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According to the U.S Dept of Energy, shade on the outside of the window is up to 7 times more effective than interior blinds or window tint.
In upcoming blogs, we will discuss way EZ Snap™ works so well at stopping heat, how EZ Snap™ is saving the lives of thousands of birds each year, why we our screens are black in color and many more interesting topics. Here are some tips culled from around the internet and other sources to help you make your home smarter and your wallet fatter.
1. Set your X10 dimmer switches to ramp on gradually so the light in the room will slowly increase when you enter a darkened room rather than being blasted in the eyes with full brightness. 6. Connect your home’s security cameras to your coaxial cable using a modulator and you’ll be able to watch multiple security feeds on your television using an unused channel. Energy efficient homes cost much less to heat, cool and light, compared to your typical home.

15 years ago I moved into a leaky, poorly insulated home, and knew I had to make the house more efficient. Sure, we did a few major upgrades along the way – new furnace, new windows, bedroom upgrades. Over many years of energy efficient home upgrades, I’ve learned that a systematic approach works best. Only after you know where the savings are, should you start looking at efficiency upgrades. By the way, avoid gimmicks like rubber dryer balls that claim to save energy, or devices that attach to your power supply and promise huge electricity bill decreases.
If you’re really not sure where to start, I suggest my home energy saving information section.

Set your watering times to be later in the afternoon, around sunset instead of during the day. But smaller things helped too – things as simple as understanding where our energy budget was being spent so we could cut out the big wasters. You can check out my sections on heating and cooling – those are probably the two areas where the most savings are to be had for relatively low cost. I am putting together a multi-media system, full bar, wide-screen TV and lighting and Extreme Electrical Contractors is doing all the work.

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