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See the chart below to understand the relationship of our chakras system to color and musical sound. This therapy will combine the use of color pomanders, Bio-Sonic precision Tuning Forks, and toning. The effects of this treatment can range from a meditative relaxation to a rearranging of the body's cellular and molecular structure.
Vicki is certified in the Metaphysical Mysteries of Color and Sound, Studies and Application of Chromotherapy, Healing with Color, and Integrated Medical Therapies. Prepare for a fun, interactive and dynamic healing experience with the unique and powerful Sound Reiki™ Self-Healing Workshop Series led by Ascension Grand Masters Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan. The impact of this type of energy healing is instant and anyone can learn it.  This exciting program will benefit all those with an open mind and heart and who believe in a higher power, a Divine Source, no matter what they call it. Self-Muscle Testing to all I work with as students or clients so that they can learn from their body. Raising Emotional Intelligence - as I feel that this can and will save our planet and this heals us. I have been developing Emotionally Intelligence Raising Classes for students K-9 that used all the CoCreative Arts for more conscious communications towards ease in collaboration& other life skills.

I call this body of work: Transparenting - or Transcendental Parenting - within and around us. Is a film about Raising Emotional Intelligence - to help us all to vision on & showcase other possible ways to teach students optimally so that it leads them to their calling and can help with the many solutions our world needs right now.
I was given an Honorary Doctorate in Integrative Medicine for contributions in Longevity & Brain Nutrition - after being lead to find a Nutritional Hormonal Harmonization Blend that you take by taste for the proper dosage at that moment. You can feel the effects of color and sound healing in as little as one session that provides healing in a purely holistic manner. Along with so many others who are training in sound healing, we, at the Sound Reiki Institute, are living proof of the power of the voice. Both Catherine and Heather are accomplished Sound Reiki Master Teachers and Usui Reiki Masters.  Sound Reiki is a unique style of energy healing that uses sound with the voice instead of symbols and uses the body instead of the hands for healing. If you have Reiki experience, prepare to take it to another level!  If you are just starting, then get ready to take a quantum leap in your understanding of yourself and how to read your body in a new and unique way.
When all 5 workshops have been completed you will achieve your Sound Reiki Level One Certificate, receive an Attunement to Sound Reiki and a certificate of completion. Come bring your highest intention for healing and all the amazing tools you have gathered and we will share this.

Using this combination allows the body to restore balance and receive universal life force energy for harmony. Let us teach you how to access multiple healing dimensions by projecting electro-tonal frequencies, using only your voice. Would you like to transform yourself creating health, happiness, self-awareness and confidence where anything is possible? To have a group of people work on you all at once and to offer our gifts to such a circle like this - amazing miracles tend to happen in each of our own individual lives and it happens to people who just come to visit circle - yet espeically the ones who come each month. I found out from the surgeon afterwards that it was absolutely necessary as he found polyps that he wasn't able to see.

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