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But although cats can be very positive in our lives, they also have their negative side, or perhaps I should say… their naughty side! Here are some amusing photos of these amazing yet naughty creatures that you will fall in love with! You May Also Like:30 Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Sleep-Fu20 Clumsy Dogs Who Just Don’t Know How Gigantic They Are!30 Most Powerful Photos Ever TakenYour Favorite Legends, Like You Have Never Seen Before! World’s Naughtiest Dogs: 25 Images That Will Make You LaughTop 35 most embarrassing fails of all time! NewsletterSign up for our awesome newsletter and receive it directly to your inbox, weekly. There are quite a few cat pregnancy signs that, when combined, are a pretty good giveaway that Kitty is expecting.

Behavioral Signs of Cat PregnancyIncreased affection and attention seekingSome cats become more affectionate when they're pregnant, and will want to be around you more. By the fourth week of pregnancy she should have gained enough weight to make her pregnancy visible. By 3-4 weeks your veterinarian should be able to palpitate the abdomen and feel the babies. An experienced veterinarian will be able to palpitate the abdomen and feel the kittens around 17 - 25 days.
And if you like them, make sure to also check out the new naughtiest dogs in the world gallery. Do NOT attempt to do this at home as you may cause miscarriage or damage to the developing kittens.

Yes, imagine if all cats were silent and calm at all times… would we love them as much? Unlike humans, it is not possible to determine a pregnancy via a blood or urine test in cats.

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