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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a conglomeration of over 150 symptoms experienced by many women between the time they ovulate and the onset of menstruation.
When making a determination about PMS symptoms, the most important tool you can use is a chart of the cyclic nature in which they occur. Don’t confuse PMS with cramps occurring at the beginning of menses, which is a different condition. Add healthy oils to your diet such as unrefined coconut oil, hemp seed oil, cold-pressed olive oil, walnut oil, grape seed oil. Saliva test your sex hormone levels — estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEAS and cortisol. Changing the factors that can contribute to PMS is one of the best ways to reduce symptoms and find relief. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 6 Natural Allergy Remedies Natural Health Mother Earth article Herbal remedies for common ailments. 6 Natural Allergy Remedies Natural Health Mother Earth article Natural remedies for arthritis from acupuncture to diet and exercise, natural treatments help arthritis sufferers find much needed relief.. 6 natural allergy remedies 'tis the season for sniffling, sneezing and itching breathe easier with these medically proven natural allergy remedies.
Natural remedies for your embarrassing health conditions do you suffer from personal ailments you’re too uncomfortable to ask about?. A complete selection of all types of essential oils aromatherapy oils natural oils herbal oils and oils for diffusers as well as oils for internal and external. You can find more explanation in Natural remedies for arthritis mnn mother nature network.
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The popularity of coconut oil has skyrocketed in the Western world over the last several years. Coconut oil is finally taking center stage, and is much needed in our modern world which contains more environmental and food toxins than ever before. Coconut oil is being hailed as a super ingredient, superfood, and, lately, a super beauty aid.
Let’s take a look at a mere snapshot of the solutions to common and chronic ailments that can be provided by coconut oil. For at least five decades researchers have recognized that the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil were digested differently than other fats. The digestive health advantages of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) over long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) are due to the differences in the way our bodies metabolize these fats. MCFA are broken down almost immediately by enzymes in the saliva and gastric juices so that pancreatic fat-digesting enzymes are not even essential.Therefore, there is less strain on the pancreas and digestive system. Premature and ill infants especially whose digestive organs are underdeveloped, are able to absorb MCFA with relative ease, while other fats pass through their systems pretty much undigested.
They can also be of importance for people suffering from diabetes, obesity, gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, Crohn’s disease, pancreatic insufficiency, and some forms of cancer. Because of this quick production of energy, athletes have been known to use MCFA to enhance their performance and research may back their claims. Natural health remedies take a maternal-like instinct to identify and deliver with confidence in it’s benefits.
We would love to hear about your success with coconut oil in the areas listed above, as well as other natural health uses for this powerful oil that nature has provided.
Big problem with freshly pressed, virgin coconut oil is that goes rancid within a week even if refrigerated. Coconut oil cannot get rancid because of its chemical structure, it is saturated all available spases are filled hense saturated, on the other hand such oil as flaxseed is containing omega 3 which gives one free space in the 3rd carbon molecul, hence when heated, the free radical attaches itselt to free space and oil becomes concerogenic thats why do not cook with flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil – olive oil has a lot ov omega 6 hence 2 free spaces for free radicals, please use it raw, do not cook with extra virgin olive oil. I have lived in Thailand 15 years and consume approximately 450ml cold pressed virgin coconut oil a month. I have been using raw organic coconut oil for years now and it certainly does not go rancid. This week I have developed a fear, of toilets!  Don’t laugh, but this fear has taken over my life for the past week!  If you ever got a urinary tract infection, you can relate and know how painful these can be and you may be searching for natural remedies for UTI. D-Mannose is the healthier and more effective way to attack a urinary infection; it is one of the best natural remedies for UTI.  It is much better than the old home remedy of cranberry juice because fruit juice contains loads of sugar (fructose) , even if it’s unsweetened!
D-Mannose is even better than cranberry juice because it only contains the ingredient that you need from the juice and it is very safe because it is a natural occurring sugar from plants such as; apples, cranberries and blueberries .
If you can avoid antibiotics that is great, but if you do end up taking them don’t forget to take your probiotics!   Also, make sure you eat fermented veggies or foods, that way as much of the good bacteria will survive as possible. Actually you are wrong because they mean soft soap like no tear soap or dove soap or watermelon soap if you haven’t heard ?? just sayin!
The saying “There’s no place like home” often conjures up pleasant memories of days gone by, thoughts of family and cherished friends.  However, the saying takes on another truth when applied to the use of homegrown foods and local herbs.
People derive a greater benefit when they use herbs and foods common to the earth, air and water the local area where the people live.
In addition to the change in temperature and energy, there seems to be an increase of coughs, sore throats, colds, and other maladies  during the winter season. Garlic – has the ability to stimulate the lymphatic system to rid the body of waste, also has strong antibiotic effects. Red  Clover – is rich in vitamins and minerals, considered to be a good blood cleanser and fighter of viral infections.
Our goal here is to provide information to help our readers maintain natural homeostasis (balance), and as best they can master the vibration of healing.
However, in recent years we have witnessed the larger pharmaceutical houses manufacturing so-called herbal compounds as well as buying up small organic farms to monopolize the growing herbal market. Some of the newer compounds using herb names do not actually have any herbs in them, while others may have substandard amounts making the herbal product or remedy ineffective.
Contact your master herbalist or one of the expert Wholistic health practitioners at AWC for proper usage and natural safe resources.
See and feel how still, deep, and quiet you can make your breathing while adequately supplying your body with enough air. Enjoy the increase in calmness and decrease in agitation.  This exercise simply works well!
I am genuinely pleased to glance at this weblog posts which carries lots of helpful facts, thanks for providing such statistics. Read Scabies Treatment with simple home remedies alonwith all the Scabies information you need. The itch mite seems to prefer the tenderest parts of the skin, such as the webs between the fingers, the inner surfaces of the armpits,forearms, thighs, legs, breasts, the buttocks, and the navel. Neem oil is widely used as botanical pesticide to treat number of skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis and scabies. Scabies Treatment with Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is very popular for the treatment of number of skin problems because it conatins terpinen that effectively kills scabies parasite. Scabies Treatment with Turmeric is an old age home remedy having antiseptic and antiinflammatory properties. Aloe vera is one the most commonly used natural remedy for number of skin problems like skin infections, dermatitis, psoriasis, and scabies. Zinc is uesd as adjuvant in skin problems because it prevents the fungal outbreaks and fight off secondary skin infections. Arslan Malik is noted health blogger, public health activist, aspiring dreamer and avid reader. Unfortunately, as far as catching colds, I’m the type of person that often gets sick after long escapades in the cold, especially if it’s dry and windy as well. For young children, earaches are often helped along by head colds but they can also be caused by a build-up of earwax, a perforated eardrum, or even a diet with too many cold foods, allergens, or dairy. There are a few tried and true earache remedies that are all natural and very effective at treating pain and infection. These alternative remedies can be administers alongside necessary antibiotics as additional synergistic treatment.
Known to stimulate white blood cells into action, Echinacea has both immune boosting and antibiotic effects. Another favorite way to use Echinacea is by putting 2-3 drops of tincture into each ear 2-3 times per day.
Elder Flower is also a great tea to add in as the quercetin rich flowers bring down swelling and help drain mucus which will help ease pain. Like Echinacea, garlic has some pretty amazing healing and immune boosting properties (you can read about them here). Taken internally, garlic can boost the body’s ability to fight infection and lessen the duration of an earache with consistent use. Known for its ability to fight all kinds fungal, viral, and bacterial ills, tea tree also happens to be great for earaches. I'm Tash, and I'm an artist, apprentice herbalist, lover of folklore, and just a girl on a journey to radiant health. DisclaimerThe information on Holistic Health Herbalist is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.
Hot flashes are the #1 complaint that I hear from women who seek natural hormone balancing.  While no one ever died of a hot flash or night sweat, they can certainly affect one’s quality of life as well as one’s emotional well-being.
Eliminate animal fats (high in phosphorous, which leaches calcium from your body) & saturated fat in your diet. The most potent type of dietary phytoestrogens are found only in legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, & beans.

Eliminate soy products since most are genetically modified and the jury is out as to how they really affect hormones. Reduce or eliminate night-time alcohol intake, not only will you sleep better – it avoids reducing blood estrogen levels later.
Eliminate sugar, white flour, dairy, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils from your diet. To help your blood sugar to remain stable during the night, eat an apple or pear before bed with a spoonful of organic almond butter. Purchase cotton clothing (loose) & sleep-ware, not nylon or synthetic – which has a tendency to hold onto heat. To help eliminate depression, stress, and mood swings, exercise at least 30 minutes each day. Replace chemical-laden personal care products such as deodorants, hair products, make-up, toothpaste and any thing else that goes on your skin with natural, organic products.  For safe natural skincare products I highly recommend Oasis Serene Botanicals.
Stop smoking, as nicotine decreases circulating estrogen levels thus aiding hormonal imbalance.
Your body has the amazing ability to repair, heal and maintain balance through each season of your life. By keeping a chart of your symptoms, you can often begin to see a pattern emerge and predict when the symptoms will start. Request levels for TSH, FREE T3, FREE T4, Reverse T3, Ferritin, % Saturation, TIBC and serum iron.
Remember that it takes about 21 days to change a habit.  We all have the ability to change so Don’t Give Up! She has studied and performed extensive research in health science, natural hormone balancing, anti-aging techniques, nutrition, natural medicine, weight loss, herbal remedies, non-toxic cancer support and is actively involved in researching new natural health protocols and products.  A 14 year stage 3 colon cancer survivor, Loretta is able to relate to both-sides-of-the-health-coin as patient and practitioner when it comes to health and wellness.
However, its many health benefits have been known in other regions of the world as part of their ancient history. Add to this that it can be consumed or applied to all ages and it becomes a must-have in anyone’s natural health kit. Oral Health – Many natural health practitioners believe that oral health is the very foundation of overall health. Digestive Aid – A number of studies have shown that consumption of coconut oil, which is naturally high in beneficial saturated fats, can alleviate common maladies such as constipation, acid indigestion and acid reflux. Nutrient Absorption – As a natural digestive aid, coconut oil has been shown to increase vitamin and mineral absorption.
Because the MCFA molecules are smaller, they require less energy and fewer enzymes to break them down for digestion.
Cold and Flu Prevention and Relief – Coconut oil has the trifecta of anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties, including lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. Pain Relief – As mentioned above, coconut oil also has essential properties for directly fighting pain. Skin Protection: This is clearly the single greatest area where coconut oil has proven to be a wonder substance. I took 1 full spoon three times per day, felt better after 1 week, completely healed in 3 months.
Natural food is dangerous and only mutinational corporations can save us from this dangerous natural foods?
There are also many lifestyle changes I’ve made to help treat my UTI and prevent another one from coming.
Do showers instead of baths – In the bath the water enters the body making it more prone to an infection. Pee before, after relations and after baths  – Flushes bacteria that may be near the urethra. Get plenty of vitamin C – Drink lemon in water to keep your PH in balance, vitamin C boosts the immune system and may help reduce bacteria in urine.
D-Mannose – Simple natural sugar that helps flush E-coli bacteria (main cause of UTIs) out. Don’t hold it when you have to go – Urinating flushes out bacteria, less chance for bacteria to enter.
Biofilm disruptors – According to Chris Kresser, these are helpful for preventing infections not caused by E.Coli. It works because the bacteria loves it and will detach and hitch a ride outside when you pee.  You can even take it if you are concerned about your blood sugar because it is not metabolized the same as sugar. Another suggestion is to take grapefruit seed extract, a natural antibiotic and antifungal, which helps with yeast infections.  Antibiotic use can bring on an imbalance, killing your good bacteria and may cause a yeast infection. There is a communal vibrational energy shared by the people and the plants found in the same area. As a demulcent and astringent, it is soothing to the stomach and great for coughs, sore throats, asthma, and bronchitis.
John’s Wort – all three of these herbs are known for their relaxant and anti-anxiety abilities. Herbal remedies have little to no side effects when compared to over the counter drugs and other pharmacological products.
Partly in response to this market growth, new large commercial drugstore chains daily erect sizable stores primarily in our communities.
Natural herbs do not have fillers, coloring, artificial flavoring, stabilizers, or synthetic compounds.
Consult your local Naturopathy or contact our office for suggestions and biologically effective herbs.
Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. The face and scalp areas are less commonly attacked by tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. Scabies causes severe inflammation with the development of papules, blisters, pustules, and crusts, may come as a result of infection from scratching. It contains antiseptic and antifungal characteristics that are beneficial in eradication of bacteria and fungus trapped in the skin. Tea tree oil also contains volatile oils which have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antiseptic, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antifungal and wound-healing qualities making tea tree oil more effective for skin problems. Aloe vera has antimicrobial properties and many natural medicinal properties that are very useful in treatment of scabies, insect bites and many other skin conditions. With doctor in pharmacy, he has worked closely with various health organizations, multinational pharmaceuticals and community health programs. It would be cold and snowing outside, but nothing could keep me indoors when there were snowmen and snow angels to be made. After long hours playing in the snow, it was no surprise when I came down with a croupy cough and a stuffy nose.
The infection itself may be bacterial, viral, or fungal and can affect the inner or outer ear.
However, if there is a chance of eardrum perforation, DO NOT under any circumstances put drops inside of the ears.
Drinking Echinacea tea or taking the tincture 3 times a day will aid the body in fighting off the infection faster and offer quick relief. By dripping a few drops of garlic infused oil (I like coconut oil for its added antibacterial properties) into the affected ear, even the most throbbing earaches can be eased.
I find it really easy to just add more fresh garlic to my cooking during cold and flu season, but you can also take high quality garlic capsules.
If the child isn’t too tender around the ears, simply apply a small amount of herb infused oil around the ears and massage gently. I have heard of people using onions in a number of interesting ways to treat ear infection, but one the easiest and most effective ways is to slice off the end piece (about the size of your ear) and place it directly over the ear. The secret lies within the aromatic essential oil, and to use it, all you have to do is apply 1-2 drops to a clean dish and add a very small amount of coconut oil. Many women find that Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) helps relieve the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.
Most grocery store meat and dairy is full of added hormones.  Healthy milk substitutes include hemp milk and almond milk.
Digestion is heat producing & you should try to decrease body heat production at night.
I recommend the Wellness Water Carafe in order to keep clean water with you any where you go! Many women who take a natural Vitamin E supplement before bed report that hot flashes are tremendously reduced.
Take Vitamin D-3 in supplement form every day, especially if you live in the Northern climates.
Listen to music, read scripture or an inspirational book, or sit with eyes closed and calm your mind. Go shopping, out with friends, drive through the country, walk on the beach or curl up with a good book. No one ever died from a hot flash, but thousands have died from the side-effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy.
Implementing a natural approach can not only help restore hormonal balance, but also help regain personal comfort and well-being while creating long-term optimum health and wellness. However, the exact cause of PMS has been difficult for researchers to pinpoint simply because each woman experiences PMS symptoms differently.
A rare but more severe form of the syndrome is called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), officially labeled as a disease in 1987. You may begin by having symptoms just a few days before menses that stop abruptly as soon as your period begins.
Keeping a daily symptom journal can be a valuable tool when trying to uncover premenstrual symptom triggers and the issues associated with them.

Many practitioners do not keep up with the latest research on hormone balancing and some really do not believe that PMS is even real. But in this post i will explain Natural remedies for your embarrassing health conditions do you suffer from personal ailments you’re too uncomfortable to ask about? Coconut oil has been used as a healthy alternative from toxic commercial toothpastes that contain fluoride.
It is a soft and beneficial protection for everyone from serious sports athletes to newborns . Studies also show it to be effective in the much more serious and debilitating afflictions such as ulcertative colitis and Crohn’s disease. With increased energy levels and mental focus, workout regimens and daily activity become more productive.
The study lasted 6 weeks and the mice were given a swimming endurance test every other day. Naturally, as we get older, we find that losing weight becomes a greater task as our metabolism declines and organs become increasingly strained. Rancid oils create free radical damage to cell membranes, that far outweighing the benefits. We think you must be thinking of something else or maybe it's processed differently there.
We need an all chemical diet, clearly if it wasn't manufactured in a lab and patented then it is worthless! Some claim it helps because of it’s sulfur containing compound or because it helps increase urinary volume.
The only drawback is that it may not work if your infection is caused by bacteria other than E. I’m glad to see others put recommendations for products because I have found not all D-mannose products to be the same. Chewing parsley helps to reduce odor, or odorless capsules can be purchased at area health food stores. The combination works well for calming, as an antidepressant and relief from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). She is the executive director of the Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC), and founder of the Amadi Universal Light Mission (AULM). The disease is characterized by intense itching,especially at night, and by a form of eczema caused by scratching.
The unique fragrance or smell of neem oil prevents scabies from regrowing which can greatly reduce the duration of scabies. Mix 1-2 tablespoon of turmeric powder and 3-4 drops of lemon juice and then add water to make a thick paste.
Aloe vera contains high amount of sulfur which is basic element present in dermatological products. Beside his professional practice, he has an avid interest in writing and teaching Physiology and Medicines. If your child suffers from frequent ear infections, simply changing their diet to include warm nourishing foods in the winter months along with adding immune strengthening herbs like elderberry will help keep them earache free.
These oils then go to work on infection and swelling, plus, the heat feels really nice when your ear is throbbing.
Mix the 2 ingredients together with a clean cotton ball and then stick it gently into the effected ear.
The health benefits of Chaste Tree Berry are many including increasing progesterone levels.
Include one tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil in your diet everyday and at least 1-2 tablespoons of organic flax seed oil. You will also notice that inflammation will diminish greatly thus so will many aches and pains. This is definitely a case where more is better, so go ahead and have two glasses every day! Include two medium-sized salads each day with as many organic, fresh vegetables as possible.
It is estimated that up to 75% of all menstruating women have some symptoms of PMS before or during the menses. Treating a woman’s bloating with diuretics, headaches with painkillers, depression with anti-depressants and anxiety with Valium ignores the underlying imbalance that led to PMS. Loretta is Contributor and Editor of the worldwide E-newsletter Advanced Health & Wellness. This oil also has been demonstrated to harden enamel, thus reducing the chance of serious dental events. Coconut oil contains anti-microbial properties that can reduce infection and inflammation making it ideal for all intestinal and gut-related issues. Additionally, blood sugar imbalances can become more frequent, even leading to pre-diabetic or diabetic conditions. Those who have difficulty with common allergens such as soy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, or dairy can find relief with coconut oil.
By simply replacing butter and cooking oils with coconut oil, you can easily help your body fend off invaders. The anti-inflammatory elements of coconut oil have been shown to naturally help serious conditions such as arthritis. Using coconut oil to replace commercial products, which are often heavy with petroleum or are water-logged, is a number one use for this miracle substance. If it has been refined in some way, which could include processes such as bleaching or deodorizing, it becomes much harder on our liver.
Bottled virgin coconut oil, even here in Thailand where it must have been recently produced is totally rancified. It seems we women have a design flaw, short urethras close to the rectum which makes us more apt to get urinary tract infections. Scabies is contagious and can spread quickly through close physical contact in a family, child care group, school class or nursing home. Major sign and symptoms of scabies include itching especially at night, redness of skin, development of irregular burrow tracks made up of tiny blisters or bumps. Apply pure neem oil on affected area of skin and massage thoroughly until neem oil completely penetrates into the skin. He covers variety of topics from Nutrition and Natural Care to Diseases, Treatments, Drug Interactions, Preventive Care and Clinical Research. Using onion is one of the most effective earache remedies I’ve used even if it is a bit smelly. I recommend Calcium Orotate as it is one of the most absorbable forms of calcium.  Calcium Orotate has also been found to be effective in weight reduction.
Inadequate nutrition is a form of physical stress that’s easily overlooked during pre-menopause and post-menopause.
Approximately 3-7% of these women experience the more intense symptoms associated with PMDD. Lastly, due to its antibacterial properties, it serves as a boost toward reducing sores and other infections. Coconut oil is a key alternative to the energy drink craze which often relies on caffeine as a stimulant, giving a profound short-term boost, but an equally severe energy level crash with some potentially long-term negative side effects.
The healthy fat properties contained within coconut oil have shown to be effective in stabilizing blood sugar and boosting metabolism, ensuring that the negative fat does not get stored.
It should be cautioned, however, that in rare cases people can be allergic to coconut oil, so that possibility cannot be discounted completely. If a cold or flu does take hold, coconut oil can shorten the duration and soften the overall effects, as it acts like a natural antibiotic.
Arthritis is actually a catch-all term that includes more than 100 associated conditions and symptoms that affect the bones, joints, and surrounding connective tissues. So by experiencing a urinary tract infection, that puts you in the boat with millions of other women!  This may not make you feel better just knowing you definitely are not alone, but maybe some of the following natural remedies for UTI below will help you deal with it!
The mite is a tiny, and usually not directly visible, parasite which burrows under the host’s skin.
John’s Wort oil are added to the blend to make the ear oil even more healing and effective. Psychotherapy can provide insight about stress, but this bypasses the nutritional and biochemical aspects of this disorder. Oil pulling with coconut oil is an all-around insurance against tooth decay and debilitating oral health issues.
Adding a bit to a smoothie or tea is a perfect way to help get rid of congestion, sore throat, and pain in bones, joints, head and ears. According to one NIH study, deep breathing and relaxation exercises done throughout the day significantly decreased the frequency and severity of flushing symptoms.The more stress you allow in your life, the more frequency of hot flashes you will experience.
Some women report that symptoms begin as early as puberty, but the onset of PMS is most often found between the ages of 20-30. Yet again, we return to the unique group of fatty acids in coconut oil that can reduce inflammation and pain, while lubricating muscles and joints.
The burrow may be either straight or crooked, is an eighth of an inch (3mm) or more in length, and looks somewhat like a very narrow and light pencil mark. However, it is not only ingestion; coconut oil can be used topically to increase blood supply to the affected area and reduce localized pain and swelling.
The promotion of circulation and flexibility can help debilitating conditions such as arthritis as well as fibromyalgia.

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