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About 28% to 35% of LEED-certified buildings use more energy than conventional buildings, states a report from the National Research Council of Canada’s Institute for Research in Construction.
The study also found that the measured energy performance of LEED buildings had little correlation with the certification level of the building, or the number of energy credits achieved by the building at design time.
The study essentially re-analysed data supplied by the New Buildings Institute and the US Green Buildings Council on measured energy-use data from 100 LEED-certified commercial and institutional buildings.
Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green. News that Amazon will add three large biospheres to its downtown Seattle headquarters had the tech world buzzing this week. Some of this past week's clean tech news seemed like it was taken straight from your favorite science fiction series. The eyes of the design world turned to New York City last week for New York Design Week, and Inhabitat correspondents were on the scene to round up the best green designs from Day 1 and Day 2 of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, as well as the more interesting and challenging design show, Wanted Design. In clean energy news, an 18-year-old girl invented a device that can charge your cell phone in just 20 seconds.
In green transportation news, Tesla repaid its entire $465 million federal loan nine years early. This month, a bunch of a€?logic hackersa€™ have been seeking to determine the precise boundary between the knowable and the unknowable. The Busy Beaver Game is to find the Turing machine with N states that runs as long as possible and then halts. In 1961, Tibor RadA? introduced the Busy Beaver Game and proved that the sequence BB(N) is uncomputable. Indeed, matter what axiom system you use for math, as long as it has finitely many axioms and is consistent, you can never use it to correctly determine BB(N) for more than some finite number of cases.
The current 5-state busy beaver champion was discovered by Heiner Marxen and JA?rgen Buntrock in 1989. Thata€™s the spooky thing: the borderline between the knowable and the unknowable is unknown. So, to get a Turing machine that takes a long time to halt, you have to take this kind of behavior and make it much more long and drawn-out. Sometime in April 2016, Adam Yedidia and Scott Aaronson showed that BB(7910) cannot be determined using the widely accepted axioms for math called ZFC: that is, Zermeloa€”Fraenkel set theory together with the axiom of choice.
Briefly, Yedidia created a new programming language, called Laconic, which lets you write programs that compile down to small Turing machines. Since ZFC cana€™t prove its own consistency, much less its consistency when supplemented with SRP, their machine will only halt if ZFC+SRP is inconsistent. Since most set theorists believe ZFC+SRP is consistent, this machine probably doesna€™t halt. Thus, if Oa€™Reara€™s work is correct, we can only determine BB(1919) if we can determine whether ZF set theory is consistent.
Briefly, while therea€™s no limit on how much information a string of bitsa€”or any finite structurea€”can have, therea€™s a limit on how much information we can prove it has! There has been a tremendous and acerbic backlash over the last week against a current popular practice of K-12 students emailing professional scientists with a list of questions they would like the scientists to comment on. In the spirit of intellectual debate, which is the purported hallmark of our discipline, let me recount some of the many aspects of the arguments that have been swirling around.
Now that gravitational waves have been directly detected, we can begin to use binary black hole mergers to probe strange consequences of strong-field general relativity. GWsA have the effect of stretching and squeezing space, therefore altering the distance between objects. The most recent issue of the Notices includes a review by Slava Gerovitch of a book by Amir Alexander called Infinitesimal: How a Dangerous Mathematical Theory Shaped the Modern World. Ifa€¦ maintaining the appearance of infallibility becomes more important than exploration of new ideas, mathematics loses its creative spirit and turns into a storage of theorems.
The reviewer makes parallels to more recent situations such as quantum field theory and string theory, where the formal mathematical justification may be lacking but the physical theory is meaningful, fruitful, and made correct predictions, even for pure mathematics.

Just as for the previous book, I found this travel book in a nice bookstore, Rue Mouffetard, after my talk at Agro, and bought it [in a French translation] in prevision for my incoming trip to Spain.
The Snow Geese was written in 2002 by William Fiennes, a young Englishman recovering from a serious disease and embarking on a wild quest to overcome post-sickness depression. About to embark on a weekend of examination marking, a desperate search for displacement activities reminded me of this important report by Sir William Wakeham (who happens to be the Chair of SEPNet, the South-East Physics Network, of which the University of Sussex is a member, so I get to call him Bill). Apparently Billa€™s report has been ready for some time but has been stuck on a shelf in Whitehall somewhere waiting to be released.
Anyway, it was published this week (May 16th to be precise) and I encourage you all to read it.
Based on the accumulated evidence we have arrived at a list of degree disciplines where the graduate employment outcomes are sufficiently concerning for us to recommend additional targeted work. Ia€™m a little surprised that Biological Sciences appears in that list, because that is usually perceived as a burgeoning area, but ita€™s clear that some graduates in that area do find it more difficult to find employment than in other STEM areas. The researchers also examined energy use by LEED certification level, and by energy-related credits that are achieved in the certification process. The domed structures will feature a mix of workspaces and gardens, and they'll be flanked by a public park. NASA is providing financial backing for research into the development of a replicator that could 3D-print pizza in space. Green lighting stole the shows as designers unveiled all kinds of innovative and interesting LED lamps. Norwegian scientists floated an idea to develop large underwater energy storage facilities on the sea floor to store energy produced by offshore wind farms.
Larson To my colleagues in professional science: There has been a tremendous and acerbic backlash over the last week against a current popular practice of K-12 students emailing professional scientists with a list of questions they would like the scientists to comment on. Even though I doubt the educational value of teachers asking kids to send these things out, I always try to reply. I too have received these emails, and I have to very clearly state (in case you havena€™t already been in one of these debates with me) that I have an unpopular view on this issue: I vehemently reject the view that we cannot respond to these emails. Today's post examines the prospect of detecting an effect called gravitational-wave memory, and considers its potential for helping you get in shape for summer.
The amount of stretching and squeezingA is quantified byA strain, which is the change in distance between two points divided by the total (unperturbed) distance between two points.
And indeed read it while in Spain, finishing it a few minutes before touching ground in Paris. While the idea behind the trip is rather alluring, namely to follow Arctic geese from their wintering grounds in Texas to their summer nesting place on Baffin Island, the book itself is sort of a disaster.
I've made some major tweaks in my desktop workflow (I mostly move back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator at this stage), and finally have started keeping track of my colours in a more efficient way (using global process colours, etc), which will be useful if I have to do big colour changes later on.
Arcane rules about publishing government reports in the run-up to elections meant that it had to wait until after May 5th for publication. However, if you read the report in more detail you will see that there are many sub-disciplines involved in Biological Sciences and the picture isna€™t the same for all of them.
Now, the program stands on the brink of another major milestone, as engineers prepare for a full systems test of LightSail 2, a successor CubeSat that will attempt the first controlled solar sail flight in low-Earth orbit.
A startup based at NASA's Ames Research Center has created the world's first Star Trek-style tricorder, which can gather medical information about a person and then relay it to their smartphone within 10 seconds. We were particularly impressed by Moooi's brilliant Raimond and Heracleum II chandeliers, which dazzled crowds with a fireworks-style burst of LEDs. The world's largest hydropower plant is set to break ground in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2015. Hong Kong launched its first fleet of electric taxis -- 45 bright-red EVs that boast a 180-mile range. But only now have people taken it up with the kind of world-wide teamwork that the internet enables.
Strain scales with the strength of a GW, and to achieve the largest change in distance (which is essentially what LIGO measures), you want a large strain and a large distance between your two reference points.

Why dona€™t we just use gravitational wave memory to appear thinner without concerning ourselves with P90X and kale smoothies? As the prose of the author is very heavy, or even very very heavy, with an accumulation of descriptions that do not contribute to the story and a highly bizarre habit to mention brands by groups of three. It does seem, however, that in some of the Biological Sciences, graduates do not have sufficient training in quantitative methods to suit the demands of potential employers. I would like to have a dry run of the text here, to know if it is really too hard to understand - I still have time to tweak it if needed. A multinational consortium announced plans to develop a Dubai-style artificial island with a space hotel and a zero-gravity spa off the coast of Barcelona.
Researchers developed a pair of color-changing gloves that alert its wearer to the presence of invisible toxins.
Designers also unveiled futuristic takes on classic designs -- check out the world's tiniest baroque chandelier by Mineheart and Group-Two's futuristic LED chandelier.
Students at Rice University have developed a pair of PediPower shoes that generate energy from footsteps, and a team of French students created energy-generating bikes made from trash to power a film festival. Moto Electra and rider Thad Wolff looked to set a new record by driving an electric motorcycle across the country in just three days.
Bad news: even if we orient ourselves in the correct way to align our stomach with the permanent shrinkingA of space from the memory of GW150914, our body would only shrink by about 10^-23 meters, about 100 million times smaller than the diameter of a proton. And of using heavy duty analogies, as in a€?we were travelling across the middle of a page, with whiteness and black markings all around us, and geese lifting off the snow like letters becoming unstucka€?. And new research finds that "pinkhouses" -- vertical farms that use only pink light -- are much more efficient than those that use the full light spectrum. Lego builders in New York used more than 5 million Lego bricks to build a life-size Star Wars X-wing starfighter that is 43 feet long. Designer Tom Dixon showcased his dazzling geometric Cell Lights, which shine like hanging jewels, and Joe Doucet lit up the show with his Hadron Lamp, which contains 20 meters of electroluminescent wire. Speaking of records, Tûranor PlanetSolar, the world's largest solar-powered boat, just set a new transatlantic speed record when it made the journey in 22 days. TheA strain then goes back toA zero after the GWA passes through Earth (see the general shape of the figure below). Instead, couldA we can wait for a very long time, building up this linear change in strain with each event until it is detectable? The reflections about the recovery of the author from a bout of depression and the rise of homesickness and nostalgia are not in the least deep or challenging, while the trip of the geese does not get beyond the descriptive. And one of our highlights from New York Design Week was Antonin Forneau's interactive water graffiti display, which enabled people to paint with LED light.
For those tracking the Solar Impulse's trip across America, the solar-powered airplane departed on the second leg of its trip, landing in Dallas. However, if you lookA closely at the figure below, you mayA have noticed that the waveform shown in blue does not return exactly to zero.
Not quite, since each event is equally likely to cause a permanent stretch or squeeze, and on average will cancel out. Taking the aLIGO discovery paper for face value and assuming a GW150914-like event occurs every 16 days, this would indicate that GW memory would be detectable after only 1.5 years of aLIGO operating at design sensitivity! So nowA if you hear about rapid weight loss using gravitational waveA memory on late-night television, youa€™ll know better. Worse, the geese remain a mystery, a blur, and a collective, rather than bringing the reader closer to them. If anything is worth mentioning there, it is instead the encounters of the author with rather unique characters, at every step of his road- and plane-trips.
To the point of sounding too unique to be truea€¦A  His hunting trip with a couple of Inuit hunters north of Iqualit on Baffin Island is both a high and a down of the book in that sharing a few days with them in the wild is exciting in a primeval sense, while witnessing them shoot down the very geese the author followed for 5000 kilometres sort of negates the entire purpose of the trip.

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