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The FUJITSU GENERAL group of companies is very committed to making our website accessible to those requiring special readers or other functionality.
However, older browsers, such as Netscape 4.x, are not able to render these accessible style sheets properly. Furthermore, by using DC twin rotary compressor equipped with DC motor and controlling by our original vector PAM high efficiency power module, industry's top class(*1) energy-saving performance and heating capacity was realized. In the big living room in Chinese house, floor-standing type air conditioner is mainly used being installed at the corner of the room.
In the new floor-standing type air conditioner, powerful air flow to send air to 12m ahead was realized as air volume is increased by considerably enlarging air intake area and air blowing area compared with conventional models. High class surface finish with glossy pearl coating is applied to whole front panel to appeal high sense of quality.
Easy-to-read large-size display to show indoor and outdoor temperatures and illumination bar display to show the operation mode with 5 color light are adopted.
SEER, standing for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is calculated by dividing all central cooling volume consumed in the use period of ordinary year by electricity (Wh) used in the same period. Compact size is realized by adopting Φ5mm thin diameter copper pipe for high density heat exchanger. In the new outdoor unit, compact size is realized to the same size as outdoor unit of single type of equal capacity by reviewing refrigeration cycle and structure designing, optimizing piping inside the machine and downsizing compressor and inverter unit.
Contents (Prices, Specifications and Contacts etc.) in each release are at the time of release. ROHM Semiconductor (Hall 9, Booth 316) presents its new IPM (Intelligent Power Module) family optimized for high speed and power-efficient operation in motor driving and inverter applications.

Applications with built-in motor drives require high integration, compactness and reliability and have to tolerate rugged environments for a long time. The new family leverages a number of proprietary technologies and material enhancements to facilitate current monitoring, heat dissipation and reliable operation.
The new IPMs are suitable for inverters, motor driving and control in home appliances, consumer electronics and white goods such as air compressors, heat-pumps for washing machines, refrigerators as well as motor driving in low power industry motors and VRMS (AC = 100V-240V). ROHM is further driving the development of 3rd Gen IPMs featuring IGBT miniaturization, SiC MOSFETs and high accuracy temperature sensing characteristics.
ROHM Semiconductor is a global company of 362,772 million yen (3,30 billion US$) revenue with 20,843 employees in the last fiscal year ending March 2015.
Lapis Semiconductor (former OKI Semiconductor), SiCrystal AG and Kionix are companies of ROHM Group.
ROHM Semiconductor Europe has its head office near Dusseldorf serving the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). ROHM - who has written 64 posts on PowerGuru – Power Electronics Information Portal.
Also, by adopting our original multi-path (6 branches) heat exchanger, the flow dividing of refrigerant was optimized.
Also, by controlling variety of air flows freely with combination of large-size horizontal flap and vertical flap, cool air and warm air can be provided in every corner of the room efficiently to ensure comfortable living.
Thereby, comfort level is enhanced by controlling the room temperature quickly after returning home as well as reducing power consumption while nobody is at home.
In order to meet this demand, ROHM has developed this highly functional IPM series which includes several components like high and low side gate drivers, bootstrap diodes for fast recovery, low saturation 600V IGBT or Power MOSFETs (PrestoMOS™), low Vf and high speed trr fly wheel diodes (IGBT version) as well as various protection functions within one compact HSDIP25 package.

It significantly reduces power losses at light and heavy loads while increasing power capability. ROHM Semiconductor develops and manufactures a very large product range from the Ultra Low Power Microcontroller, Power Management, Standard ICs, SiC Diodes, Mosfets and Modules, Power Transistors and Diodes, LEDs to passives components such as Resistors, Tantalum Capacitors and LED display units, thermal Printheads in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, China and Europe. JEBAO products imported by East Ocean Aquatic will be covered by 6 month limited warranty period.
Featuring an innovative aluminium-based Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology, the module provides enhanced high-voltage capacity, high heat conductivity, low leak current and, at the same time, prevents latch-up. Please note that we do not cover warranty for Jebao products that are brought in by parallel importers. This set-up offers especially to developers of white goods and industry motors multiple cost-efficient design options.
For excellent reliability, the IC additionally features a comprehensive set of protection attributes such as a current limit for the bootstrap diode, under voltage lock-out for floating supply, fault output, thermal shut-down and short circuit protection as well as a FWD (IGBT version) to eliminate flyback. Designers can choose from different set-ups – with integrated IGBT or MOSFET - in order to identify the ideal solution for their application and save time and costs.

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