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For some years now I have been providing special sessions to women who find themselves pregnant when they do not wish to be.
This approach enables the spirit of the unborn child to consciously participate in the abortion decision. With every spiritual abortion session, the child's spirit brings a message of learning to the mother and father. In many instances, this message involves the importance of nurturing and caring for one's own inner child.
I believe that we are spirit and that we have come into the physical realm for learning and experience.
The basis for the spiritual abortion process comes from the belief that when you enter the physical realm as a baby, your body is small and needs to be taken care of, but your soul may be old and full of wisdom.
Women who are questioning whether or not to have a child can contact and support their child within. The amount of annual Solar Energy striking the earth is about 400 times more than what is consumed by us globally. If this is so, then why not communicate with the spirit of the unborn child and let it know that this is not right timing?
If this is true for a baby then it is also true for the unborn child, the one just beginning to develop a physical body inside of the womb that holds it.
The spirit of an unborn child is filled with wisdom and always has a powerful lesson to share with the mother and father. One of the most common issues between parents and children is the desire of the parent to control the child and mold the child into what the parent wants.
Run these appliances with a full load and for one off needs try doing it manually.3 ) Wash cold vs. When the child (who desires to find a healthy, independent identity) rebels, the pain and separation that result are often blamed on the child. There is a longing to return to this ancient wisdom of the Goddess.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnotherapy makes it possible for the mother to connect with the spirit of the unborn child and together they agree upon a natural miscarriage. Of the women I have worked with several have naturally miscarried shortly after their sessions while others have needed to have clinical abortions.
In place of a functional, supportive parent who encourages the child to individuate, we find a dysfunctional parent who controls, either subtly or overtly, to have his or her own needs fulfilled by the child.

When women have clinical abortions scheduled just following their session and they follow through with the abortion, it is impossible to know whether or not the process would have occurred naturally. In winters one can set the temperature at about 68 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summers you can keep cooler temperatures only when you are at home.6 ) Use fluorescent light bulbsUse Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs over the conventional incandescent ones.
My belief is that as more women become aware of this option, it will become easier for them to have natural abortions, and that it will become easier for women to consciously choose when to become pregnant.
Some of the most common lessons the spirit comes to teach are about healing the inner child, bringing forth creative energy, empowering the self, healing relationship issues and healing from past abortions or miscarriages so that the mother may choose a healthy new pregnancy. When I first began doing this work I felt that if the miscarriage did not happen naturally, the process did not work. Sometimes the connection between the woman and the unborn child runs very deep and the mother experiences feelings of great love and pain in letting go.
During the day if you are going to use the device intermittently, you need not turn it off, but if it is going to be off for more than 5 hours, it is best to unplug it.8 ) WalkEasier said than done, but automobiles use energy and most of them pollute the environment.
I now understand that everyone woman has her own process to go through and sometimes that process includes a clinical abortion.
A right choice in our lives can bring feelings of loss, grief or loneliness and still be the right choice for us.
Whether or not miscarriage occurs as a result of this process, the process is always powerful. For example, leaving an abusive relationship can bring up many painful feelings and still be the best, healthy choice for us. A constant endeavour should be made within communities and businesses to eliminate waste and resort to more efficient energy consumption options.Now that you know how to save on energy bills, you are empowered to act upon these which will not only save you money but will also help our environment. The mother heals emotionally from guilt, fear, grief, self-hate or whatever emotions she is carrying.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnotherapy is extremely valuable for both actual abortion and healing from miscarriage. When an abortion or miscarriage takes place and there no spiritual healing involved, feelings such as grief, guilt, anger, and fear may become stuck in the body. Naturopathic physicians have told me that many women who have ovarian cancer, cysts, fibroid tumors, abnormal bleeding and other female problems have experienced an abortion or miscarriage at sometime in their lives.
In our modern medical environment a hysterectomy is often offered as the cure.a€?a€?The womb is the center of the feminine body.
It is the birthing center of creativity, but the beauty of this is little recognized in our society.

In this country, women commonly hear, a€?You're not going to have any more childrena€? or, a€?You're past the childbearing age, so let's do a hysterectomy.a€? What message does this give to a woman? I think the message that a woman receives is that her creative worth, (the womb being the center of creativity), is defined by bearing children. I bring attention to this because claiming personal power and creativity has been the major issue with several of my clients. Consider Gold and Silver How to Choose the Right Care Home Top 5 Best Auto Loan Calculators Credit Card Debt VS Emergency Fund: Which is the Better Pick? Childbearing can be a good camouflage for those who are afraid to look into themselves and face the fears, doubts and inadequacies that keep their expression of personal creative force at a distance. Of course, these women are not aware that they are masking something until they take that journey within the self.a€?a€?Men also hold unresolved feelings in their bodies. With respect to childbearing issues, I'm not certain where in the body men hold this energy. In the case of miscarriage a man might feel that he was not powerful, potent, or manly enough to save the baby. In abortion, it might be that the man feels that he did something wrong, that it was his fault and he doesn't deserve to have what he wants. If you are a man who has had an experience with miscarriage or abortion, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the experience.
Feel your feelings around this issue and notice where they live in your body.a€?a€?Spiritual Hypnosis allows the woman to go deep within the womb to explore core beliefs and judgments held by her as well as by women throughout the fabric of time, past and present. Many women who perceive themselves to be independent, strong, and freethinking have been appalled to find such beliefs lurking in their innermost psyche.
It is amazing to see how core beliefs that we are consciously unaware of, or thought we had let go of, determine what we attract into our lives. Through the Spiritual Hypnotherapy process, these hidden elements come to the surface where they can be healed and released.

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