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For most of the world, you can bet your life that the largest chunk of your electricity bill will be thanks to heating your house ($2000 per year per household in the US in 2005).
Note that the below energy consumption of appliances does not take into account how long you use them for.
For perspective, heating your home will use 55% of your electricity bill, heating your water will eat up a further 20%, and you can bet a large proportion of the remaining bills are heating (or cooling) orientated (reference).
Due to various manufacturers' stupidity, 'standby mode' will not always eat up near zero energy.
That's why there's call for the enforcement of manufacturers to limit appliance standby to 1 watt maximum. Perhaps even worse is the number of watts used even when certain appliances are switched off. MarkeTech International is about the only place on the net where you can buy vast quantities of aerogel, so we can estimate the cost of insulating your home. I estimate 75% of all house heat is lost through the walls, floor and windows combined, and since heating applies for 55% of the bill, that's 41% potential saving. So don't delay, swap your glass windows for aerogel windows, fill your wall cavities with the stuff, and put it under your carpets. Despite the jokey nature of the above section, aerogel is beginning to worm its way into various products in small quantities (see Wikipedia article). Interestingly, 35% of heat is lost through the walls (reference), so there are a few types of wall insulation you might want to explore.
Overall, we're consuming up more energy than ever, but appliance efficiency is gradually improving.
Ultimately, none of that really matters much though, since the real energy killer - heat - will always require vast amounts of delicious energy. Food is almost always grown outdoors thanks to nature providing us rain and sunlight for free. With daily costs rising, it’s not surprising that so many of us are looking to find ways to cut costs around the house.
A number of the big energy firms have increased prices in recent weeks and fuel poverty campaigners have called for cross-party action on the "national crisis" of cold homes.What can we do at home to help reduce our bills?
Thermal images reveal energy inefficiencyHomes lose heat in many places, as thermal imagery shows.
Thermograms - images produced by devices that detect heat radiation - show where heat leaves a building. Thermograms of key London landmarks taken recently show how many of the capital's key buildings leak heat. St Paul's Cathedral appeared to be a little better than the Queen's residence in the images taken as part of an energy-saving survey. However the Royal Albert Hall's many windows showed the building was also losing a large amount of heat. The Egyptian military releases images of life vests and other items found during the search for missing EgyptAir flight MS804.
Natural Gas or Propane or Heating Oil If you are like me, I am sure you would like to save on gas bills.
GH is a modern contracting company that combined home improvement, professional handyman and energy efficient retrofit ( home performance) services.
Your home is a reflection of your success but that dream home can turn into a nightmare if regular maintenance is not part of your standard routine.
A healthy home is a home designed, constructed, maintained, or rehabilitated in a manner that supports the health of residents. According to most real estate experts and economic analysts, the housing market in the United States is falling flat rapidly.
I would recommend Greenhouse for home repairs and plan on using them myself for future needs. Gradually, the condition of our children improved, we give part of the credit to the work that Greenhouse did for us. Cost Saving-Energy efficient and water saving designs and products reduce monthly utility bills. Health -Health-focused designs maximize fresh air and natural light, while reducing the risk of injury and asthma. Beauty & Comfort -Natural materials, high quality lighting, and good design details make for pleasing spaces.
Added Value- Universal designed homes that welcome various ages and abilities are marketable to a larger population.
Ecological Benefit-By making your home remodeling green, you can be more resource efficient, minimize waste, and recycle what’s left over to reduce the amount of materials ending up in landfills. At Green House Home Improvements we find great interest in making our home sustainable for the future.
Think Family: Try to anticipate the children and adults who might live, own, rent or visit the residence.

Mention our Blog Coupon: NEWSBLOG and get an additional $100 Off your project above $2,500! Greenly labeled Southern California homes are averaging an increase in value of $34,800 says researchers from UC Berkeley and UCLA. The study shows that when homes are listed for sale with the labels LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Green Point Rated and Energy Star they had an increase in value and had a direct correlation to its final sale price. Green Point Rated is an independent organization that rates homes with green certification stamps of approval that you should definitely check out.
Now even if you don't plan on selling or buying any time soon, plans for your exisiting home should be ring bells on what to upgrade when you have some extra cash and would like to bring down the monthly energy bills and have the self satisfaction in being "green". Updates on exising homes that homeowners can upgrade normally cost on average around the $10,000 range and it depends how green of a project you are wanting to invest in. As many as 1.7 million Filipino children in the 7-12 age group are out of school, mostly coming from the poorest provinces, school supplies, snacks, lunch, and other materials are beyond the financial capabilities of the poor, " says UNESCO Philippines. How To Make Use Of Solar Energy Los AngelesToday, people are more conscious about how they affect the environment with their activities.
Tips For Planning And Building A GreenhouseBefore planning and building a greenhouse, it is advisable to follow some specific guidelines.
Green House is a modern and cost-effective contracting company that combined home improvements, professional handyman and energy efficient retrofit services serving Los Angeles, Bel Air, Malibu and Santa Monica. The session is ideal for those who are new to solar and includes a simple explanation of how solar works, which will save you heaps of time doing research. In fact any kind of heating, whether it's the iron, washing machine, convector, kettle, or cooker, all eat up exorbitant amounts of energy which put other electricity bills to shame. A year of sound pumping out your speakers at moderate volume will eat up only FIVE DOLLARS. So the kettle, although high power will eat up less energy per year than the fridge, which is low power, but on all the time.
Leaving your convector heater on uses up more than double the energy of all the other 17 appliances (from the 24" CRT Television downwards) COMBINED.
At this point, I'd just like to rant at this point and say how irritating it is that companies such as Powergen don't state on their website how much we pay for each kilowatt hour of electricity. Assume an average size room is 12' by 12' by 8', and assume you want to insulate 4 rooms, and for each room, insulate 3 room sides (floor, and two walls). Since aerogel insulates 10 times better than glass, we can say 41%-4% = 37% total energy saving with aerogel insulation.
Well no worries there, as it's also the best sound, electric and thermal insulator of any material (1 cm of aerogel = 10 cms of glass!!! At a cost of $3.5 million* to insulate your house, you'll get your money back after only 5000 years!** After that, the rest is gravy!
If your house is newer than 1930, then Cavity Wall insulation is possibly the simplest approach (fills inside of walls without causing disruption to house), and could apparently save $250 a year (outlay cost is around $500).
Of course, there's always ways to reduce heat loss by using incredible materials such as aerogel, but they are a fair way off from mass production. White 2006 onwards.Please ask for permission should you wish to use the text material on these pages. So, the Telegraph this week have put together the top ten ways to try and save money on your energy bills.
Ensure you haven’t got any leaks, such as taps or pipes, as this could end up costing you lots of money. Buckingham Palace shows a lot of yellow and red, and little blue - the colour representing cold. Recognize all of the home's important energy saving opportunities and come up with the most cost-effective solutions in getting these opportunities.
A growing body of evidence links housing conditions to health outcomes such as asthma, allergies, lead poisoning, lung cancer, and unintentional injuries. What can a homeowner or investor do with their properties to get the most on their current investments? Choosing a high-efficiency washing machine can save up to $90 on energy bills and 6,000 gallons of water, every year. Using green and low-toxic materials and good ventilation techniques can help to prevent problems like molds, allergens and poor air quality that causes many health problems.
Green elements also represent value: 96% home buyer said they are willing to pay more for a home with green features. But keep in mind that our lives -- and your family’s lives -- could change in an instant without warning because of accident, injury or aging. Most of these standards do not apply to private homes and address mobility and vision impairments primarily. Please give us a call or email and we will be gladly answer any questions you may have about your future project. Other improvements people looked for were high-effciency toilets with dual flush, high recycled content insulation, energy effcient heating, cooling and ventilation systems also known as HVAC and also solar panels.

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like a free quote or consultation on a project you are thinking of.
Yes, it's no coincidence that searching for "battery powered radiator" in google returns zero results. Trying to diligently save on lighting bills by keeping them off while you're out is like trying to hopelessly blow into a falling hot air balloon whilst ignoring the heavy rocks next to you in the basket.
Even your top of the range 40 watt speakers will usually eat up around only 2-20 watts because the power varies according to the volume. As should be clear by now, all the heating appliances are near the top, while the lighting ones are in the middle, and the sound type appliances are at the bottom. It wouldn't just be easier for calculating bill costs, but it would also encourage market prices to drop due to competition of offering the 'cheapest deal' for power. It's a good thing, as the consumer should not be forced to turn their appliance off when it's so easy for the manufacturer to fix the problem instead. An old style 100 watt light bulb can now be replaced with a 20 watt equivalent, giving the same amount of light. Some are reheralding nuclear power as the saviour of our energy needs, as it's actually not dangerous at all (one or two accidents in nuclear history account for only about 0.00001% of total deaths). No longer would we have to rely on a precarious supply of oil and fossil fuels (or the pollution to go with it). Moving food production indoors will enable us to have cheap, organic, all-year-round food, and save us tons of land in the bargain.
If I gave you carbon and water, could you make any hydrocarbon petrochemical you like?" They say yes, but it would take fantastic amounts of energy. By answering a few questions, you could get an impartial report, which could show you how you could save hundreds of pounds a year. Without regular maintenance both your car and your home are headed for trouble and costly repairs down the road. Even if the economy continues to falter, you can still make recession proof and cost-effective home improvements to boost the value of your home. They provide only minimum standards that too often do not reflect the real world needs of most people with and without disabilities. Many activities happen in this space such as food preparation, eating, entertaining, recycling station, homework supervision, message centre, budgeting and bill payments, and family meetings. In fact, leaving one of those energy saving bulbs (20 watt = 100 watt equivalent) day and night solidly will only cost $18 per year (assuming 11 cents per kwH, the average over the US according to the 2006 EIA report). Thanks to efficient LCD and OLED panels, we can start to see television power usage come down. Of course, 'green' solar power should become more and more useful as the cost of mass producing the panels at reasonable efficiencies comes down. For a family this could lead to approximately $810 per year savings ($2.22 for 30 minutes per day x 365 days).
Often these costly repairs can be prevented altogether with routine maintenance and a timely repair before or as soon as problem arises.
Their goal is to promote independent living, safety, comfort, convenience and conservation of energy and natural resources. This checklist is not intended to address how to modify or customize a home, room or feature for a particular person’s disability, special need or functional limitation. Incidentally, switching from no bass to full bass on my speakers eats up around 50% more power consumption at the same volume. CPU technology in computers is also being streamlined to make for quieter, faster, and lower power PCs. In the end, some kind of cold or hot fusion will be a dream come true, but don't hold your breath for that. It does not occur to them, at first, that this would not be the case if energy costs nothing." (Taken from Infinite Energy). New refrigerators however have apparently gotten twice as bad on average since 1960 (reference), or have they???? The energy saved here is the amount of energy you lose while you are not using the hot water.
If you have air leakage around windows, doors, and other openings to the outdoors you are essentially blowing hot air outside.
Closing your drapes or putting plastic on the windows will also help you keep more heat in your home.

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