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All of this sitting based behaviour causes bio mechanical adjustments in the body, the outcome of which can leave us injured and in chronic pain. In the office back scenario, this mostly affects the muscles on the front of the body; specifically the front of the hips (the hip flexors), the front of the thighs (the quadriceps), the chest (the pec muscles) and front of the shoulders (the deltoids, particularly the anterior deltoid) are all affected the most.
This largely affects the back of the body; shoulders and upper back (the trapezius and rhomboids), the spinal muscles the lower back area (there are lots of muscles here but the erector spinae and multifidus muscles are  the main areas impacted), the backside muscles (glutes) and the back of the legs (the hamstrings and calves).
The remedy of the back and shoulder discomfort that our office backs cause is set into three areas. This post is to help you with myofascial release, to help reduce the tension in the muscles to make them more relaxed. Most gyms have foam rolls these days and if you are not a gym member you can buy them cheaply enough online.
The rolling of the muscles stimulates the nerve receptors causing the muscles to relax and release their tension. Please remember if you have any constant excessive pain in the lower back, or pain that refers into the legs, do seek medical advice before you start this type of programme.
To increase the area that you can work on, place one hand across the chest and hold the hand on the opposite side shoulder. Your glutes are your back side muscles and are one of the strongest, most powerful muscles in the body. Sit on the foam roll with one leg pressed onto the roll at the middle of the back of the lower calf. The hamstrings and calves are big muscles so you may want to rotate your foot slightly to get the best angles.
You can rest your other leg on top of the one (as in the picture) you are rolling to add extra weight and to increase the pressure if needed. To get the most out of these exercises I would advise investing a minimum of at least 10 – 30 minutes daily to work on all of these exercises, until your muscle tension subsides. I would love to hear how you get on with this so please fill out my comment section below with your feedback. Pain in the back is becoming an increasingly common affliction in our modern society and if you are one of the millions who experience a sore, hurting back, you may wonder where you can discover relief.
In order to minimize or eliminate your back pain, your physician might advise surgery for you.
Avoid back pain throughout breastfeeding by making sure to sit appropriately on your chair or couch. Given that we invest a great deal of time in a vehicle every day, back pain is commonly caused by sitting in the car. The tips you discovered in this post have been shown to help decrease pain in the back so make certain that you utilize them. If you happen to have back muscle pain in the lower region, there could be a number of reasons. Whenever the ligaments or the muscles in the lower part of the back are torn or strained, the area will become inflamed. Once you have injured your back muscles, it will be crucial that you know how to treat it so that you will be able to get some relief. However, if you find that the pain associated with pulled muscles in your back does not seem to go away after a couple of days or you start to have more severe pain, you will need to seek help from either your physician or a chiropractor.
Cain Sedgwick BSc Hons OstCain Sedgwick trained at the College of Osteopaths and qualified as a fully registered Osteopath in 2006.

Do you suffer from aching muscles or joints, especially lower back pain , sore shoulders, wrist pain, twisted knee or ankle pain  as the result of an injury, muscle pull, broken bone, arthritis or just chronic pain? If the pain in your body persists for more than two weeks or is not responsive to over the counter medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, see your doctor immediately for a physical to make sure the pain is not related to a serious condition, such a bone fracture, illness or disease. While prescription medications are the most common treatment option doctors recommend, there are several natural pain relief products available that treat the source of the pain, or eliminate the pain without the side effects or risk of addiction to pain medications.
TENS Therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) has become a popular natural pain management tool, once available only in a doctors office, is now FDA approved for home use. It’s Probably Your ‘Office Back’… the article explained why a lot of the back, shoulder and knee pain that we get can be largely caused by the huge amount of sitting that we do. When we sit for long periods and the joints are in a permanently flexed state, the stereo turns up the volume on the speakers making them louder, or in the muscles case, making them contract much more tightly. If one of the pair is permanently contracted, it has a very obvious effect on the other muscle in the pair (the antagonist). As an effect of this constant stretching, the brain causes the muscles to contract to prevent an over stretch and an injury. This is one of the best ways to release tension in the muscles and can have an immediate effect. The process can be quite uncomfortable at first which is normal and will get easier as the muscle tension releases over time. This tutorial covers how to reduce the stress and tension in the back of the body to help release the knots and stress tension to improve your posture and reduce your discomfort. If you have been experiencing pain, stress tension, knotted muscles, etc, this WILL be uncomfortable. The diagram that I have provided shows where you should be aiming to feel the trigger point areas. This could be seconds or several minutes, it depends on how much tension your muscles are holding. This will cause the shoulder-blade to move outward and will allow you access to trigger point the muscles in the area between the should blade and spine a little more deeply. The are located on the front of the upper legs and hip-joint and are linked to the quadricep muscles, which are the front of the thighs. Turn the body slightly so you are trigger pointing the outer thigh. Start just above the knee and work your way up toward the hip. Aim to roll toward the top of the glutes near the lower back, being careful to stay away from the spine and bones. Keep the foot off the floor and work your way upward toward the knee being careful not to roll the knee-joint itself. I will be covering the next step of fixing your office back with stretches and strengthening exercises that you need to do as part of the next phase over the next few weeks.
Pain in the back from vacuuming is an outcome of the constant pressing and pulling of the vacuum that triggers you to slouch. Learning helpful techniques of relaxation, or clever ways to stretch the affected muscles will certainly go much more in easing your pain in the back and releasing stress. If you have actually attempted everything else, your only option may be surgical treatment.
The position that you breastfeed in might cause you pain in the back if you are not sitting effectively. To eliminate the tension on your back, be sure that the seat in your vehicle is positioned in such a way that you have no difficulty reaching the steering wheel and pedals, and that you do not have to stretch.

No matter what the cause, it is going to be important that you know just how to treat it quickly and effectively. This inflammation can then lead to a spasm, which can be incredibly painful for mostly any patient. The professionals will be able to target the problem and implement a course of treatment that will work on the back muscle pain to break it down and eventually eliminate it. If you find that the strain to your muscles instantly causes pain, you will need to make your way to see Back2Basics so that you can get looked at right away. This may help if you are especially tight as the ball or foam roll will be working over the area and not directly on it if it’s to painful to bear to hold it statically. Curve your back slightly into the foam roll and move it up your body towards your mid back using your legs to control your movement. Keep changing sides and repeat ideally around 20 repetitions or until the tenderness in the muscle subsides. Remember you can hold the trigger point statically or you can roll around slowly on it, around the sore spots. Move on to the hamstring muscle on the back of the upper thigh and follow the same idea, rotating the knee so as to get all the tight spots. Though if your discomfort stays the same or begins to become worse, then it is best to call Back2Basics Osteopathy, your local osteopathic specialist, to find and relieve the cause. Try to move a vacuum cleaner forward with the weight of leg muscles rather than utilizing your back.
However, surgical treatment can occasionally be the only option readily available if the back pain is caused by injury or other certain conditions. You can likewise put a pillow or sofa cushion behind your back to keep it straight, however stay comfortable while you feed your baby. Even though a muscle strain may not sound as though it is a serious injury, the pain involved can be rather severe.
In some situations, the back spasm will cause a back muscle pain that will make it difficult for the patient to move around or even do everyday chores.
Some patients will be able to use over the counter medications along with a combination of both heat and ice packs depending if swelling is present. No matter what, you are going to see that pinpointing the cause of your muscle trauma in your back will help you to treat it properly.
At night we curl up into a foetal position while we sleep to get comfortable which essentially is the sitting position while lying on your side. Work from the knee upward towards the hip and roll the tender areas until the tension subsides.  When you have completed one leg, change sides. Resting for more than 2 days generally will not fix your problem, and it might even make the issue even worse due to back muscle atrophy. So much so that many people will make their way to the emergency room or their doctor right away to get treated because they cannot deal with the level of discomfort.
Ideally hold the sensation until the tenderness subsides and then move on to the next area.

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