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An advanced course in diabetes for physicians from overseas and the UK, led by Professor Ian Campbell, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, will take place from Monday, 23rd May to Wednesday, 25th May 2016.
Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) is a threat to global TB control and public health, with an estimated 0.5 million new cases each year currently. Professor Sarah Meredith is a clinical epidemiologist and public health physician with a particular interest in the safety and efficacy of medicines, and the design and conduct of studies to provide better evidence to support clinical and public health decisions about their use.
Prior joining the MRC CTU she worked at the National Heart and Lung Institute on respiratory disease surveillance, and the Department of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt University where she developed an interest in pharmaco-epidemiology. Wardiya Afshar Saber, Doctoral Researcher in Maciej Antkowiak’s group at the School of Medicine is organising the first Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition with Mhairi Stewart at the University of St Andrews thanks to our sponsors CAPOD (innovation grant), the Byre Theatre and the University of St Andrews.
The University’s on-line application system is now open for our Masters Courses for 2016 entry.
St Andrews School of Medicine is collaborating with the College of Medicine at the University of Malawi on a number of projects, including updating its curriculum and significantly increasing the number of medical students in training.
As a result, the College of Medicine has implemented a new curriculum, which establishes the clinical context of basic medical science from the outset.

The relationship between the University of St Andrews and the Malawian College of Medicine is over twenty years old. The grant supporting this work also provided computer hardware and connected the College of Medicine’s intranet with broadband internet, enabling student access to the new CMS. We also assisted the College of Medicine with the development of an electronic student record and reporting system, examination recording and the improvement of online library resources for both staff and students.
Thanks to the collaboration between the two medical schools, close contacts are developing between undergraduate students and staff at the College of Medicine and their counterparts at the St Andrews Medical School.
Curriculum DevelopmentTechnology InfrastructureA Memorandum of Understanding between the Bute Medical School and the College of Medicine was signed in March 2008, which outlines a collaboration between the two institutions over curriculum reform, curriculum support through improved infrastructure and IT resources and research networking and support.
FLL is a global science and technology competition that challenges young people to think like scientists and engineers.
The aim will be to exchange information across countries in order to help raise standards of care in this challenging area. She is currently the clinical Chief Investigator on the STREAM trials in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.

At the same time, a new online curriculum management system (CMS) has been introduced, providing students with a personalised timetable and online access to all relevant teaching materials. The College was founded upon the basis of previous medical training at St Andrews and many of the graduates of Medicine and of Health Care Management now hold the highest clinical and governmental positions in Malawi.
We are planning further co-operation, such as the supervision of dissertations by Malawian students at the School of Medicine in St Andrews, as well as the establishment of an exchange programme for staff and students from St Andrews School of Medicine and the College of Medicine in Malawi.
This collaboration has been made possible following the award of a grant from the Scottish Government worth ?252,000 over 30 months. Some 14 specialists drawn from the UK will take part in a programme (click here) of plenary lectures and workshops.

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