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A simple and free web application for homeowners, communities, administrators: an aid in the path of sustainability and energy saving.
It’s a real pleasure to discover initiatives like this, which has the sole purpose of informing as volunteers on the potential energy savings and any necessary actions to achieve them. To complement this, save energy includes an estimate of the energy efficiency rating of housing in your current situation and the implementation of energy improvements that the user has selected.
In addition to the owners as primarily concerned, the application is used for other professional groups providing services to homeowners and communities and you will find in save energy a simple useful tool to increase the value of their services. The education that we received on these issues is not sufficient reason to continue with the same mentality of the past that would lead to depletion of no return from the resources of our planet.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. The UK could halve the amount of water used in energy generation by 2030, if it realises an ambitious renewable energy plan says the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The UK is projected to withdraw 20bn cubic metres of water for power generation in 2030, but this could be cut to 9.7bn if the UK generates 60% of its electricity from renewables, with scaled-up solar PV and wind at the forefront.

For example the American Wind Energy Association estimated that the US saved more than 130 billion litres of water - equivalent to the annual water consumption of over 320 000 U.S. Energy supply presently accounts for nearly 15% of global freshwater withdrawals annually, and if that number is not reduced the industry with the most to lose could be the food-end of the nexus, the agricultural sector. The agri-food supply chain accounts for 30% of the world's energy consumption and is the largest consumer of water resources, accounting for approximately 70% of all freshwater use.
In addition the report points out that as technology costs come down, solar could improve the water supply by powering desalination plants. In related news, a dozen world renowned energy experts launched the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC) today. As has so often the simple OCCURRED passion for developing something like, without more, can lead to successful outcomes and very useful for the community. It is, therefore, the first application existing in Spain which provides that classification.
If we add to all this plus the savings that can be generated by effective measures to improve energy efficiency of facilities, we finally opened a door to the sustainable use of all resources.

Every action, however small, is an important It contributed to improve the quality of life for our children and pass if we generate also a relief to our wallets always attacked by unscrupulous rulers, I think it is worth putting on batteries and act and once. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. An application to encourage homeowners between the need to save energy efficiently, to that end has created save energy a free web application and simple to use that informs users of energy consumption and costs associated with current their properties and potential energy improvements that can be applied by estimating the savings offered by both energy and economic. This will serve a dual purpose: firstly to help homeowners who have a more efficient housing and sustainable , more comfortable and valuable and, secondly, to promote in society the culture of saving and responsible use energy in buildings, where we spent most of our lives. We still have the possibility to improve the future is in our hands because we are responsible for the efficiency of our homes , offices or buildings that waste energy only generate bad results: more spending, more pollution, more waste and fewer opportunities for future generations .

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