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This French-Germanic region is Baden?s closest relative and my favourite region in Europe in terms of beauty (architecture and landscape). According to one of the map your familial surnames site, one of my ancestral surnames is from this region quite frequently - generally the Franco-German border area. Among his greatest achievements is the attempt to deport 100s of 1000s of Albanian djihadists out of the Serbian region called Kosovo. My grandfather always told me to guard my health and not my money, then one day when I was busy guarding my health somebody stole all my money. The phallus cult had to defend itself against various attacks from the scientific community. In one story in the ancient Qur'an Phall(ah)aus once transcended to the earth as a goat, in Islam today goats are revered as transmitters of wisdom and knowledge.
The Ottomans, as the Khazars tool in installing world wide phallus worship, laid the fundations for phallus worship being spread as far as southeastern Asia, where boys in a young age are introduced to the ancient phallus cult. Here is a collection of phallus worshippers presenting themselves throughout all the world.

In uncertain cases I would ask and if they tell you their food is halal I would tell them that it is a disgrace and leave the shop or restaurant. I am lacto-vegetarian (ovo occasionally) for aesthetical reasons (cannot really explain that any other way) and I have not felt the need for economic boycott, although I am disgusted that the Chief Rabbi here is unable to draw a line and permit the use of stunning in Kosher slaughter.
No-one would seriously mind (apart from the anti-meat freaks) Kosher or Halal slaughter so long as the animals were properly stunned beforehand. It turns out that 25% of UK meat is killed in this way, all for one or two tiny minorities. In this story two boys, Kurt and Otto, go to a Jewish slaughter house and hide themselves where they can watch the Jews killing a cow.
The process of fixing the cow and the operation is described, involving callous brutality and gloating on the part of the Jewish butchers. You only forgot Slovenia and should leave out northern Sweden and Finnland (Mongoloid populations), though. Fully conscious animals have to watch how their throats get sliced, often they suffer quite a while.

It is our responsibility to protect them from these feelings by keeping and slaughtering them in a humane way. With the same brutality and lust for blood with which they kill animals they also kill human beings. But I would still promote the boycott of halal products, because they are dedicated to Allah and have to be seen as a part of the bigger system of the sharia, the islamic law and lifestyle which islam seeks to impose on everyone else. Many islamic scholars have claimed that this lightyears long penis is best understood as the Phall(ah)us himself. Don?t buy them, instead hide them behind other products whenever you find them in supermarkets!

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