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Herbal Medicine has never existed on its own, but as a part of a culture that includes natural therapeutics or nature cure, adjustment in foods and drinks, emotional healing or shamanic practices, and analysis skills, depending on the time in history, where in the world and the structure of the approach to healing. In today’s world we are most fortunate to include extensive dietary and energetic skills and knowledge along with vibrational medicine, emotional healing, and Iridology analysis skills in the Herbal Medicine training, so that Master Herbalists attain high levels of expertise in consulting, guiding and supporting those who come to them seeking education about their unique body and a personal program for health, wellness and healing. Although staying so long in Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers made me cranky, I learned so much and can’t wait for my next visit. I can’t wait to start my Herbal Medicine Online Course to bring all these amazing experiences together. After healing breast cancer with natural means and studying natural medicine in healing centers in the USA, Farida Sharan founded the School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge, England in 1977. Herbal StudiesBlessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine, herbal medicine apprenticeships, community herbalist training programs, herbal medicine correspondence courses and herbal home study programs.
We invite you to study herbal medicine here at the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine. Today, we’re going to focus on the leaves and flowers of a variety of garden and wild plants. Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), and Oregano (Origanum vulgare) are a staple in almost everyone’s kitchen garden.
One of the things I love teaching my students is a wide variety of ways to use plant medicine. Mix with ketchup, mustard, brown sugar or molasses, chopped onions and garlic for a delicious homemade BBQ sauce. Cool a fever or hot flash by dabbing the vinegar on your pulse points, forehead, back of the neck and knees.
I see being an herbalist as a political path, meaning a way to encourage community, and change some of the status quo, especially the ways medicine is currently practiced. Taking digital photos of plants has become a favored pastime (much to the consternation of friends walking with me), and it is a gratifying to finally have a place to display them, here on this website. I have been creating, teaching and directing The Northeast School of Botanical Medicine for 13 years. Author, educator, practitioner and seminar leader, Farida has taught around the world and SNM USA in Boulder Colorado welcomes students from far and wide to experience evolutionary naturopathy education based on Self Healing embodiment of the teachings. The leaves of our plants are completely unfurled and full grown, flowers abound, and the rapid plant growth is astounding. Similar to other alliums, including onions and garlic, chives contain decongestant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, to name a few.
Vinegar extracts the vitamins and minerals from plants as well as the essential oils and flavors. They are a good source of selenium which helps with slower aging, healthy hair, nails and teeth, less cardio vascular disease and a whole ton of other stuff!

Along the way I went to as many herbal conferences as possible (sliding my way in through work exchange in the early years). Many open-minded, critical thinkers who are a pleasure and learning experience to be around. Spending time traveling and meeting as many plants as possible is one of the great parts of being an herbalist.
The organosulfur compounds in alliums have been shown to inhibit cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth.
I frequently rub these plants as I walk by them, and inhale the pleasant aroma they impart. I use Himalayan pink mineral salts, but sea salt or other mineral salts will work just as well. The acidic nature of vinegar releases the iron and calcium and makes them easy for our bodies to take them into our cells. Wild Raspberry helps to promote deeper sleep, flexible bones and arteries, lower cholesterol, stronger heart (physically, mentally and spiritually), may lessen hot flashes. Seeing and gathering the plants we use as medicine makes herbalism unique, and offers a direct and ancient relationship we have with our medicine.
It allows me the opportunity to teach the herbal information that I have gleaned over the years, and a chance to share my passion for plants, herbal medicine and community.
Where there was once dead sticks, leaves, and dirt, there is now a veritable plethora of beauty and medicine. Alliums have a protective effect against some cancers including stomach, esophageal, and prostate cancers. The medicine of these aromatic herbs goes directly to the lungs and entire body to impart their antimicrobial constituents.
In my years of practicing and teaching herbal medicine, I have found that vinegars will also extract some plant medicines.  I almost exclusively use raw, organic apple cider vinegar to steep my herbs. Add a piece of parchment paper between the jar and lid (if metal) to keep the lid from rusting, or use a plastic lid.
You’ll find it near the sea, in the valleys, and all the way up into the mountains to subalpine areas.
We harvest the leaves from the canes which are not flowering as those leaves contain a higher volume of medicine. Wood violets help to promote restful sleep, soothes the emotional and physical heart, makes your skin smooth and flexible, brings down fevers, may help to shrink tumors, and stimulates the lymphatic function of the removal of waste, bacteria and toxins. Plug in the crock pot, turn the crock pot on low (or just plug it in if it has no temperature gauge), and let it go *uncovered* until the oil has extracted the medicine. We are offering a wood violet and wild raspberry leaf harvest intensive towards the end of this month!

It is also a learning experience for myself as new people constantly enter my life with what they have learned on their journey's.
Being less aromatic than their cousins Onion and Garlic, chives’ organosulfur compounds are reduced.
Their antimicrobials include antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic actions. The ACV gives you all the nutrition of the apple, plus enzymes and probiotics that are so essential to gut health. The leaves are traditionally used to strengthen and tone the uterus, aid in childbirth, and assist in bringing the uterus back to size and health.
Knowing that we can help ourselves and those around us with at least some of our physical tribulations, can increase our connection to the world of people and nature. It is a pleasure to see people start to heartily wrap their minds and hands around the intricacies of herbal medicine and I am thankful to be a part of their path.
These humble yet sturdy garden plants help us to breathe easier, and take care of invaders in and on our body. Put the herb salt on a paper plate or towel, let rest a couple of hours, then pour into a jar, fancy or plain.
Violas are so soothing to the skin, especially helpful for healing broken skin and irritation due to eczema and psoriasis. Being with the plants, sitting in the garden, prattling about weeding, hoeing, planting are all first steps to healing with herbs.
Consider drying the leaves for tea, and using fresh leaves for a wonderfully tasty herbal vinegar. I put wood violets in my Wood Violet Skin Repair, and I have to say, it works wonders on dry skin.
Try growing them against the house, chicken coop, or outbuilding on the south side where they’ll get the best sun. Here at the Cedar Mountain Herb School, we harvest both the leaves and flowers, using scissors to gently trim the plant. Fresh herb salt is an easy and tasteful introduction to those who are wary of herbal medicine.
That doesn’t mean the oil is boiling, it means that the moisture from the plant is escaping. Those who are old hat with herbs will find this to be a delightful addition to their apothecary.

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