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A multitude of products and services designed to save energy and water consumption will be on exhibit at the SAVENERGY & ENVIROTEC expos 2015, to be held from September 18 to 20, at the State Fair grounds (EXPO) in Nicosia.
Since its introduction 11 years ago, SAVENERGY 2015, which is organised by the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB), in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) has been established as the most important commercial event in Cyprus on renewable energy products and services. The EAC will also be presenting three energy saving programmes: E-charge Service, SmartPV, and Social Electricity Online Platform.

In a press conference held Wednesday, OEB Director General Michael Pilikos noted that Cyprus is an example of an isolated energy system within the EU.
ENVIROTEC, co-organised with the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, will run parallel to SAVENERGY, showcasing products that save and purify water while protecting the environment: water conservation technologies, urban drainage solutions, water and waste water treatment technologies, biological treatment and composting, irrigation Systems, etc.

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