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Jones Studio was selected in 2004 to design a new space for the special Desiderata Alternative Program.
The architects chose to add exterior planted courtyards within the existing building’s walls in order to create outdoor classrooms and bring in natural light.
Concrete block exterior walls encompass 31,825 square feet of office and warehouse space in a roughly U-shaped plan. In renovating the building, the project looked to breath new life into the structure by building on the hopes of students and staff for a light, airy, and inspired learning environment. PhotosThe alternative school will move from its current location in Grovetown to the site of the current Evans Elementary School with the start of the 2013-14 school year. School board members Tuesday unanimously approved relocating the school from its Grovetown site to the current Evans Elementary School, a building that will be vacated as students move to a new campus nearby for the 2013-14 school year. Residents of neighborhoods surrounding Evans Elementary had been wary of the move, but seemed reassured by a hearing this past Thursday that the school “isn’t a YDC campus,” said board chairwoman Regina Buccafusco. The alternative school, which primarily serves middle- and high-school students who have violated the system’s code of conduct, has operated for 20 years. The moves will come this summer as Evans Elementary moves to a new, larger two-story school under construction on Gibbs Road. Once construction is complete in time for the start of the 2014-15 school year, Bel Air will close, with its students distributed to the larger Evans and Martinez elementary school campuses.

School officials have said they plan to sell the Bel Air Elementary site once the school is vacated. This 125 student school is dedicated to helping teens with emotional disorders attain a high school education as well as learn basic life skills. Eight-foot square skylights take advantage of the industrial building’s high, wood roof structure to distribute natural light to multiple classroom clerestories.
The gaining of an existing building in Phoenix Business Park in late 2004, was the successful culmination of a search by Phoenix Union High School District to find a permanent home for the Desiderata Program. The building’s current office spaces occupy its center, and are linked to the east parking lot via two storefront entrances. By responding to its new academic function and new occupants, the building will gain a new vitality and renewed sense of purpose, becoming an integral part of the community. For the past six years, it has been held in the county’s Johns Building, which was built in 1938. The school will absorb some students from Bel Air Elementary, which temporarily will house Martinez Elementary students relocated next year as their school is torn down and rebuilt. Colored glazing and a variety of paint colors de-institutionalize the building and create a rich, varied learning environment for the children. The expansive commercial structure was full of potential and would be able to accommodate not only the Program’s functional needs, but also its aspirations of creating a rich, day lit learning environment.

Moving the school from a 1920’s historic building, “Desi” would be relocated into an industrial building. Housed within this new built environment are a variety of room types including thirteen Classrooms, a Computer Lab, Group Therapy Rooms, an Activities Room, a Cafetorium, an Instructional Kitchen, a Fitness Room, and Administrative Offices. Like many industrial buildings, windows and natural daylight are found only at the office entrances.
The New Desiderata Building attempts to better meet the needs of the students and staff by creating a larger, more unified facility with strong connections to the outdoors and daylight. A wide variety of program elements from administrative offices, classrooms, food preparation, therapy areas, and fitness rooms are arranged for optimal function within the existing shell. The Desiderata Building will be a home that students and staff can take pride in for years to come.

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