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This is the group for anyone in Seattle interested in contemporary board games, from people completely new to the world of modern board games to grizzled veterans who have lost entire weekends to Advanced Civilization. If you have an idea for a board game event, please speak with an organizer and we'll set it up. The modernization included complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades, new exterior siding, refurbished windows, interior finishes and technology improvements. An additional vehicle entrance was added for a reconfigured parking lot area and rain gardens installed to improve storm water discharge.

We get together a few times a week to play modern classics like Dominion, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, and Settlers of Catan, as well as new games hot off the shelf. 2015, included seismic and modernization improvements to the 33,000-square-foot existing building and a 15,000-aquare-foot wing constructed on the north side of the property. American games, European games, miniatures games, wargames, collectible card games, and everything else in the tabletop gaming world are welcome at our events. The original design plan included an addition to the north of the school, but until now, it was never constructed.

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