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Scott Edward Anderson is a consultant, blogger, and media commentator who blogs at The Green Skeptic. Christine Hertzog is a consultant, author, and a professional explainer focused on Smart Grid.
Gary Hunt Gary is an Executive-in-Residence at Deloitte Investments with extensive experience in the energy & utility industries. Jesse Jenkins is a graduate student and researcher at MIT with expertise in energy technology, policy, and innovation.
Geoffrey Styles is Managing Director of GSW Strategy Group, LLC and an award-winning blogger. April 28, 2014 2 Comments I am a member of the Collective BiasĀ®  Social FabricĀ® Community.

Set your air conditioner to 75* F when you are home and 82-85* F when you are gone from home. Now if you know me, you know that I can turn almost any situation into a learning experience.
When you are done using an electronic device (TV, gaming system, computer, etc.), turn it off. I made a checklist to put up around the house to help my daughter remember these 3 simple tasks she can do to help out with conserving energy and water. I love to include my daughter in on things that I am doing, such as conserving water and energy and, in turn, saving our family money. Bringing the obvious to the fore Is what this poster is designed for and accomplishes with panache.

Use this designer poster SAVE WATER TO SAVE ENERGY to remind your employees to become conscious towards saving water and saving energy. I plan on buying a couple of LED bulbs every week until all of our bulbs are switched over. So today I am going to share some Energy and Water Saving Tips for Moms and Kids, including adding in some LED power!

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