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EU energy labels may not be Prada or Jimmy Choo but they do tell you how energy efficient your appliances are. By replacing an old, inefficient boiler with an A-rated one, you could save up to ?225 per year, but in the mean time, you can reduce the energy your existing boiler consumes with efficient thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves.
There is no excuse for forgetting to switch the lights off every time you leave a room, it’s easy and can save you a lot of money, simply by flicking a switch. Washing clothes at 30 degrees can be just as effective for a normally load and doesn’t come with the shrinkage risk of a hot wash!
Do an extra spin after your washing to get as much water out as possible and you will save money, if you do decide to tumble dry. If you want to cut you bills and make your home more eco friendly and energy efficient, our Rated tradesmen can help you achieve eco home heaven.
The energy crisis in the country is becoming graver by the day and it is every individual’s responsibility to save our natural resources.
We need to educate and advocate the judicious use of natural resources and propagate resource conservation. Tata Power Club Enerji recognizes the immense value of the contribution that schools and school children along with college youths, teachers, partners and the society at large can make to help curb the wasteful usage of natural resources. In 2011-12, the Club ran a pilot of the Resource Conservation programme in schools that have been with us for a minimum of 2 years.
In 2012-13, Club Enerji launched its Resource Conservation module across all schools who been a part of the Club for more than two years, with a focus on the importance of natural resource conservation.
Keeping with the commitment to save scarce natural resources, this year we will be focusing on Afforestation.
Enjoy exhibits, hands-on energy activity tables, games, energy craft bracelets, energy DVD presentations, refreshments, many other activities, and special guests.  Learn about what YOU can do to save energy, save water, and save our planet! This event is a community service project by 5th and 6th graders from Saint Margaret Regional School. Thank You, 2016 Feet, Fins, & Flippers 5K Sponsors!Want to promote your business while supporting local marine wildlife rehabilitation, science, and education? The National Marine Life Center is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) marine animal hospital and science and education center.
If you replace all the traditional light bulbs in your home, with energy saving ones, could save you around ?25 a year.
But, why not  make the most of the good weather by hanging your washing out to dry the old fashioned way.

We can customize poster size, poster medium, language, branding, finishing such as lamination or framing and do completely custom designs. Based on the learning from these schools a module that educates children on how energy is clearly connected to agriculture, water pollution, and waste was developed. Destruction of forests creates numerous environmental catastrophes, including altering local rainfall patterns, accelerating soil erosion, causing the flooding of rivers, and threatening millions of species of plants, animals and insects with extinction.
It is sponsored by the Cape Light Compact, National Marine Life Center, and Saint Margaret Regional School. We rehabilitate and release stranded marine mammals and sea turtles in order to advance science and education in marine wildlife health and conservation. Part 2: Disease, Predators and ConservationNancee Beidler-Torns on AmeriCorps Continuing to Serve at NMLCKathy Zagzebski on Mother’s Day Seal Release Planned! And because life is never complicated enough, you can also get A+,A++ and A+++ on super efficient products.
Although used only a few months of the year, the annual cost can be much greater than the annual cost of your refrigerator, which is typically the next largest user.
We can also print your posters on 18"" X 24"", 24"" x 36"", 8.5"" x 11"" and completely custom sizes.
These languages include French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and a number of asian and middle eastern written languages. Most of our electricity is made in thermal power plants that burn fossil fuels (mainly coal) and release large amounts of CO2. As we continue to consume more and more power every day, we are depleting our fossil fuel sources. TPCE provides the ground for youth to share and expand their understanding, and bring about a chain reaction that can significantly help in conserving natural resources.
You can get a very rough idea of what your air conditioner is costing you by subtracting the electric portion of your bill in a spring month when you aren’t using your air conditioner from the electric portion of the bill in the summer when you do use it. We can also print on other thicknesses and colors of paper, vinyl decals, paper decals, signs, vinyl banners and a variety of other materials. Today, the need of the hour is to understand the importance of conserving these resources. With adequate publicity, the Club will sensitise maximum number of citizens across the country, and the spark can turn into a spreading flame of enthusiasm to protect our resources and the environment. The country is already facing a power deficit and to live in power tomorrow, it has become very essential to save now.

Multiply this by the number of months you use your air conditioner to arrive at your approximate annual cost.Refrigerators are typically the largest users in houses without air conditioning or in climates where the air conditioners are used only a few days of the month during the cooling season. New efficiency standards went into effect in 1992, and older refrigerators are typically two to three times more expensive to run than a new unit. These can be as simple as modifying a stock design with differnet colors or arrangement or starting from scratch on a new design to your specification.
The ages of major appliances, especially refrigerators and air conditioners, can make a dramatic difference in your bill.
In addition, if your house leaks air like a sieve while your neighbor’s house was just weatherized and insulated, you will have much higher heating and cooling bills. Other factors that can result in significant differences in bills are the number and kinds of lighting fixtures, thermostat settings for heating and cooling, the number of loads of laundry, old refrigerators out in the garage, and hobbies which result in electricity use.We have an older house. Which should we do first: insulate or replace the furnace?Whether you should insulate or replace your furnace first depends on the situation in your house. Factors that influence this decision are the age and efficiency of your furnace, and the amount of insulation currently present in the house.In general it is more cost-effective to upgrade insulation than it is to upgrade your furnace. However, if your furnace is old, and you are planning on replacing it anyway, you might want to upgrade the furnace if you have to choose between the two options. The efficiency of furnaces has increased over the years, so the older a furnace is, the more likely that furnace is to be inefficient. Older furnaces and furnaces which are used a lot are more cost-effective to replace than newer or infrequently used furnaces.
Also, if you insulate your house at the time of furnace replacement, you might be able to buy a smaller capacity furnace and save money on the price. Programmable thermostats, while not always digital, save money by turning the air conditioner to a higher setting (or heater to a lower setting) when no one is present in the house or in the evenings when it is cooler.
You can achieve the same savings without the programmable thermostat, but you would have to remember to change your thermostat every day when you leave the house, and turn it down every night when you go to bed.
In addition, if you are using the thermostat to regulate your heater, you would wake to a cold house.

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