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Assembly PowerPoints for the start of the new term, new resources for a new curriculum and much more! All our products have been tried and tested and can be instantly downloaded to save you precious preparation time. PrimaryWorks' stock of well designed, easy to edit PowerPoint presentations offer hundreds of lesson ideas, all created by education professionals, in tune with the current curriculum. PrimaryWorks is a reliable and popular education resource used by over 22,000 teachers on a regular basis. Please note that PrimaryWorks products are compatible with Windows Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft 2010. World Environment Day is commemorated every year on June 5 to promote awareness on the importance of preserving our biodiversity.
As an initiative to minimize the wastage of paper & maximize the reuse of paper, C&S has tied up with NGO Jagrati. C&S organized & carried out project vastradan on 18th & 19th of May 2012 in all business units with great participation from all the employees.
C&S celebrated earth day with 70 disadvantaged children at “Family Service” an NGO’s learning centre Sarita Vihar. C&S Electric team along with Redcross Society distributed blankets to the less fortunate people in and around Haridwar city.
C&S Electric has adopted the Lord Shiva park at Haridwar and also sponsored the painting of the Lord Shiva idol. C&S celebrated 'World Water Day', with slum children, joining hands with the NGO 'Family India Foundation' on 22nd March, 2014, at Aali Vihar Centre, Badarpur, New Delhi. Join the conversation and follow the latest updates, case studies and insights from industry leaders around the world. A selective collection of past and present highlights, interviews and opinions from industry leaders worldwide.
Business electricity price comparison company Love Energy Savings has launched a b-to-b direct mail campaign to warm leads and create inbound calls from the lead.The campaign, which targets businesses, helps businesses reap the benefits of savings on their energy bills.

70% of businesses get caught in a higher priced contract, making it essential customers check their renewal dates and find out the best deals. Love Energy Savings have worked alongside Gecko a multi-disciplinary printing and media company to create the campaign.
The direct mail will be followed up with phone calls to each business in order to give each business owner the best opportunity to make a saving. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has delivered a massive boost to the Save Druridge campaign against a proposed open cast coal mine at Northumberland beauty spot Druridge Bay.
The speech has been welcomed by Save Druridge, the campaign of opposition to a planning application by Banks Group for permission to carry on open cast coal mining on an 800 acre site immediately adjacent to Druridge Bay.
Northumberland County Council expects to determine Banks’ application early in the new year. Join Save Druridge, FOE, Green Party & Greenpeace at our Picnic on Bank Holiday Monday 30th May, 1pm-3pm on the Beach opp The Drift Cafe, Cresswell. A big thank you to everybody who was involved and took park in the Save Druridge Photographic Competition.
Here’s some photos taken at Hemscott Hill between Druridge Farm and Cresswell capturing the Tour of Britain.
Primary Works is a reliable and popular education resource used by over 22,000 teachers on a regular basis. This Powerpoint asks children to think about what energy is and it explains the different types of energy and that we need energy to walk to school, to play, turn on a computer or cook food.
C& S also made an arrangement to dispatch 1883 clothes contributed by employeesto the NGO vastradan on 30th may 2012. Speeches on the importance of water and how to save it were given, along with presentations and motivational video clips. Each business which responds to the campaign has been directly targeted and is due to make a saving.

Love energy Savings urge all businesses to check their contract renewal date and contact them to compare business electricity prices. The Energy Secretary told the Institute of Civil Engineers on Wednesday, “It cannot be satisfactory for an advanced economy like the UK to be relying on polluting, carbon intensive 50-year-old coal-fired power stations”, before announcing plans for a consultation on the closure of all of the UK’s remaining coal-fired power stations by 2025 with restrictions on coal’s use from 2023. We had many photos submitted that highlight how special and beautiful this magical location really is. Focusing on light energy, the children are encouraged to think about how we use non-renewable fossil fuels and how we can save energy by switching off lights and computers.
Starting a new tradition of giving back to Mother Nature, C&S decided to plant a tree on birthday of each employee. C&S organised Vastradaan Day on 9th May, 2014, where 1593 clothes were donated by C&S family. The famous idol, which is also one of the tallest one, is located on the bank of sacred river Ganga in Haridwar.
These customers will be able to call Love Energy Savings and compare their energy prices and get the best tariffs in order to save them the most money. The government’s policy announcement comes on top of a long term collapse in the price of coal and European restrictions on the use of British-mined coal, which is high in sulphur content, for electricity generation. The children are asked to design a logo for their school and the PowerPoint includes hyperlinks to find out more about energy and about the 'Switch Off Fortnight' campaign. Programs were conducted at factories, offices & Project (EPC) sites of C&S Electric Limited. Clothes were contributed by the employees from all units and were personally handed over to the NGO "Goonj" by visiting their processing centre at Sarita Vihar.

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