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Many families this day in age are in a constant crunch to keep the budget intact, especially with the upcoming holiday season.
Simple ways to conserve inside the house: Unplugging appliances that are not in use, shutting down computers and copiers, turning off pool pumps and lowering your water heaters thermostat can greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary energy use.
Cooling or heating your home: It gets expensive to run the heater and air conditioner often, so keep cool with ceiling and portable fans, running the air conditioning sparingly and set the thermostat to the highest temperature you can bear. If you are able to upgrade your home: Insulation, windows and doors can all be upgraded to keep the temperature inside of the home consistent and improve air quality.
After a chat with Erica Faunce, a 2011 winner of the Biggest Energy Saver(SM) contest, she says they really had to buckle down and make it a family effort to conserve. San Diego Energy Challenge: Cut your energy use for a chance to win prizes for yourself or for your school!
To promote Green homeownership and to help homeowners save on their energy costs, AAFE Community Development Fund has created the Energy-Saving Home Improvement Loan. Realizing the need for homeowners to embrace energy efficiency, AAFE CDF is offering this loan product for the purpose of paying for energy smart home improvements. Homeowners are required to have an energy audit performed by a certified contractor and to base their home improvement work scope on recommended energy-saving changes. Well thought out plantings can cut your summer cooling and winter heating costs dramatically. Replacing your old central air conditioner with a new ENERGY STAR® qualified model can reduce your cooling costs by 20%. Modern washing machines use less water to get clothes just as clean, and spin faster, squeezing more water out and reducing drying time. ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances use 10% to 50% less energy and water than standard models. Recycling two aluminum cans saves the amount of energy it takes to power a PC for one workday. Holiday lights using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use one-tenth the energy of typical mini-lights and are cooler, which reduces fire risk.
If you replace 25% of your lights in high-use areas with compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can save about 50% of your lighting energy bill.

The clothes dryer uses more electricity than every appliance after the refrigerator, and costs about $85 to operate annually. Water heating is the third largest energy expense in your home (after space heating and cooling). Say good bye to your old boiler: If your boiler is over 15 years old, consider changing to a new energy efficient boiler. Damp and mould in a property is a hazard and increases the likelihood of developing asthma. Installing energy efficient measures in your home may not cost as much as you think and you may be eligible for a grant or discount.
Insulation- As your home gets older, you will find that there are more drafts in the rooms than there used to be or that certain rooms will always be too hot during summer or too cold during winter. Central Air Heating and Cooling- If your heating or cooling systems are more than 10 years old it may be time to consider upgrading to a new, high efficiency system.
These along with other energy saving projects can help you to cut costs on your utility bills allowing you to spend more time and money to enjoy your favorite activities. At Signature Insurance Group we know how important it is to get the best rates and save on your bills.
I recently attended an event at the San Diego Gas & Electric Energy Innovation Center that focused on a few different initiatives to save energy and some awesome programs that you and your family can get involved in. You can also replace traditional light bulbs with CFL bulbs that use 75% less energy and hand wash your dishes instead of always running the dishwasher. Walls and attics can be further insulated, trim around windows can be caulked and you can weather strip your doors. At the end of the contest, she achieved a 46.5 percent energy savings, which is equal to 1,356 kilowatt hours.
As energy costs rise and wages stall, it has become increasingly necessary to upgrade and remodel existing homes to meet the efficiency and affordability standards of the 21st century. In most circumstances damp, condensation and mould growth can be avoided by changing living habits.
To find the right offer for you, search the Energy Saving Trust's Grants & Discounts Database.

The compressor turns the gas into a liquid refrigerant and it serves as a pump which enables the refrigerant, in gas and liquid form, to flow through the heat exchanging pipes. As a homeowner you may find that you are paying more for your utility bills than you ever thought you would. The reason for this is that insulation within the attic and walls breaks down leaving gaps where air can get in and out. Not only will you save on the repair costs that arise as the systems break and fail, the new high efficiency systems can save up to 30-40 percent on your monthly bills. Having solar panels attached to your roof and connected to your electric service panel can save you up to 100% of your energy usage. Saving energy is good for the planet and good for your wallet, so I was all ears as to how I can reduce my energy bill! If it is necessary to run the heater, set the thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature so it does not run for extended periods of time. Schools can earn $500 for school supplies, and the top three overall winning schools will split a cash grant of $30,000″. While you want to make sure that you have the best rates for your Orange County Home Insurance, there are a few home projects that you can do to help save you money as well. Single pane windows should be replaced with double pane (or even triple pane windows in extreme climates) that allows heat to stay inside during winter and outside during summer. Energy Information Administration, New York’s energy costs for natural gas, coal, and electricity all exceed the national average. The Energy-Saving Home Improvement Loan product will ultimately help homeowners save money and prepare their homes for the future.

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