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Ideal for bedrooms or nurseries, SoftHEAT wraps your family in gentle, steady warmth that fills the room. I had a spare bedroom where the heater was missing but the old thermostat was still installed. I am thrilled to see you are building again in the US as the China units were a mess and terrible jobs of welding. As a homeowner you may have wondered from time to time if your heating system is the right one for your home and your family’s needs.
Baseboard Heating: Baseboard heating is not as popular as Forced air heating but it should not be discounted.
NETR's Ductless Cooling and Heating Air Conditioning systems have been found to be over 30% more efficient than standard window air-conditioning units. Yes, your rooms will be comfortably warm or comfortably cool without your wasting energy - or money!
Thanks to this advanced zoning technology, one outdoor unit can run up to four separate indoor heating and cooling systems. You get 2 for 1 - When you install NETR's Ductless Comfort System, you get a heating and cooling system.
Active heat distribution - Our Ductless HVAC products actively move the heat throughout the area with the use of a revolutionary quiet fan system.
Effective zone heating - True zoning means that you can set the temperature of individual rooms according to your personal taste. The Ductless AC outdoor unit can be placed virtually anywhere.  It's so quiet that you won't even know that it's running! Our Ductless Comfort systems use sensors that automatically scan your room for hot and cold spots.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We are very happy to celebrate our new store with you with FREE shipping on orders over $150*. This score is given to products that are considered accessories to an energy efficient products. Baseboard heaters work best when placed under a window and at least 12 inches from furniture or other objects.
Our electrician suggested that two Cadet Baseboard Heaters would heat the room beautifully. I loved my Intertherm heaters, but about ready to give up on your heaters until I see they were building them again in the US, product look much better I hope it lasts like the Intertherm heaters did. Two of the most common household heating options are forced air heating and baseboard heating and like anything else, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Whether it’s the right choice for you and your family depends on whether you feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Forced air heating can help to improve air quality in your home by keeping its air filters clean and current. Heat from forced air systems can be difficult to distribute if there is furniture or other large objects in the way of vents. At the same token to avoid fire risk, curtains should be kept away from each unit and anything else flammable like paper.
Because these units are installed along the floors of your home they are exposed to the foot traffic in your home and can be damaged by accidental kicking, tripping, pets and children.
Ductless Comfort technology ensures that the systems use the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area.

NETR's Ductless AC System has many benefits over standard baseboard hot water heating systems and other electric heating solutions. But your comfortable, temperature-controlled rooms will confirm that it definitely is running. When it finds one, it fixes it by quietly turning on the system and adjusting the level of comfort. For optimum comfort, use a Cadet electronic wall thermostat, or the EBKN model thermostat, which replaces the endcap on your heater. My prior railroad car installations have used intense resistance heaters that burn to the touch, these are so much safer. The following breakdown of these two heating systems is designed to inform you as a Joe Hurly HVAC customer and to make the decision of choosing a heating system that much easier. New models are required by the government to maintain a certain energy efficiency level so you know you won’t be wasting heat. So whatever option you think is more affordable for you and your family it is easy to install.
For the best heating results, large objects and furniture should be kept a few inches away. The higher the score is, the more critical, we believe, it is for the energy efficiency of your home.

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