bad guy. Of course, it is true that these movies are made by Euro-Americans who are trying to make a profit on a predominantly white society, but what does that do to the Native people in our country? With that little snippet of Nector’s role in Hollywood, Erdrich calls readers to recognize the trend in mainstream media of the portrayal of Natives in the United States.
Natives in Hollywood often speak out against the injustice that the Euro-Americans give the Natives in film. I think that Erdrich, as well as other Native writers, do some justice in portraying the truth of Native peoples and their struggles, but all the same, I believe that it’s a long time coming before Native Americans in the mainstream media are given the due they deserve. One rather common, natural procedure that we did not encounter much of is the use of Peyote (Lophophora williamsii). Today, Peyote is most frequently abused as a form of narcotic; and for that reason it is illegal to possess. Richard Speer, or better known as “Hunting Crow” describes the ritualistic use of peyote as such: “In the center of the tepee, opposite the door entrance, is a half moon-shaped mound where they place the chief or medicine man. For that reason, I would not think it to be extremely uncommon for some of these medicine men to possess and use Peyote commonly. One of the main reasons of the clans were to provide kinship with clan members in other villages because a person would not be allowed to marry someone within his or her clan.
As time went on speaking the Chickasaw language was lost because most school encouraged the students to speak and learn english because english was needed to help them negotiate trades with non-Indians. However, towards the end of the novel, readers are captivated by a traumatic scene of an obvious sexual act between Albertine and Henry, but the language Erdrich uses to illustrate the scene allows the nature of the sexual act to remain ambiguous. Even worse, the people who commit the crimes often go unpunished because courts refuse to prosecute the perpetrators. During the summer after my senior year of high school, we drove through the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, which is located right outside the entrance to Glacier National Park in Montana. American society needs to come together and help to rebuild a culture that has been lost in the confines of a poverty stricken land.
However, in the literature surrounding Native American culture the incestuous couples are married.
I purely want to study the relationships between two consenting adults that are closely related. This spiritual healing practice involves laying the hands on the body and is based of this idea that an invisible “life force energy” flows through us and causes us to be alive. In the case of the Marias tragedy, for instance, a young member of the Blackfeet, named Owl Child, stole a horse, and was subsequently beaten by the man he stole from. Yet, on November 29th, Colonel John Chivington launched an attack on the peaceful camp of Black Kettle’s Cheyenne, along with the Arapaho people. William Hales murder for self wealth is just one of many examples that Natives must deal with, even 200 years after Europeans initial colonization.
The Government has generated billions of dollars off of the interest of those loans, and each year, this number is growing.
More often than not, Native Americans are not fairly represented in film and media, and as a result it does damage to the Native community.
In one case that differs from how we have seen Natives treated is that the United States Government has allowed them to possess and use Peyote since 1976.

Objects used in the ceremony include a staff, a gourd with rocks in it, a cup of sage and feathers. Especially considering that their forms of medicine were pretty much always derived from nature. Today there are less then 75 people that can speak Chikashshanompa’ and the majority of them are older then 55. At one point during the scene it seems like she describes a young 15-year old girl who has sex for the first time and experiences pain and discomfort, and she remains confused or rather unsatisfied by her first time experiencing sex. This is unfortunate, but definitely sheds light on the fact that the ambiguous sex scene was more than likely a rape scene.
I was astonished at the age of eighteen to observe the dilapidated and mostly rundown town we had to pass through in order to get to our destination, Glacier National Park.
Whether it is giving back the land that is rightfully the property of Native Americans, or collecting funds to improve education, etc., I believe that the United States is capable of integrating a society that thrived on this land before the colonies of this country. Please understand, I have no intentions of making Native American people out to be a set of wild barbarians having sex without whomever they encounter. While there marriage is not a traditional Catholic marriage recognized by the state, their marriage is accepted by the reservation – whether or not it is celebrated is another argument altogether. Take Grandma Kashpaw with her tired veins all knotted up in her legs like clumps of blue snails. If we think negatively about ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously, our life force becomes disrupted and affects our organs and cells. Again, those killed mostly included women and children, non-combatants who offered no violence.
Furthermore, her mother, cousin, brother-in-law, and sister were all killed over the next 2 years. Whatever Senator Warren is, I hope she embraces it and wears it proudly… and that she keeps fighting the good fight for students. Instead of Nector being able to say that he’s made something of himself in Hollywood, he instead comes home having been an addition to the negative portrayal of his people. Even in films where Natives are portrayed in a more positive light, they will still be less than whites. Though that does not mean that Natives only used Peyote after it was legal, as a matter of fact, Natives have used this plant for thousands of years and continue to today.
Participants drink tea made from peyote in a fresh or powder form… The people form a circle, with everyone part of the circle, whether you sing or not. However, over the years the value of knowing the language has been recognized so as a result a lot of programs and things are being put into place to educate people of the tribe ti speak the language. Initially, I read this context as such, and did not even consider rape as a possible, accurate explanation of the scene until the entire class expressed their opinions about the situation.The more and more I thought about it, the more interested I became in solving this mystery. Erdrich provides incredible insights on the cultural issues that affect Native communities in her novel, and readers are definitely able to connect the fictional stories she tells with real-life situations; this is what makes the novel worthwhile. Government has a history of constantly ignoring the treaties and compromises of the Native American people. Had there not been any people outside, it would have looked like a ghost town; a town that had been ransacked for anything valuable and left to bake in the hot Montana sun when there was nothing left.
The main intention for building American society was to embrace all the different cultures of the world. Despite what Morrissey believes, anyone can learn and practice these healing techniques whether it be on themselves or on other people. 76 years later justice was served an a man named William Hale, but why would a white man do such a thing to a Native?
To the Natives, Peyote was held in a rather high esteem and was generally associated with religious or spiritual rituals. Once inside you are there all night, saying prayers and using tobacco, cedar and sage.” This scene sounds similar to some that we have encountered in a sense that it further reveals the cohesion that is applied to Native life and how vital it is to be a part of the culture. Since I am not in the position to ask the author herself, I figured I’d so research to lookup information about the novel, or information about the culture content to see if I can come up with some sort of conclusion. Every other store you pass on the road is a casino; there being more casinos than gas stations out in that open territory of the west.
It is time to finally embrace a culture that has been here all along, waiting for their voices to finally be heard. Well, the Native American literature I’ve been exposed to has so casually breezed over incestuous relationships that I no longer am affected. The reasons that these characters are drawn to each other is not because of their familial ties, but instead is because of their ties to the family.
Instead, they came across a camp led by Heavy Runner, whom we should remember from the novel. During this time oil was found on the Osage Indian Reservation and Hale’s greed led him to take action. The most common way that Peyote is consumed is simply by chewing the buds, or by brewing a cup of tea for a more mild experience. In carefully analyzing the context, setting, and background information given about the characters involved in the sexual encounter, and through research of conflicts that affect native communities, it is safe to conclude that Louise Erdrich was possibly revealing the dynamics of everyday Native life, and providing insight as to what types of situations occur on reservations amongst Native communities through various characters in the novel, and that is why rape is prevalent throughout. It is absolutely heartbreaking that there is still nothing being done to fix the living conditions or situations—such as providing better education to help eliminate crime—Indian Reservations face today. What I am arguing is that devoid the Catholic influence, the Native population would more willingly embrace these relationships. In a culture so heavily influenced the outside white power, their connection to their family is even more drawn out and focused on, bringing out incestuous relations.
If Hale could kill Anna, her mother, then her two sisters in order all of the head rights would be passed to his nephew that was married to Anna. Native American people living on reservations are still being ignored by the government, continuously being overlooked in society, left to wallow in the slums the government created for them in the first place. The marriages are not traditional in the Catholic sense, but they still hold the love and connection that a traditional Native American marriage does hold. While non-Native people may have a difficult time understanding this, I believe that it has allowed us to see the truly detrimental effects of white influence. I run my fingers up the maps of those rivers of veins or I knock very gently above their hearts or I make a circling motion on their stomachs, and it helps them.

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