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You have a pretty unique personal background: Your father is a medical doctor, but your mother is interested in alternative medicine. For the most part, sex workers in Mumbai face what sex workers around the world face -- many of them are sold into prostitution as young girls and are not there by choice.
In Sonagachi, Calcutta, the other red-light district you profile in your piece, the sex workers run the show, demanding that clients wear condoms in an effort to stop the spread of AIDS. What we've found is that most of the prostitution exists in the cities with the highest number of migrant workers.
It's not an ideal situation, but it's okay -- and we spent most of our time filming during the day, so it worked out in the end.
It is already being copied in Mumbai, but whether it has an impact is up in the air -- so far the [infection] rates in Mumbai are only getting worse.
The hardest set of reliable statistics to track down concerns the sex trafficking of minor girls.
The San Francisco funnywoman recently revealed she was molested from the age of five and was raped during her teens. Cho goes on to insist authorities need to do more to protect vulnerable sex workers, adding, “It’s hard work that’s not protected by law enforcement or unions. In Kolkata [Calcutta], there is a sex worker union that is fighting for the right to be legal. But most of the men I spoke to as they were visiting brothels said they saw no relationship between wearing a condom and preventing HIV and AIDS. If you track where the red-light districts are booming over the last century, it's in the country's commercial centers -- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.
India is otherwise a very socially conservative country -- women and men marry very early, and divorce is rare.

Many of the women told me they couldn't talk to each other about it but they could talk to me.
It was a meeting I thought would be so mundane, but it turned out that the men and the women totally disagreed, and we just went with it -- filming every second of it: the women who were trying very much to explain how HIV spreads and the men who would hear nothing of it. All across India, these young girls are still the highest in demand for male clients, who'll pay top price for them; there's no sign that the numbers could diminish anytime soon without major government intervention.
Now she has spoken out about her past in the sex trade as she came out in defense of others caught in a similar situation. Images prises ca et la au fil de mes balades sur le net, photos, gifs, poemes,horlogecalendrierjoyeuses Paques!!!!Joyeuses Paques!!!!!joyeuses Paques!!!!Joyeuses Paques!!!!! Many of the brothels in Mumbai are run by local Indian mafia, so there is no way for advocacy groups to work with [the prostitutes] when it comes to prevention of HIV.
They say this will help them fight HIV and AIDS because it will give them the proper rights they need to stand up for themselves. These cities are the temporary homes for millions of men who are far away from home and their wives. That has much to do with the fact that I'm a foreigner, and they felt the same social rules and mores didn't apply [to me].
A few of the men said that women spread AIDS and that the sex workers themselves had to be careful. The Legend!NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – MARCH 21: Margaret Cho performs at The Stress Factory Comedy Club on March 21, 2015 in New Brunswick City.
We have the right to our bodies +work… It’s so important that sex workers are protected… I’m not offering sex work. There are around 1.2 million sex workers in the country, according to the National AIDS Control Organisation.

And although men from all classes and lines of work visit prostitutes, these migrant workers are really the bread and butter of the red-light areas.
I've also been told that even though the wives are not happy that their husbands visit sex workers, they feel powerless to stop them or even to question them about it.
Putul was sold into sex slavery by her first husband, but along the way was fortunate enough to meet up with the sex worker union. Through their help, she was actually able to leave the trade and work full time for them as a union member.
One man says, "If only the sex workers washed their hands!" Clearly a few of the men did not even know what AIDS meant, or what the disease was at all. After a few years doing this, she met her current husband, whom she married and lives happily with -- now no longer in the city, but in the country.
The styrofoam sculpture, which looks like granite, was part of a movie set and stood at the same spot where a real statue of Stalin stood 60 years before. So it was this incredibly frank moment, which is very unusual in India when it comes to sex.
Vesak is observed during the full moon in May or June with the ceremony centered around three Buddhist temples, pilgrims walk from Mendut to Pawon, ending at Borobudur.

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