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The big thing these days is to reduce the size of your "carbon footprint" on the environment, meaning of course, that you try your best to use less non-renewable energy. So how do we reduce the amount of electricity we use, and what real difference does it make? By saving these little bits of electricity we save ourselves money, we help the environment, and if we all work together on this, we can slow down global warming by reducing carbon emissions. A new plan to install solar power systems in 26 LAUSD schools will help schools create less pollution – and it should save the district $775,000 within a year of installation, according to a SolarCity press release. The 7.4-megawatt clean energy project, which will be installed by SolarCity, is expected to save LAUSD $25 million over 20 years. Solar power systems have already been installed in 17 schools; the other nine systems will be installed in early 2013.
The solar systems will also serve as educational tools for students, allowing them to track how much solar energy their schools produce. In a 2007 school board resolution, LAUSD announced its plan to become “the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly urban large school district in the country” by installing 50 megawatts of solar power by 2012.
One thing we want to mention is that these are only a number of the culprits when it comes to energy waste. One of these energy resources is electricity, which is usually generated from Coal fired or nuclear power stations.

Replace all the light globes in your house with low energy globes; the flourescent tube type. Try and avoid using appliances that use a lot of energy, like tumble driers, stoves and heaters. If you leave outside lights on for security reasons, make sure that they have a light sensor, so that they will automatically switch off when it gets light, preventing them from being left on all day accidentally. In the kitchen, use a microwave oven rather than a stove where possible; don't leave the refrigerator or deep freeze door open, and use a dishwasher if you can afford one.
LAUSD did not respond to LA School Report’s question of much the solar project will cost the district. Due to funding problems, LAUSD was forced to revise its solar project goal to 20.9 megawatts by 2013. One thing you are going to come to recognize is that when individuals take the proper steps to conserving energy, the savings might be huge.  In The Following Paragraphs we will be talking about some ways homes waste cash and energy every day.
Most likely you will find insulation in the flooring of your attic however, not on the roof itself. Coal, as a fossil fuel, generates a lot of carbon emissions, and even nuclear power leaves hazardous waste to be disposed of. There are situations of course where you have to use these appliances, but if possible, use another method.

Apparently, dishwashers use less hot water than doing the dishes by hand, thus saving energy.
Also put insulation around your hot water pipes, to further reduce heat loss and consequent energy usage. Then the water heater has to heat up that bit of water that you didn't actually get to use anyway. For example, don't use the tumble drier when the sun is shining warmly on your washing line. Please note that if the manufacturers instructions tell you to leave a window open, then do so, as this is normally for a good reason.
If you multiply this by the amount of homes in America, say about 50 million, this is a saving of 333,000 Megawatt hours.
What this means in real terms is that you could probably completely do away with 2 or 3 large coal fired power stations, just on this saving alone.

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