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Green dentistry is good for the planet, your patients, and your practice’s bottom line. The Eco-Dentistry Association® has free dental resources and access to green dental professionals for your green wellness lifestyle. The Eco-Dentistry Association® provides resources for manufacturers, distributors and key opinion leaders supporting their success in dentistry’s green future. It’s time for every industry to conserve resources, and dentistry has an important role to play. Many innovations on the leading edge of dental technology are also better for patients and the planet. A growing community of consumers seeks dental professionals who share their values of personal and planetary wellness. Become part of the Eco-Dentistry Association®’s vibrant community leading the way to our industry’s cleaner, greener, wellness-based practices. The GreenDOC™ Dental Office Certification Program has everything your office needs to find your perfect shade of green.
Learn about electricity, batteries, how to become energy self sufficient and to understand different methods of generating, storing and using electricity, from hydro and solar to wind generators.
Explore ways to better manage energy consumption, and how to convert a building’s energy supply to an alternative system. Alternative energy is energy that is not popularly used and is usually environmentally sound.
Over the past century or more, the modern world has developed a dependence on fossil fuels.
Large scale reduction of energy consumption -managing green cities, urban sprawl, peak demands, transport, etc. Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading. List different insulating materials which may be commonly found inside electrical equipment? Determine a practical example to show the relevance of each of Kirchoff's Laws to a technician, in their daily work?
Design a floor plan and describe the current electricity use of a home which you are familiar with (but which uses only mains power supply). Compare the relative significance of alternative sources of energy including wind, solar, fossil fuels, hydro, etc.
Explain the generation of electricity through a variety of means including: Photo voltaic cells, Wind powered generators, Petrol powered generators and Batteries.
Evaluate a building and recommend appropriate measures for minimising it's consumption of energy. Identify the restrictions or regulations which can affect the adoption of more appropriate energy applications for a specific property.

Plan the conversion of a property from high energy consumption systems to an appropriate network of sustainable and lower energy consumption systems.
The following comments summarise points raised in a brochure produced by the Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Council to clarify issues and dispel myths held about solar energy.
Solar is not only used to heat water, but can be used to supply electricity for any use (can be generated from photovoltaic cells).
Solar pool heaters can save a lot of pool heating costs when compared to gas heaters, and don't have the same pollution costs. Some solar equipment may cost more initially, but will be cheaper overall due to reduced running, maintenance and environmental costs (e.g.
Photovoltaic cells can provide power in areas where it is too costly to connect to power from an electricity grid. Current solar devices are already effective in comparison to established energy sources, and improvements are continuing to be made. There is 25 times the yearly energy needs of Australia and New Zealand falling on the land areas of those countries on an average day. There is sufficient roof space on homes alone in Australia and New Zealand to produce, using photovoltaics, the total electricity requirements of those countries.
A solar water heater will 'repay' the energy used in its manufacture in only 6 to 18 months, depending on location, and will last in excess of fifteen years. A photovoltaic cell will collect four times the energy used in its manufacture during its lifetime. In generating electricity from wind, the chemical and heat energy steps normally required for electricity generation are not needed: the kinetic energy of the wind turns the turbine (or blades), which then turns a generator to produce electricity.
Electricity generated by wind can be stored in batteries, or used directly to power devices (e.g. The southern coastline of Australia and New Zealand is in the "Roaring Forties" one of the best wind regimes for power generation in the world. Wind generators occupy only a small space for the tower with the rest of the land available for other uses (e.g. A wind generator will produce the energy used in its manufacture in 1 to 4 years depending on its location. In 1993, a joint Australian-French research project was established to investigate alternative energy options for Antarctic stations.
The power available from a wind turbine increases very rapidly with wind speed: a doubling of wind speed results in as much as an eight-fold increase in power. The first electricity-generating wind turbines were invented in the United States and Europe in the late 1800's. In Denmark nearly one percent of the nation's 5 million inhabitants own a wind turbine or own a share in a wind turbine. Learn to become less reliant on the electricity and gas companies and save money through alternative energy sources.

Now more relevant than ever, Alternative Energy covers the basics of electricity, how to generate electricity from renewable resources, how to store energy, non electrical systems, energy consumption and conservation. Aquaponic farming allows individual families to grow a much wider range of produce, in a much smaller space. The information given is for general information and should not be regarded as advice in any matter. While every effort is made to ensure that we display correct information on our website, errors can occur.
The components your office chooses to work with will depend on how far along the green continuum your practice wishes to go. We are realising increasingly, that these fuels are limited in supply, that utilising these fuels creates many environmental problems (e.g. Therefore it is important to site wind generators in a place where the wind speed is high, as well as reasonably constant. In the early 1900's, as electricity became more widely available in towns and cities, many rural communities and homesteads turned to small-scale wind turbines for their electricity supply.
Denmark's turbines generate more than 1,000,000,000 kWh electricity per year, about 3.5% of national consumption.
Learn to understand why alternative and renewable energy is so important and how to go about it. They can provide the protein needed for their diet (from fish), as well as the vegetables and fruit they need. ACS Distance Education disclaims all and any liability in relation to any act or omission which is done in reliance to the information provided in this web site. ACS Distance Education disclaims liability or responsibility for orders or complaints arising from such errors, including (but not limited to): pricing, fees and course requirements. By 2007 they hope to have a large proportion of the power requirements of their continental stations provided by renewable energy sources. Many were built on-site, using old car generators and hand-carved rotor blades or old biplane propellers. Renewable sources can be readily replaced or replenished, either by the earth's natural processes or by human action.
Six chapters: Daily Challenges of Running a Business, Managing People, The Law, Fiance, Product Management and Risk Management.LeadershipWhat makes a good leader?
For those who are curious or in need of some leadership skills, this book will provide both entertainment and advice.

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