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With the cold weather looming, households are expected to see their heating bills rise by up to 20% - a worrying prospect for families struggling in the recession. Fortunately, there are loads of ways to reduce your energy output, so check out our top tips and start saving money now! TOP TIP: Nudge your central heating thermostat down just 1°C and you could save 10% on your fuel bills! Combining a stove or range cooker with a boiler means you can have a smart appliance on show that can heat the whole house. Turn off all your appliances at the socket - this is much more energy efficient than leaving them on standby.
Use 20 watt energy saving lightblubs - these can save you up to ?70 compared to a 100w bulb. In the kitchen make sure you boil the kettle with as much water as needed (any extra is just a waste of energy), when cooking make sure you put the lid on saucepans so the food cooks quicker, turn off the heat on the stove a few minutes before you're ready to take it off and finally make sure you always match the size of the cooking ring to the size of the saucepan to avoid heating air. Warm and inviting, carpet has insulating qualities, and think about double lining curtains to keep out the cold. Saving money is something that we all think about in the New Year, so how about saving on your energy bills?
With electricity bills rising by 7% in the last year alone, and set to rise again this winter, one of the latest moneysaving tips is to switch from halogen to LED lighting.  To help you work out how much you can save, Panasonic has launched the online savings calculator.

Panasonic has just entered the LED lighting market and announced its first range which has all the quality and reliability you would expect from the world-renowned brand. For example, a household changing 10 50W spotlights with an average usage of three hours a day saves ?65.92 a year. Take a shower - A five minute shower uses an average of 30 litres of water compared to a bath’s 80 litres (and that’s only if it’s half-filled). Say goodbye to standby - Unplug your electric toothbrush and phone charger when you’re not using them. Use Panasonic energy saving LED light bulbs – Using a 7W LED bulb (equivalent to 50W halogen bulb) for four hours a day would typically save you ?8.97 a year, or up to ?224 by the time you need to replace the bulb in 25 years time.
Use the right lighting – if you’re watching TV, you won’t need a bright light on all the time, so use a lower wattage LED bulb.  The same goes in the bedroom, use brighter side lights when you’re reading for example, but for those more romantic moments, lower the wattage. Many people have a programmable thermostat, but eliminate its energy-saving benefits by manually adjusting it when their daily schedules change. Traditional range cookers can heat hot water for the kitchen and bathroom and run the radiators, while providing the kitchen with heat.
Electric blankets are a plus in cold bedrooms, while draught-proofing doors and windows will ward off whistling winds. Check out our essential guide to heating and don't forget to check out our other great energy-saving tips.

Simply select the number of LED lights you could use in your home.  Add in roughly how long they would be on each day, and you’ll see how much money you could be saving.
Serious energy savings are to be had by using the shower day-to-day, and saving the long soak for the weekend.
Once you’ve found out where the draughts are in your home, using draught excluders will stop cold air getting in and heating bills going up. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) detect the local air temperature in the room and switch the radiator off if necessary. A boiler stove provides hot water and can run radiators, and works best in conjunction with other heating systems. If you’re willing to get creative and make your own draught excluder, this simple solution will cost you next to nothing.
When you leave, set the temperature higher just by arming the system as you normally would.

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