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Music in Imagery: Client listens to specific music while using imagery to open their psyche to self-discovery.
Music Therapy: Therapist works with client by using music to help elicit states of behaviour modification. Tapes: Audio with specifically chosen frequencies, either generically created or specially designed for an imbalance of a particular client. The Electronic Ear: Client listens to a program of specially filtered music via headphones, designed to open the ear and the brain to greater frequencies of sound while treating imbalances such as dyslexia and emotional issues. Toning and Overtoning: Client receives the vocally created sounds of a practitioner to balance and align imbalances on the physical, emotional or etheric. Harmonic Resonance: Client is tested using kinesiology and receives frequencies from synthesized sounds to balance the physical body. Hemi-Sync: Client listens to synthesized sounds designed to balance the hemispheres of the brain and to induce altered states of consciousness.
Mantric Chanting: Client sounds specific mantras designed to balance and align their etheric field.
Tuning Forks: Client receives specific frequencies from specially designed tuning forks for relaxation and balance. Perhaps the greatest instrument of healing—one that is natural, cost effective and does not require batteries or electrical outlets—is the human voice.
Techniques such as Overtoning are particularly effective when combined with different bodywork modalities such as massage, chiropractic and therapeutic touch. The use of sound as a healing modality dates back to prehistoric times, when shamans healed through chanting and drumming. In modern times, the Cymatic experiments of Swiss medical doctor Hans Jenny demonstrated how various substances such as plastics, liquids and sand take on different shapes depending upon the frequencies they’re subjected to. The basic principle of Sound Healing is that of resonance; every object is in a state of vibration and therefore creates sound. The primary question in Sound Healing is: what are the correct resonant frequencies of the body? In terms of vibrational medicine, another major questions arises: do all people vibrate at the same frequency? Since sound can potentially rearrange molecular structure, the possible healing applications of sound are limitless. When dealing with the plethora of instrumentation and sound devices currently available on the market, it’s conceivable that a person receiving the sound from an instrument may not resonate with a particular frequency and could potentially have an adverse effect with sound. Due to the recent rediscovery of Sound Healing, anyone with a musical instrument, an electronic gadget or the courage to project their voice at another person may call themselves Sound Healers. 1.    Make the “AH” sound in whatever key or tone feels comfortable, feeling the energy of peace and compassion as the sound resonates in your heart centre. 2.     Begin to tone the “AH” sound while feeling the energy of compassion and peace within. Advertisements Summit Outpatient offers customized treatment programs designed to bring counseling and healing to those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.
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See the chart below to understand the relationship of our chakras system to color and musical sound. This therapy will combine the use of color pomanders, Bio-Sonic precision Tuning Forks, and toning. The effects of this treatment can range from a meditative relaxation to a rearranging of the body's cellular and molecular structure. Vicki is certified in the Metaphysical Mysteries of Color and Sound, Studies and Application of Chromotherapy, Healing with Color, and Integrated Medical Therapies.

Sound Therapy is a safe and wonderful way of treating the physical body and all the Electromagnetic Fields. Personal biog: I have been working in the field of music all my life as a songwriter, performer and teacher.
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Check out our resources page for some great web sites or use our Google powered personalised search engine to find other sites of interest. Toning is a generic term to describe the use of the voice for release of pain and stress, and to help align imbalanced portions of the body. A practitioner begins by making a siren-like sound, starting at the bottom of the client’s feet with a very low sound and continues up the body, raising in pitch, until a very high sound is created at the client’s head.
The practitioner is listening for a change in their tone, which happens when their sound interfaces with the energy field of their client. A skilled practitioner can create sounds that enable their bodywork to reach new levels of effectiveness. In the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, India, Egypt and other centres of knowledge, the use of sound and music for healing was a highly developed sacred science. These experiments showed that sound has the ability to affect and change molecular structure.
Peter Guy Manners, whose Cymatic Instrument projects specifically tabulated frequencies into the body; Dr. The technique of “toning,” using the voice for healing, was first named and described in the book of the same name by Laurel Elizabeth Keyes.
Stories exist of terminal or incurable diseases that have been instantaneously healed through sound.
It’s also a sacred seed syllable found in most of the God and Goddess names on the planet (Tara, Buddha, Krishna, Yah, Astara), as well as many sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, Aum).
While making this “AH,” visualize a beam of pink and gold energy coming from you then spreading throughout the world. Once achieving this feeling, visualize a person with whom you have positive energy and send this energy to them while making this sound. The Mindful Word invites you to reprint, copy, distribute, and alter CC-licensed text as long as you provide a clickable link back to The Mindful Word and share-alike. You can feel the effects of color and sound healing in as little as one session that provides healing in a purely holistic manner. Sound encompasses virtually all aspects of the auditory phenomenon—from music to nature sounds to electronic sounds to vocal sounds. Sighing, moaning, groaning and other sounds we frequently make are all aspects of toning, as are the sounding of different vowels.
An experienced practitioner of this technique can hear changes in their tone as they do this. They must be extremely aware of the subtle changes in their sound in order to do this technique effectively. Since the body is composed of over 75% water, it’s easy to understand how sound can create change in the body.
Sound Healing scientists and researchers have determined frequencies for the various parts of the body, as well as for specific imbalances of the body.
However, while such miraculous experiences may occur, it’s also quite possible for a client to receive no apparent benefit from Sound Healing. There are in fact few programs of study in which an individual can learn about the physiological and psycho-acoustic effects of sound. As you make this sound and do this visualization, feel the energy of peace and compassion within and without yourself.

Jonathan is the author of HEALING SOUNDS: THE POWER OF HARMONICS (Inner Traditions), SHIFTING FREQUENCIES (Light Technology) THE LOST CHORD (Spirit Music) and TANTRA OF SOUND (Hampton Road), co-authored with his wife Andi. Using this combination allows the body to restore balance and receive universal life force energy for harmony. Practitioners who use sound may likewise use anything that falls within this scope; from classical music to drumming and chanting to electronically synthesized sounds to acoustic instruments.
The vocal timbre (or tone colour created by harmonics in the voice) actually changes when the sound reaches a place of imbalance. Tomatis, whose Electronic Ear uses sound to treat many learning disabilities and emotional problems; and Robert Monroe who discovered how to use sound waves to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain and cause accelerated consciousness.
This projection of sound can be done through electronic instrumentation or through the human voice. They have invented instruments that project these healing frequencies back into the body and all report success with their sounds. This could explain why different instruments with different frequencies all seem to have success. It’s hoped that a practitioner will have an understanding of the physical and energetic mechanisms of the body. Yet, as a vowel sound, it defies denomination or description as a mantra and is acceptable by everyone.
Finally, make the “AH” sound while sending the energy of peace and compassion to someone with whom you’ve had some difficulty.
The practitioner then projects this specific harmonic into the area of the body where the imbalance was found. Since sound can rearrange molecular structure, it’s quite possible for seemingly miraculous things to occur: vertebrae align, muscles relax, chronic pains disappear, traumas and blockages are released. Different practitioners have different methods of testing to determine the proper frequencies. The best way to evaluate a practitioner is simply to experience their work and see if it resonates with the individual. It’s this last part of the exercise that provides the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth.
The sounds made can be purely intuitive, coming through the practitioner as they allow themselves to become a conduit for sacred sound. Some practitioners claim to be able to sense or hear trauma that’s trapped in the physical body. When the harmonic becomes less audible or disappears and the tone becomes normalized, the sounding for that area is complete. There’s even a system of Sound Healing that finds missing frequencies in the voice and adds them back through listening to tapes, restoring the body to a state of health. Or, with the second part of the exercise, someone you don’t have any real feelings towards. As with many of the healing arts, much of this may depend upon the relationship of the therapist with the client and vice versa. It can be a real challenge to send compassion to someone you don’t love or may consider an enemy. Yet, herein lies the most extraordinary evolutionary activation that can occur on both a personal and planetary level.

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