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Cookies are also used to provide connections to Facebook, and add YouTube videos to the site. Solar electricity is generated on site, using a renewable energy source that is free and will never run out.
The basic unit of any PV system is the PV cell, consisting of a semiconductor material, usually silicon, sandwiched between glass panels. Each cell produces only a small amount of electric current, so numerous cells are connected in series to form a module. Types of PV arrays fall into several categories, including monocrystalline arrays, polycrystalline arrays, and thin-film (amorphous) arrays. Photovoltaic arrays are rated according to their maximum power output under ideal conditions, in kilowatts peak (kWp).
The government's standard assumption for PV performance in much of the UK is that 1 kWp of installed capacity generates 800 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year. However, to achieve an output of 3kWp would require 12 to 18 PV modules, depending on their dimensions, installed in a suitable location, generally on a south-facing pitched roof. To maximize the potential of the roof area it is best to use solar tiles or slates (' in-roof modules') instead.
The efficiency of solar PV arrays is greatly affected by the amount of sunlight they receive. Costs vary a lot depending on the choice of PV module and size of the array; for example, solar tiles are more expensive than solar panels fitted above the roof. Upfront finance for solar PV has always been a stumbling block, but now it can qualify for a Green Deal loan. Solar PV systems installed after 15 July 2009 and certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme are eligible to receive payments under the feed-in tariff (FITs) scheme, from the property's electricity supplier. Solar panels have no moving parts and require very little maintenance, apart from ensuring that they are kept free of debris. An Energy Audit involves the inspection and testing of a home or building to determine its energy efficient status along with recommendations for energy improvements to increase comfort, save money and conserve energy. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS Rating) is used by Energy Star for rating new home construction, evaluating Federal tax credits for new construction, Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIM) and Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM).
The City of Austin requires a Third Party Test of HVAC systems and building envelopes for all new construction and major remodels. 1st Choice Energy came over to help me understand why my electricity bill had jumped by 50%.
New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) is working around the clock to restore services to all of our customers.
The SAVEGREEN Project® was extended by the Board of Public Utilities to June 30, 2015 with the new rebates and incentives. If you would like one of our consultants to contact you, please fill in the information below.
A New Jersey Natural Gas Comprehensive Home Energy Analysis will provide all the information you need to save money and make your home more energy-efficient.
Our certified home energy auditors will conduct an in-depth energy analysis of your home from top to bottom, assess its energy usage, and then evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency and save money.
Plus, with LIMITED-TIME REBATE OFFERS, there may never be a better time to make your home more energy-efficient and get rebates up to $4,000 to help pay for the work. Sense to Save » Blog Archive » Are you willing to pay for shipping and convenience?
Would you rather pay for shipping, or would you rather save that money and go pick it up in person?
I’m so glad my friend Karen blogged about this topic (How much is convenience worth to you?), as we were chatting about it a little on Facebook and I thought it would be an interesting topic for each of our blogs.
In Karen’s post, she talked about the percent of shipping relative to her total expenditure.
I have fallen into the trap of buying things online (almost always clothing) and then hating it when I get it in the mail.
However, I 1) only have two kids, 2) don’t have a tiny baby, and 3) live in a warmer climate. Several factors make it smarter for me to buy online when I can even if it means I pay shipping.

Energy is a central economic factor for any country and especially for any household in any nation.? The fuels we currently use for power generation are not sustainable, but what can replace them? So let us start by asking how much wind and solar power could realistically contribute to decarbonising electricity supply.
It turns out that a typical wind farm will produce, on average, around 2 watts of electricity per square metre of land.
Even so, renewables can still produce impressive amounts of energy if we have sufficient land available. Australia, Russia, Canada and many others could generate all their electricity from wind or solar farms using a fraction of one percent of their land area.
How much would it cost for all electricity to come from renewables and how long would it take to achieve? Light falling on the cell excites electrons in the silicon, which are conducted away from the cell through a grid of metallic conductors. This must be converted to alternating current (AC) before it can power household applicances or be exported to the grid. Purpose-built domestic systems are typically rated at 1.5-3 kWp, which over a year should provide around 1200-2400 kWh, representing a third to a half of the electricity required by the typical household. On most houses the available roof space is limited, so the number of modules that can be fitted over the existing roof is restricted. However, the total cost should lie in the range of ?1500 to ?2000 per kWp for a fully installed and commissioned grid-connected system. This is repaid as a charge on your electricity bill but repayments should be more than offset by savings resulting from the electricity you generate at home.
A HERS Rating involves a detailed computer analysis of the quality of construction, including such aspects as quality of windows, doors, and insulation, and also requires on-site testing of the duct system for leakage and the thermal envelope for air infiltration. 1st Choice Energy is pleased to offer this service to local HVAC and general contractors, and provides all required documentation by the City as part of the final mechanical documentation package. David was extremely professional and helpful, he fully explained the problem, and wrote me up a thorough recommendation. Contact us at 877-455-NJNG (6564) for information on incentives available prior to July 1, 2013.
We can provide a list of certified companies that can perform the analysis.  If you prefer NJNG can perform the analysis*. She knew just what she wanted and figured she could be in and out in a short period of time. I had $20 in Kohl’s Cash to spend, earned from another online shopping order (that one did have free shipping).
The size I wanted wasn’t available in my local store anyway, so that made it much easier. That’s one approach, but I prefer to just consider my entire out of pocket cost and decide if that price is worth it to me. So, having things shipped to my house, even if that means paying a little more, it’s saving time, energy and sanity.
Are you willing to pay for shipping, even if that means spending a little more, for that convenience? If the online price is so low that even with shipping it is the same or less than in store, I don’t mind. Or, I’ll try to go in with people to get free shipping from another site or google some codes. I love to shop, and shopping to get something I need to buy anyway sounds like a treat to me. There is a time where my time becomes more valuable than the money I could save by going to the store. I live out in the country and it not only costs quite a bit in gas to go shopping, but it takes a huge amount of drive time.
We will delete it soon, if we are involved in the problems of article content ,copyright or other problems. Governments consider energy both as an economic impulsion and also as a political factor that can generate the much needed votes for any major election – consider the election of Barrack Obama, the United States President.
There is a certainly vast quantity of energy in the wind and in solar radiation, but how much of it can we convert into electricity?

We can calculate how much of its land each country would need for wind or solar farms to supply all its electricity (see diagram below).
China, India and even the US could do so if they were prepared to allocate up to 2% of their land.
There are various types of PV technology, including solar panels, solar tiles, and solar film.
However, the PV systems are expensive to buy and install, although grants are available to help offset the inital outlay.
Inspection of the inverter and other components should be carried out periodically by a qualified technician. His written recommendation was very helpful to hand off to our builder to get the problem fixed. I reasoned that while I was paying gobs for shipping, my total out of pocket was acceptable to me and the effort required to save $7 was not worth it to me in the slightest.
I have, on occasion, purchased stuff I didn’t necessarily NEED because it pushed me over to get free shipping (and, of course, was less than the shipping cost). I write about my family's finance: how we save money, improve our spending, and plan for the future.
However, while these governments seek more energy not all of them, in fact a few, consider Ways to save energy. These figures seem low but they take into account the obvious problem that wind speed and solar intensity are variable and intermittent. At the other extreme, it will probably be impossible for countries such as Japan, the UK and Germany to find enough land to generate all their electricity from renewables, though they might look offshore for other sources of clean power. Business as usual with the current rate of investment means it would take around 200 years for renewables to replace other fuels, which is far too long for climate scientists. All will produce some electricity in dull light, although they work much better in direct sunlight!
NJNG reserves the right, with approval of the State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, to terminate, modify, suspend or extend this rebate program. Or do I trudge to Kohl’s with my baby, leave the big kids at home with Shane, and brave the maze and lines there, to save $7?
That has always been left to the homeowners and business holders who have more to loose in terms of money if they don’t device simple time tested ways to save energy.
Less obviously, large wind turbines need to be separated by some 500 metres to avoid the wake from one affecting others. But transferring future investments in fossil fuels to renewables and bringing down the cost of wind and solar farms by half (to the costs currently achieved in China) would get us there in 40 years. Example, it’s a pain to pick up more cat food every 2 weeks when I could probably do Amazon subscribe and save, but the positives of having somewhere to go (we leave the house pretty much every day), and supporting my local pet store outweigh the annoyance. Well, maybe, but more and more people object to wind turbines intruding on the countryside and the debate seems to be turning into a shouting match between advocates and sceptics. Even solar panels need to be well spaced, particularly if they are angled towards the sun, otherwise they will cast shadows on each other. Yeah, the cheapo in me would have been tempted by getting is practically FREE instead of paying that $7. This will offer you a valuable indicator of how much used and therefore how much can be saved per month.
Moreover, it will be important to do a walking around to ascertain the important places and points where energy saving can be done.Replace light bulbs with energy saving onesThis is a very simple energy saving tip to do but one that would save you a lot of energy and a ton of cash in the long run. In fact the traditional tungsten filament bulbs are being phased out, but before they do you better begin phasing them out and replacing them with the energy saving ones that use up to 80% less energy than their traditional, outmoded counterparts.Radiators turning off or downMake certain that no amount of furniture block your radiators as every time temperature goes down, about 8% of the costs of heating are saved.
The turning off or down of the radiators should be especially heightened in places that are not in permanent use to save massive amounts of energy.
This is a pretty simple way to save energy but also one that should be regarded as important if you really want to save on both energy levels and costs.Don’t put thermostats in the droughtsThermostats demand that to save on their energy they don’t get placed near any machinery that gives out energy or heat.?
Direct sun rays are another place that you are advised not to place your thermostat in proximity to.Check out for energy leaksMost homeowners and business owners are never aware that the leaks via electrical lines contribute a large percentage in energy wastage.
It is therefore important that you therefore check out for these leaks and using electrical powered tools as opposed to the compressed air variety will help you a great deal in curtailing the leaks.Setting out the water supply degrees to 60 CelsiusThis will help you prevent legionnaire’s disease and save a lot of energy at the same time.

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