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Set the AC temperature to 25oCelsius that the AC would not work too hard and spend too much energy.
Bring fresh water bottles everywhere so you don’t need to buy every time you eat out.
Categorised as a film with at least traces of horror, Save the Green Planet stands near the top of the 2000s horror genre with an 87% critical approval rating.
Perplexing because the film is about as scary as an episode of Barney the Dinosaur, infuriating because it is – for lack of a better word – shit.
But after the first dozen minutes or so all I wondered was how long there was left before I could end this unpleasant experience.
In fact although I cannot reveal a so-called twist I can say that there are several total logical anomalies that render it nothing less than stupid. I wish I saw the same film that the 87% of critics saw, I wish I found the 3 minutes of lazy social commentary clumsily shoehorned into the latter sequences worthy of lauding. Most of all I wish I had my two hours back, might have saved me thinking “Gee I hate this” 117 times. While I try to throw a joke or two into proceedings when I can all of the opinions presented in my reviews are genuine. A traumatized young man abducts Korean leaders, believing they're toxic reptilian aliens - a fifth column launching a takeover of beloved Earth. Follow Dundee City Council on Twitter - use it to find out about school closures due to bad weather.
The average spend of faucet is 10 liters water in a minute, so better turn it off while brushing teeth or shaving.

Some cell phone manufacturers like Nokia accept donations of phones, batteries or chargers.
The clothes can be donated to an orphanage or shelter, or even a brother or neighbor in need.
Careless racing, inappropriate usage of gears, and the sudden brake hit would spend more fuel.
Locally produced materials do not need to be distributed in thousands miles that can waste much energy. Although there have been many supermarkets and stores offer for not using plastic bags, but we still often forget and still are not getting used to it. If nothing else Save the Green Planet is proof that the Rotten Tomatoes ratings system is deeply flawed. We are supposed to find the offbeat couple – one of whom is an ex-circus tightrope walker who still practices in their lounge room – kooky and hilarious.
This wouldn’t matter if there was value to be found elsewhere, but things are barren there too. Stumped law enforcement geniuses half-seriously hire a disgraced, disheveled private detective with a long-ago history of super-crime solving. Instead it is usually fresher and more environmentally friendly products since they do not use excessive packaging. Now everywhere, there are many choices of canvas bags that can be folded and inserted into the bag while you’re not using it. Avoid eating a lobster, grouper, shrimp, or even sharks because of its breeding and fishing procedure which are not safe for the environment.

They kidnap a well know CEO of a large company, hoping to unmask him as a genuine outer space creature within the week available before the lunar eclipse, at which point the invasion will be imminent. We are supposed to wonder for a long while what lengths the couple will go to in order to prove their theory.
Save the Green planet is not funny, not that wacky after the initial set up and not creative at all. I wish the fact that it is subtitled somehow immediately adds a 25% ‘uplift factor’ to any critic’s rating system (if this was in English with a bunch of American actors and remade word for word it would be absolutely panned by the same critics that heap praise upon it). Tune up the car on time, so that this can increase the efficiency of fuel use between 4 to 40 percent.
We are supposed to find it blackly hilarious that the police are ‘foolish’ enough to think they are dealing with a run of the mill missing persons case. Byeong-gu is helped by his devoted girlfriend, who buys his theories, but wonders if his horrible childhood has colored his thinking.
If each house on earth put more efficient effort in the washing habit, every year we can save water in the same amount that can fill up 7 million swimming pools. The safe fish consumption for the environment is mackerel, tuna and cakes, anchovy, barracuda, tuna, milkfish, pomfret, sardines, tuna, squid.

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