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Go-Green Energy (Group) Limited is an energy efficiency consultancy and Installations firm with expertise in the implementation of domestic energy efficiency measures.
We are independent, fully accredited, impartial, and passionate about energy efficiency and renewable energy. All our Energy Advisors, Financial Advisors & Installation teams are trained and accredited to the highest industry standards and are well equipped to tackle any installation or technical scenario that may arise. As an established Green Deal Provider with our own Installations Division and Green Deal Advice Service, we are looking to partner with individuals or installer businesses that wish to be part of the Green Deal and ECO supply chain.

The Green Deal is the new government initiative that is designed to aggregate business and home owners to employ more green measures in their buildings. This website uses cookies to track visitor behaviour: If you choose to continue to use this website then we will assume that you consent to us using cookies in this way. Vector concept of efficient energy use (gas, water and petrol) represented as a globe-shaped counter with the indication of Save on it. The devices have been installed on the roofs of 36 rapid response vehicles to help run defibrillators, sirens, radio systems, GPS and lights.

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