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DescriptionMedela SoftShells Breast Shells are designed specifically to help with sore nipples. Product Number: 80210Customer TestimonialsThanks for carrying great products and the knowledgeable and friendly service and super fast shipping.
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After that, you may still experience soreness every now and then, particularly when your baby has a growth spurt and is eating more frequently or is cluster feeding. Breast milk is one of those incredible things that works like magic on pretty much everything.
According to Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website that rates skin care products, products from My Brest Friend, Motherlove Herbal Company and Finally Pure all scored a one (which means low hazards). Getting a good latch will not only make your sore nipples hurt less during feedings, it may even prevent them from becoming sore in the first place.

If nipple soreness persists or gets worse, or your nipples become so cracked they start bleeding or blistering, make an appointment to see your doctor right away to rule out anything more serious. PMS - PMS or pre menstrual syndrome is probably one of the most common causes of tender breasts. Being Overweight - Most people don't realize it, but being overweight can have a huge affect on your breasts. While you may have dealt with sore skin in the past, treating the sore nipples that can come with breastfeeding a newborn is a whole new ball game. Some amount of nipple pain is considered normal during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, as your nipples get used to nursing and toughen up. According to Amy Mager, a Massachusetts-based lactation consultant, breast milk can “heal wounds. Lanolin creams and ointments made with the oil from sheep wool are also helpful for rough and dry skin that is not raw.

She also recommends not using soap on your nipples when you shower, as that can increase dryness.
You can also try to change your nursing position, try side lying or down under (laying down on your back baby laying on top). Before menopause 15% of your cycles with be anovulatory which means that no egg is released. Because of that you can retain water and when the water sits in the tissue of your breasts, it can cause pain and tenderness.
And you will probably still be estrogen dominant which will lead to sore and tender breasts.

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