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Self-Muscle Testing to all I work with as students or clients so that they can learn from their body. Raising Emotional Intelligence - as I feel that this can and will save our planet and this heals us.
I have been developing Emotionally Intelligence Raising Classes for students K-9 that used all the CoCreative Arts for more conscious communications towards ease in collaboration& other life skills. I call this body of work: Transparenting - or Transcendental Parenting - within and around us.
Is a film about Raising Emotional Intelligence - to help us all to vision on & showcase other possible ways to teach students optimally so that it leads them to their calling and can help with the many solutions our world needs right now.
I was given an Honorary Doctorate in Integrative Medicine for contributions in Longevity & Brain Nutrition - after being lead to find a Nutritional Hormonal Harmonization Blend that you take by taste for the proper dosage at that moment.

Join us for this unique opportunity and experience the transformational power of a Sound Healing circle! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Re-tune, realign and harmonise any trauma or imbalance on the physical, mental or emotional level. The sessions are conducted by Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard, directors of the International Association of Sound Therapy, in the Dome Center, Alcalalí (Alicante), their centre for Alternative Therapies.
A wonderful gift for yourself or for someone else is to use the vibrations of crystal singing bowls to harmonize a home, office, studio or retreat space.
Come bring your highest intention for healing and all the amazing tools you have gathered and we will share this.

If you have a Tibetan bowl, drum, or any other instrument feel free to bring it as well, or you can borrow one here. This suggestion helps you identify the value of the event, but everyone is welcome despite financial situation.
This enables the body to make the shifts necessary for healing to take place on all levels. To have a group of people work on you all at once and to offer our gifts to such a circle like this - amazing miracles tend to happen in each of our own individual lives and it happens to people who just come to visit circle - yet espeically the ones who come each month.

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