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Give you better quality control and improve productivity at your factory by humidity control. Vapor from the AQSOA® coated heat exchanger condenses on the pipes cooled by cooling water. Performance of AQSOA™-FAM-Z02 adsorption heat pump comparedwith silica gel adsorption heat pump and absorption heat pump.
100% standard performance is defined that at 88?Z for regeneration, 31?Z for cooling water and 9?Z for producing cold water.
Solar PV systems are warrantied for 25 years, energy costs are rising an average of 3.75% annually. This example assumes a 100% coverage of cost, however if 100% energy cost coverage is not within your budget, there are still large savings to be had.
Some utility companies use a tiered pricing structure where the consumer is charged more incrementally per kWh, the more energy that's consumed. Offsetting 50% of your energy demand might net 60% or more off your monthly bill due to the tiered pricing structure. A site evaluation, system design, and customized quote tailored to your specific project needs will give you the most accurate information on your expected savings.
Some estimates have energy costs pegged at almost $200 per month, a cost of $2,400 for the entire year. With energy expenses rising each year due to rising utility rates it's easy to see how fast the money saved builds up. At a conservative estimate let's say the rate of increase for energy costs holds steady, an average household today paying $2,400 per year in energy costs will pay close to $6000 at the end of the systems term.
If you use enough electricity to pay the higher tiered rates, then in essence you shave off the most expensive part of your energy bill by installing a partial demand solar system, wind system or both. Pure Power can advise you on what you need and give you complete pricing for all your renewable energy products from partial systems to full systems! Developed in partnership with leading crude oil production and transportation entities, QS Energy’s high-value solutions address the enormous capacity inadequacies of domestic and overseas pipeline infrastructures that were designed and constructed prior to the current worldwide surge in oil production.
Recent, preliminary analysis for a major Persian Gulf pipeline, for example, suggests that AOT can decrease crude oil viscosity by 20-25%, thereby increasing pipeline capacity by 400,000-500,000 barrels per month. Even assuming a conservative viscosity reduction figure of 15%, pro forma analysis demonstrates an annual benefit for the operator, net of AOT operating costs, in excess of $5 million. The value of increased pipeline throughput is based on an estimate of value added to operations calculated on a tolling fee or effective-tariff basis.
It can be scaled to suit many different types of installation realities, from large-scale Midstream pipelines, fracwater remediation facilities, offshore production facilities, mobile transportation, gathering systems, and more. Drag occurs in crude during transport due to naturally occurring paraffin and asphaltene particulates. Dielectrophoresis engages the paraffin and the asphaltene content in crude oil, creating a conformational change to the molecular structure.
By lowering viscosity of the crude, pipeline systems benefit from higher flow rates, reduced system pressure, less wear and tear on components and potentially greater margins of operational safety. Existing trace heating systems rely on using an electrical resistor to heat the oil, which results in inefficien- cies and loss of heat into the pipeline material.

Despite the obvious need for a highly energy-efficient heating system designed to deliver optimal heat conductivity, there have not been significant technological innovations in crude oil heating technologies for many years. Joule Heat subjects the oil to a direct and intense electric field that increases oil temperature uniformly without interrupting flow. Preliminary testing of Joule Heat suggests efficiencies of over 60% when converting electrical energy into internal energy in oil, compared to efficiencies of approximately 30% typical in trace heat systems. QS Energy solutions target the primary sectors of the oil & gas market (in order of greatest sales potential) upstream (producers), midstream (transporters) and downstream (refiners). Ultra-light crude oil and condensate production has skyrocketed due to the enormous amount of oil and natural gas being recovered from shale formations. The net result is that QS Energy technology is instrumental in the safer, more cost-effective delivery of greater volumes of oil and helps the industry avoid reliance on riskier alternative transportation methods. The company strives to build lasting partnerships with energy companies to collaboratively do what is right for the global economy, meet worldwide energy needs, and to do it as safely as possible. Today’s global energy industry is rapidly evolving and expanding as conventional energy exploration, extraction and transportation entities apply new technology and equipment to unlock new unconventional production fields worldwide. As producers seek to bring surging production to market, new technologies and methodologies are being developed to eliminate pipeline chokepoints and solve related problems that have far-reaching economic, national security and public safety implications.
The company is partnered with top-quality manufacturing service providers to fabricate equipment to meet the highest standards of inspection and quality controls within the industry. Currently just over 350 companies trade on OTCQX, ranging from global blue-chip companies to high growth small-cap companies. Together, these individuals apply their extensive industry expertise to provide sound strategic direction and a solid foundation for success. McMullen has established a strong record of accomplishment, structuring and closing domestic and international transactions across a variety of industries. McMullen served in senior executive capacities with several first-to-market energy and technology companies, including FloWind Corp. As a management consultant and financial advisor to mid-market healthcare and bio-science entities, Mr.
McMullen specialized in providing growth and transition management oversight to companies serving HMOs, hospitals and cancer centers.
Nicholson has 300 combat missions to his credit and is the recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Vietnamese Medal of Honor and Cross of Gallantry. He also was Director of Operations at Tetra Resources, where he completed various onshore and offshore oil and gas wells, and was a Senior Engineer with Halliburton Services. Blum was appointed on July 25, 2007 to the Board of directors and engaged as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Blum resigned as Chief Executive Officer and continued to serve as President, until stepping down to be replaced by current President Mr.
SEMA is a trade group representing 6500 business members who are actively engaged in the manufacture and distribution of automotive parts and accessories. SEMA produces the world’s largest automotive aftermarket Trade Show which is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Blum led the association as its members grew from a handful of small entrepreneurial companies into an industry membership that sells over 31 billion dollars of product at the retail level annually.

Blum has a proven record of accomplishment as a senior executive and brings a broad knowledge of the automotive aftermarket to the Company.
After selling his interest in 2002, he founded S&S Marketing, which operates an automotive aftermarket parts rep business.
Shelton served on the board of Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), including serving as its Chairman from 2002 to 2004.
Stubbs currently serves as Chief Financial Officer for London Stock Exchange-listed BBA Aviation in its After- market Services Division. Stubbs served as CFO and Interim Chief Execu- tive Officer for then NASDAQ-listed CallWave, Inc., a global provider of enhanced telecommunications software and services. Stubbs also served as CFO of Sound ID, a privately owned consumer electronics company. Stubbs has held a number of executive positions including Vice President Global Supply Chain, and VP and Managing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa at Somera, which was a publicly traded, leading global provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services. Stubbs has held a number of financial management positions at Kinko’s (acquired by NYSE-listed FedEx). This program began mid-2015 with analysis and testing of selected AOT components to address internal electrical field issues encountered during AOT operations on a commercial pipeline transporting ultra-light crude oil known as condensate.
The resulting value engineered design improves the overall efficiency of electric field generation. Tests performed on the re-engineered AOT unit at Industrial Screen and Maintenance (ISM), one of QS Energy's supply chain partners in Casper, Wyoming, demonstrated the highest efficiency electric field generation measured to date. The value engineered AOT system is expected to be re-deployed on a customer's condensate pipeline within the next few weeks.
Under operating conditions, conductive particulate matter within the condensate caused a sharp drop in impedance within the AOT. Subsequent analysis and testing led to changes in electrical insulation, inlet flow improvements and other component modifications. Bigger explained, "These design modifications and resulting efficiency gains reach beyond the condensate market. Over the past four years AOT has been rigorously prepared for commercial use with the collaboration of over 30 engineering teams at 19 independent oil production and transportation entities interested in harnessing its proven efficacy to increase pipeline performance and flow, drive up committed and uncommitted toll rates for pipeline operators, and reduce pipeline operating costs. Although AOT originally attracted the attention of pipeline operators interested in improving their takeaway capacity during an historic surge in upstream output resulting from enhanced oil recovery techniques, the technology now represents the premiere solution for improving the profit margins of producers and transporters during today's economically challenging period of low spot prices and supply surplus. Developed in partnership with leading crude oil production and transportation entities, QS Energy's high-value solutions address the enormous capacity inadequacies of domestic and overseas pipeline infrastructures that were designed and constructed prior to the current worldwide surge in oil production.
The newly optimized AOT unit has been extensively retrofitted specifically to reduce viscosity of ultra-light crude while mitigating scaling and sludge buildup, both costly impediments to normal pipeline operation.
The Eagle Ford Formation is the most active shale play in the world and is estimated by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) to have proved reserves of approximately 4.1 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

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