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Unplug – Save Electricity!Everyone is talking about climate protection and energy conservation. Conventional lamps such as filament or halogen bulbs only use a very small percentage of energy to generate light. Energy-saving lamps are the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the above mentioned “energy hogs”. Energy-saving lamps are used for all lights of the brennenstuhl® Jet-Light product range. Energy-saving lamps convince with an up to 10 times longer service life towards halogen, which enables for a more cost-efficient operation and offers the benefi t of an infrequent change of lamps during daily work. Energy-saving lamps release considerably less heat during operation than conventional lamps. Credit card companies are constantly looking for ways to take a customer’s money or gain more customers to rob their money as well. A bad credit history is every person’s nightmare, but even if you’ve made some errors in the past and messed up your credit score, there is still a way to fix it. If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about college, and by thinking I mean stressing out. Talking to teens about anything can be difficult, but talking about finance, like saving and investing, can be worse.

To read the full interview with the panel of experts - Dar Danesh from Energy Advantage Middle East, Markus Oberlin from Farnek Avireal, Karim Boutaour from Honeywell Building Solutions, Alexandre Mussallam from MAF Dalkia, and Simon Roopchand from Emrill Services - read the February 2013 issue of Facilities Management Middle East.
We can each contribute to the responsible use of energy in order to protect our environment and our wallets!Next to heating, air conditioning, laundry, cooking and lighting, no-load losses from consumer electronics are among the greatest electricity hogs in our homes. In contrast to halogen lamp emitters, touching and moving these lights does not pose any risk for the user any longer. By apply these 10 simple tricks at home, you will shrink your energy bill, all the while doing something good for the planet!
Diagnose and report; run an energy assessment and audit of the facility, to identify the current consumption profile and identify savings opportunities.
Create awareness and training on energy use and practices by designing and establishing an awareness campaign. Commitment begins at the top and the importance of achieving energy savings must be recognised in order to implement behavioural and system changes further down the organisation. Define targets with a robust energy management policy and a road map within the business to achieve goals. Engage a reputable company with the correct technical competencies to conduct a 3rd party onsite energy audit and advise on energy efficiencies. Communicate appreciation internally when targets are achieved and encourage a culture that promotes a personal duty of care towards the environment for the current and coming generations.

You can save up to 80% on your lighting energy by simply replacing your existing bulbs with light emitting diodes (LED’s). Switch to high efficiency air conditioners or install energy saving devices – by doing this you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 20%.
By properly insulating and air sealing your home or office, you can reduce your air conditioning costs by keeping more of the cool air inside. Targets have a high success rate, if they are defined with a detailed plan and review process.
This gives way to further ideas, knowledge share, methodologies and builds momentum in achieving savings targets. Another added bonus of switching to energy efficient lighting is it lowers your cooling costs as LEDs give off less heat, meaning you can reduce your need for air conditioning which in turn saves money. The device is in standby mode while it waits for input signals from a remote control, etc.Fake power off. Some devices continue to use electricity even though they appear to be off (example: computer, consumer electronics).

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